Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 8


DVR....engage? Yes. Sure. And go.

*RichardRichardRichardRichardRichard!!! It's about time we learn about the-man-that-doesn't-age.
*Ana looks like she is in pain.
*Why doesn't anyone know what to do?
*Ricardo? Duh. That's Richard.
*Heh. He giggled
*Um did the "you're dead/this is hell" thing just come out? I was hoping that wouldn't happen. Please don't say that's true.
*Uhhhh Hurley. Is speaking Spanish. To...?...TELL US ALREADY!
*I don't want to age either. Richard. Please tell me your secret(s).
*1867? Hah! Awesome! That's hot.
*I have a feeling I'm going to cry in this episode. I'm not ok with that.
*This is making me so sad. I hate that doctor. Ooops. Now he longer. And there was a witness. Crap.
*Please don't be dead!!! Why must this show do this to me?
*He didn't mean to kill the doctor.
*Awww Richard's wearing her necklace.
*And the priest sucks too. Wow I love(?) this show.
*Where's Jacob?
*New World? More like psycho island.
*On the Black Rock. Heh. I have been waiting for this episode for a long time.
*And there's the statue! And there's the boat in the middle of the island. And there's Richard on the island.
*What the crazy killer? I don't get this guy. Killing everyone.
*The TICKA TICKA!!! He just killed your 5 officers dude. Now what?! NOW what?! Oh...blood dripping on your head.
*Bye-bye psycho.
*I'm pretty sure I would freak out if I saw that thing in my face. Flashing. Ticka Ticka-ing and all.
*A flutterby.
*Water....just out of reach. This is so sad. Come on. Where's Jacob?
*This is so Count of Monte Cristo.
*Mmmm tasty slaves says the Pumbaa.
*Hell? Diablo? Please. Um. No.
*It's about freakin' time!... oh. But it's Jacob's friend guy man. I call him the Ticka Ticka man. Please don't tell me he says he is Jacob. This will surely confuse the heck out of me.
*Ouchie wrists.
*Mmmm Pumbaa tastes good. I heard.
*Where's Daniel?
*And there's Jacob. Beating up Ricardo.
*Stop!!!!! I don't like this Jacob. Or his object lessons. At. All.
*We JUST had a commercial.
*No one is allowed in to Jacob's home because he weaves and apparently that's not manly?
*Another object lesson from Jacob. Bottle. Cork. Wine. Hmmm... I like it.
*You won't get your wife back. See. Jacob is like the Genie on Aladdin.
*Live forever. AH! This makes so much sense. He's kinda like Edward Cullen.
*HAHAHAH The white rock. Inside joke you guys.
*I like how there is a random bench made of stone on the island.
*Dig it up. Dig up her necklace. Tada.
*Hurley. He was speaking Spanish to Isabella!
*Awwww... Believe him Richard.
*Ugh....I'm crying. Ugh.
*There's always something more to be done...DUH! Stop the man in black.
*Cork fail.

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proudmama! said...

LOL...I dont watch the show, but I do enjoy reading about it on your blog! Its like reading a book;)