Monday, April 12, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 5

Holy. It has been a while...ANYWAY!!! Let's not discuss that.


*Uncle Rico shot Sayid. That jerk.
*Sayid episode???
*Yes. Sayid episode.
*Awwww. Flowers? For me? Oh. For the love of his life. That is married to? His brother?!!
*His brother opened up a store? a Quickie Mart maybe?
*Did you find your acting skills along with your mommy's picture in your uncle's bag little girl?
*Don't kill him Atilla!!! Sheesh Samurai Sam!!!
*Intense much?
*Apparently the baseball is a peacemaker.
*Crap. Claire. "John."
*Doesn't the temple look like the Jungle Cruise? Or is that just me? Anyone? No? ok.
*"I'm not that man anymore." GOOD!!!
*So, Sayid is evil. Banished. But...what about...isn't he...a...a candidate?
*hehehe. I know where Reyes and Shepherd are. ish.
*Is Togan going to send Sayid to kill the black smokey ghost demon monster? Clever.
*Hey, Sayid! Prove you are good by killing. Oh. Ok.
*Your mommy likes it when Uncle Sayid is around because your mommy likes Uncle Sayid. Boom.
*Ha! Jack.
*I love how Sayid and Kate find each other. Isn't the island like huge or something? Good timing I guess. Oh, wait. It is a television show.
*Miles. I love you. Claire is hot. A hot mess that's for sure.
*Um...all the trees are moving. Ok this is freaky!
*Oh crap. That whole killing-the-black-smoky-ghost-demon-monster-thing didn't work Sayid. This is going to be fun.
*Togan wants Sayid dead. Duh.
*He's LYING Sayid. Don't listen!!!
*At least that urn didn't have ashes in it.
*"...because I don't deserve you." That was wow. Cute. Deep. Precious. Sad.
*I want to be in that rain.
*Does leaving the temple make them more vulnerable? Well, apparently staying kills them so I guess not.
*hahah Claire is creepy when she sings in a hole in the ground.
*Kate. She will kill you if you continue your spiel.
*What's with all the panicky people?
*He'll return that knife alright. Into Togan's gut.
*This is your brain on drugs. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S THAT PSYCHO FREIGHTER GUY! And he makes good eggs according to himself.
*I really hate that man, you guys. No. Like really. He reminds me of Vance from Hitch. DB!!!
*Sayid is a freakishly crazy badarse.
*SHOOT THE MA....Yeah. Do that Sayid.
*Oh my gosh I knew it. I knew it. I knew it would be Jin.
*I'm good at this guessing game.
*Well, dropping the fatty dagger was anti-climatic.
*Togan likes Happy Hour. Every Friday. Woot!!!
*Did Jacob come to you Togan? Was it Jacob? Tell us please.
*Ah ha! I guessed right again.
*Aw That was his boys baseball.
*Wait, is fighting allowed in the beer font?
*That hippie guy is weird you guys. And Sayid just took care of him.
*This is why I don't like night time. Scary noises? No thanks.
*Is it just me or does Kate have a really awkward run? Like a t-rex to be exact.
*If Miles dies I'm going to kill someone.
*JIN! I found Sun!
*Yeah. I'm pretty sure I don't like that black smokey ghost demon monster. Preeeetty sure.
*Frank is favorite.
*That was a close one. Kinda reminds me of the whole Passover story.
*So does this mean Sayid is bad? or a candidate? I don't get this. "John" is taking EVERYONE.

i'm done.

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Dani said...

I didn't know you had come back! Yay!!! I got upset with how lame the final season was just about the time you came back. I'm rewatching episodes now and still think they are, for the most part, not good enough. But that's my taste. Since it's 4:22am I am not going to read your wonderful recaps now, but I'll be back. ;-)