Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I found this in my drafts. Maybe I should post it for fun.

Where is my Slurpee?...Why are we watching American Idol?! LOST is on in 4 minutes. Like 240 seconds away and we are watching Fox. Get my ABC on! Slurpee is here. It's time to get this started! And scene...

*Oh, yeah. Locke totally got hit by Desmond last episode.
*A...candidate? Ha. Interesante.
*Locke is so stubborn. He's "puffed up" my mother says.
*Jack and Sayid. Hydra island. Trying to remember. What's going on.
*Back in the cage Sawyer. Hahaha. You know you want more fish biscuits.
*Bernard? yes. Bernard. Of course he is Locke's dentist.
*He calls that flirting? Bahah.
*Anthony Cooper.
*Where is this show going?
*He will kill you Jack.

*And now my dad needs the computer..... Thank gravy for DVR.

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dick said...

lost IS over...