Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey, dad...

Apparently, there is such a thing as college paintball. Yeah. You heard me. This is news to me. I haven't felt like this since I heard about college wakeboarding. What the backslash, you guys.

After watching the BYU/UNLV basketball game with my brother we accidentally came across an Ohio U vs. Purdue paintball game. We laughed. Who wouldn't? This is why I love HD sports channels...full of surprises. What's next? College Connect Four? College Phase 10? College Noodling? I could go all day with these things.

Anyway, here is a conversation I had with my dad after we came across said paintball game.

Me: Hey dad! Did you know that Purdue has a paintball team?

Dad: No.

Me: Well, they do.

Dad: Yeah. That's because they are an engineering school.

Me: But dad, that makes no sense at all.

Dad: *nods and grins*

Yep. Welcome to my family.


Then, my nephew wanted more Gatorade. I *think* he was thirsty because he was asking for more Gatorade every 2 minutes for a full hour. Just a guess. Anyway, here is a short exchange between my brother and his 3.5 year old.


Taylor: Is that how you ask nicely or how you ask to get punched in the face?

It's official. I love my family.


Lyd said...

I'm glad I can claim I'm related to the Oblad's.

ashleyO said...

Yes. We are glad to claim you as a relative as well. And next time you spend the night make sure to bring all the money you possess.

Lyd said...

I do that all the time now. Thank goodness for debit cards!

ashleyO said...

I knew you would say that! Yesssss.

Alli Easley said...

Our family is TEH CRAZEE. I luff it.