Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 2

Who's ready for Episode 2? I am. Let's hope they answer at least ONE of the 98234 questions I have about this show. And 2874 of them are from last week's episode alone. Yikes you guys.

*Put some shoes on hippie! What if you step on a cockroach?
*Atilla knows something we don't. Did you see that look he just gave?
*Did Sayid just call Jack.... Janet? Or was that just me? Or was it just his accent? I'm going to go with his accent.
*What's this? Sawyer's in a bad mood? That like never always happens
*Kate's excellent at running. Annnnd this is where she pulls the gun next to Claire ah yes. I almost forgot. Not like this happened a week ago.
*Arnst is just as much of a jerk in LA as he was on the island. Sheesh.
*Holy pyschotic Kate.
*Who are these people? The others part XIV?
*Miles is the funniest thing to ever happen to me.
*Sayid don't go with the hippie and Atilla. Curious. Very curious.
*Oh, so now Atilla speaks English? Then what is the hippie for?
*And where exactly does Sawyer think he is going to run off to?
*How can they calm down with guns in their faces? Yeah, no.
*"I'm wanted for murder." Kate cracks me up.
*Polaroids? I thought those things were socially banned.
*Hey Kate and Jack, just make out again already. Oh, no wait. He's my husband. But if I try to fight Kate she might murder me. Proceed.
*That is just pixie dust Sayid. No biggie. It's going to make your ouchie better.
*That machine reminds me of the "pit of despair" in The Princess Bride. Yep. "I just sucked one year of your life away."
*What the hot poker? HOLY GRAIL ATILLA!
*That's one test I would fail for sure.
*Ok, so if Sayid failed I would definitely fail. Royally.
*So, she found Claire? In all of LA. Sitting on a curb.
*Adoption. No. Aaron is gorgeous. Don't do it!
*Ticka Ticka sound? That is just what that black smoky ghost demon monster sounds like.
*Kate has lots of "experience" with Sawyer. Trust her. ;)
*Ummmm. The "others" know something we don't. That's so unlike this show....
*Torture. Taste of your own medicine, eh Sayid?
*I want a pestle and mortar for my kitchen.
*Is he rolling his own doobies? (Yes. I just said doobie.)
*My dad: "This show is all about trust." That's true, dad. Shout out to YOU!
*Ok. Is the Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp, Elijah Wood, or Madonna? I still don't even know.
*Grey's Anatomy is so 2005.
*Oooo look. The beer font.
*Claire is so pretty.
*Wait a second. Who's house is that?
*Seeee she is supposed to keep Aaron. Destined. Just keep him.
*Oh so you can't do it alone but you expect Claire to?
*She. Is. Having. The. Baby. Right. Now.
*The creepy music helps with the creepiness. Good job.
*Sawyer hid stuff in the floor boards. Way to go. Awww is it some of Juliet's things?
*And a Walmart Commercial.
*My mom: "Next year they will have a show that will be called 'Found!' " She's a hoot.
*They would have spotted that cab. I'm sorry. Especially at a hospital. Annnnd cue cop.
*He's going to take your baby just like on the island! Watch.
*Cue frantic music.
*Must she remind him of Juliet? Rude.
*Some of us are meant to be alone? That was so sad, Sawyer.
*Don't throw the ring. I'll take it.
*Random baseball. I love this island.
*Who is he? He's Atilla...errr Dogen, I mean.
*The pill is harmless. It's just a Happy Meal blended together and put in a capsule. Mmmmm yummy.
*Fighting solves nothing. Men are dorks.
*Oh, poison. Of course there would be poison in it. Just what we need. Another twist.
*Claire is so pretty.
*Dang straight she should keep him.
*Tea....Don't you mean POISON!?
*Sayid is....Claimed? Possessed? By JACOB perhaps?
*WHAAAAAAAAAT? That explains something. Claire was possessed then, too.
*Don't kill Jin. I like him. He's cool and he's Korean.
*Bear trap. That must not tickle at all.
*And cue gunshots...Yep. I think I have this show down.
*OMGar it's CLAIREEEEEEEEE!!!!! She looks as if Danielle got to her.

I just got major chills you guys. That was insane. I have been WAITING 87 episodes for Claire to come back. Fine. Ah. Lee. What is next? Gah! I hate watching the show week to week. I wish it came straight to DVD. But that wouldn't happen. Hokay, so what did we learn? Atilla speaks English and is known as Dogen. Sayid failed some kind of weird hoodoo test and is possessed. Sawyer is still angry. And sad. Jack is still my husband. Claire is still pretty and is alive on the island with a gun. That is all. The end.


Mike said...

I think that's spot on. BTW, your Dad knows his shit. Everything hinges on trust in this show, and it's interesting to see how characters play with that.

Also, you can have Jack. I want Freckles.

foodie ffanatic said...

Your mom sounds very cute. Totally creeped out when Ethan showed up. I'd be happy to console Sawyer any time. Claire at the end is definitely having a bad hair day. Looking forward to next week's episode and your take on it. Dani ddh77

Phil Villarreal said...
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Phil Villarreal said...
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Tropicanna said...

I thought that torture machine looked like the one on Princess Bride as well! I was waiting for the weird albino to show up.