Thursday, February 25, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 4

How I avoided hearing anything about LOST on Twitter since Tuesday night just blows my mind. I'm here. I'm ready to watch and I highly doubt if ANY of my questions get answered in this episode. However, we shall see.


*Please show Claire.
*Wow. Someone is putting their hands under water and there is no blood to be found. That's a first.
*Jack has a mother? Never hear much of her.
*Is that scar from the island? or his appendix?
*Jack. Has a child that old. No biggie. What the what?
*That water looks like the water at the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.
*bahahah Tic Tac Toe.
*Is that Jacob? SURE IS!!!
*Hurley = Haley Joel Osment.
*What are "they that are coming to the island" looking for?
*I so don't want to raise teenagers.
*But I do want those Milano cookies David is eating.
* There is Claire. She's b'dass.
*UGH BLOOD!!! and a bear trap.
*Hurley wrote on his arm. He found a pen but no paper? That's odd.
*Creepy dead Jacob.
*BAHAHAH!!! "I just lied to a samurai." Hurley = cool.
*According to Hurley, Obi Wan Kenobi = Jacob. Ok. My 3 year old nephew calls him Old Man Kenobi. Equally hilarious.
*Oh, Jin. Oh, Jin. Oh, Jin. Your leg.
*Claire is just like Danielle, in a way.
*Oh Claire's baby is
*Your son, Aaron, is in "normal land" honey.
*Oh lookie. It's Kate. DON'T SHOOT! ... Phew.
*She's not invited! Her name wasn't on the cave walls. Wait, Jack doesn't know that even exists.
*No drinking. Good for you, Jack.
*Veronica Hamel ... your hair sucks. That's Jack's mother you guys. She use to be gorgeous!
*Claire is in Christian's will. Awesome.
*My legs just fell off.
*They didn't take Aaron. Kate did.
*Asthma inhaler? SHANNON! Yes Hurley. You're correct.
*I remember him chasing after Christian.
*Where is David???!!
*Jack...don't break in.
*Where is his kid? I'd be freaking out.
* of them together. Wow. This kid is awesome. He's into music.
*Where did a lighthouse come from? Ah Hurley. This makes sense--they never found it because they weren't looking for it.
*SAY SOMETHING JIN! Gah thank you. Kate. Took. Aaron. Sheesh. Took you long enough.
*OHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY CLAIRE!? She's crazy you guys.
*Annnnd back to the lighthouse. That is pretty neat.
*Maybe the key is hidden. Orrrr just kick the door open. That was smart Jack.
*Wow. David is amaing. That song is not easy to play at all.
*Awwww Jack is crying.
*THAT'S ATTILA'S KID!!! Called it. So called that you guys. Oh I mean Dogen. Sorry. Dogen.
*Weird. Weird. Weird. WEIRD!!! This lighthouse thing is crazy. What the crap.
*OH MY! IT'S HIS HOUSE! Sorry for the shouting.
*Jacob has been watching them. That's not creepy at all.
* I hate angry Jack. DON'T BREAK THOSE MIRRORS!
*Ugh. Idiot. He is so stupid. He is *still * broken like those dang mirrors he just shattered.
*Jack has such a great smile. And he has smiley eyes. Marry me already. Oh wait. You being broken is a turn off.
*Wow. Jack is making me cry now. Father-son bonding is my favorite. :D
*Ink? Looks more like a unibrow.
*I'm so calling everything in this episode. Jacob WANTED him to see what was in that mirror. Booyah!
*Is Claire the dangerous one going to the temple?
*Why is Jin lying? Trust no one.
*"That is not John. This is my friend?" WUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!?

Dang. I love this show. Speechless. Speechless you guys.


foodie ffanatic said...

I'm SOOOO glad you weren't speechless, Ashley. (Have I told you my granddaughter's name is Ashley?) I think this is your best recap yet. LOVED it! LOVED Hurley! Can't wait for our chat group this weekend. *big hugs* Dani ddh77

Phil Villarreal said...
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Alli Easley said...

I'm not into Jack. I love me some Jin. I adore Hurley. I have so many things I could tell you right now that will blow your mind but they're all speculation and you know how I am with "numbers".

Lark said...

Jack has a kid? They totally just made that one up.
Poor Claire...I liked her.