Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 3

Blah. Blah. Blah. Let's just get to the show.

*Stop showing Sawyer crying. Sheesh.
*John = creepy. Not a surprise.
*BOONE!!! I want to have your babies.
*Bless John's heart. How do you handle that chair lift? Ahem. Broken chair lift.
*Ok that was dumb. Now how are you going to get up? OMG Sprinklers? Really?
*Awww Peg Bundy came to the rescue.
*"Sweet man?" Not on the island he's not.
*Call Jack, John! What ARE the odds?! Peg Bundy is right.
*Ok seeing through the eyes of the black smoky ghost demon monster is making me motion sick.
*It's checking everybody out. Aannnnnnd there's Locke. Ok that was REALLY creepy!
*Yes Richard. It IS time to talk. How about you ask WTH is this show? plzkthxbai
*"Where I was was personal?" Um where were you John?
*lol I'm sorry I hit you in the throat...that's my new phrase. Thanks John.
*Mom: "John's Satan... He's all 'come with me. I promise to tell you everything.' Oooo. That's so scripted. Like Satan."
*Um I have never seen that kid before. That was weird.
*Ben. Is lying. That's a 2309th.
*She's collecting his ashes? With her bare hands???!! Hmmmm... No thanks.
*Ok. What time period is this?! I'm really confused.
*How did Sawyer know John was dead?! Ugh. I'm so con-fuse-ed.
*Ghost of Christmas Past? He's got the ghost part right.
*OOOOO Sawyer just called John out for not being himself.
*Why are you on this island? Umm....That's the dumbest question ever.
*Pants aren't a necessity Sawyer. heh.
*That Hummer totally deserves to get hit.
*Awwww it's Hurley. I love how cute he is to John.
*BAHAHAH huge douche. Yes. That Randy is a huge douche and he was too tan.
*Dang. New Job.
*I thought that crab on Dead John was a spider. Pretty close though.
*YES! Go to the temple. Go. They are there.
*So John can go back and forth in time. With Richard?
*I CAN SEE THE KID TOO! Does that make me special?
*Is that a kiddy Jacob?
*Oh great. John's gone.
*Bloody Richard is right! Just go with him. Go! John will kill you.
*"Who are you talking to?" haha I called that line.
*That woman talking to John has a long face. I'm not judging. I'm just saying.
*Rose. Of course.
*John, you aren't an animal. You are a black smoke ghost demon monster.
*Dang, Rose. You are awesome. Work it!
*Of Mice and Men. SAD book. Ugh. Let's not talk about it.
*You can't kill, "John," Sawyer
*Where are the numbers I heard so much about last night on Twitter? Thank you much @MikeDiGrande.
*Holy that's a lot of graves.
*....Ben....What are you going to say about John? Believer. Man of faith. Wow. And you murdered him. I'm glad you told everyone. What a weird funeral, eh Frank?
*Call him.....Why did you hang up?
*My mom just coughed Diet Coke up her nose. ha.
*Seriously. What were you doing in Sydney???
*Knives? For a walk about? Sure. Ok. You never cease to surprise us John.
*They look funny kissing. Cute. But funny and awkward.
*Down? To a hole in the rock?
*Oh. Of course there is a ladder already there. This IS "the island" after all.
*And the suspense kicks in. OMGar!!! Don't die Sawyer.
*How do they get back up? Unless this cave leads somewhere.
*Rocks sitting on a scale. Fancy. I want those in my house. Ok. I lied just now.
*He threw away the white and left the black. Bahaha... That's not symbolic at all. Oh. Just an inside joke. I wish I was in on that one.
*WHAT THE WALL CARVINGS???!!! I just got the chills. That was spooky to me.
*Ew. I hate running lines. Those poor girls.
*School teacher? Nope. Sub. He doesn't know where the Teacher's Lounge is located.
*I know that voice. BEN LINUS!!!!? European History. Smexi.
*What the heck? You guys.
*The numbers. The names. Crossed out.
*Jacob has a thing for numbers. Me too. Who knew we would have something in common.
*Yes. You did meet Jacob, Sawyer. I saw it. It happened.
*Pushing you to the island? Um, how?
*I knew it. Candidates. haha. I love this show.
*So, why are they there? Answer me this please already. ALREADY!
*He can't get off the island by himself. He wants Sawyer to get him off. Right?
*CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS!!! oh my gar. what the backslash?

I think the best part of this show was the very end with the numbers. Yes. Love it. The end. Oh and I'm still confused but I'm not alone on this one I know for sure. What did you guys think of that episode?


Mike said...

The evening's BEST moment: "Benjamin Linus, European History."

ashleyO said...

I would have to agree. I love him.

Kristilynn said...

Did you notice that he pointed out everyone's name on the wall...except Kate's?

ashleyO said...


Rob said...

Haha. I feel like i just got smacked across the face by that episode of Lost. Excellent summary. I don't watch the show to be honest. But i might have to now. Ahh! Another show i'll become addicted to!