Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shatterbox Media Wants to be My NEW Best Friend

Is it just me or is "owning" a blog just so 2003? I know it's not me because I didn't even know what a blog was back then and I did not even get this one until my siblings and cousins forced me to until 2007. Yes they forced me. You guys, they held a rusty machete to my jugular until I started to type my name into a blogspot. So original. I know. Where was I going with this?

Oh yes! I am getting a little sick of the cookie cutter blog. Mine looks like every other cutesie Mormon girl and stay at home mom's blog. Yeah. Since I am neither one of them I would like a change (I am a Mormon girl. I'm just really hot! There is a me. Just go along with it ok?). I am pretty tech savvy but I am also pretty lazy to park my arse down in a chair or couch and make my own fancy site to smack my blog onto. I'm sure if it was pretty I would definitely be on it everyday. More motivation, more inspiration. Basically, I could own the world too I just haven't gotten around to it just yet. Yes, I said yet.

There is a contest going on right now and I'm pretty sure that if I can own the world then I could win this contest. Easy. Except for one teeny thing. I'm not operating on WordPress and I'm not self-hosted...JUST YET! I totally could do that though, right? Yes. I'm sure...I think. crap. But on the bright side I would get to start over. I don't just think I KNOW that will be a great idea. You should too because I say so and you may have to bow down to me one day when I own the world and all.

Anyway, if you too would like to participate in said contest then go HERE and follow the directions at the bottom. These ladies are geniuses. Yes, Jamie and Nicole. I have wished Nicole a sexy week and she replied with, "I'm not entirely sure that anyone has ever wished me a sexy week before, but it's pretty much my new favorite thing." See...I don't know what this is proving but I added it for flavor. I'm not a brown noser, just a really hot, BADA$$ Mormon chick that wants a new blog to show off to the world...yes the world I'm going to own. Is this branded in your brain yet? It should be because I have mentioned it like 89724 times.

Go on now and enter you foolish mortals!!! In case you missed the link because you are an idiot I'm posting it again...IDIOTS CLICK HERE! Have a great day. And if I win this contest (because I am in a desperate need of a new blogging life) I will buy you all Slurpees. Las Vegas has the best Slurpees when it comes to quality. I don't lie. I will be the best queen of this world, you guys. I can't wait to make you all my pretty little pets. G'day!

***UPDATE*** I'll be operating on WordPress very soon my monsters. How cool am I? And yes I just pulled a Lady GaGa on you all and called you my monsters. At least pretend that you liked it.


Phil Villarreal said...
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Lyd said...

I'm too lazy to read that whole site page. But I'm sure it's spiffy.

Lyd said...

Just sayin.

Lyd said...


ashleyO said...

You were too lazy to read 4-5ish paragraphs? Signs of a senior in college to me.

Lyd said...

Yup. Dude, I got an e-mail about applying for graduation the other day!!! SCARY!!!