Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I found this in my drafts. Maybe I should post it for fun.

Where is my Slurpee?...Why are we watching American Idol?! LOST is on in 4 minutes. Like 240 seconds away and we are watching Fox. Get my ABC on! Slurpee is here. It's time to get this started! And scene...

*Oh, yeah. Locke totally got hit by Desmond last episode.
*A...candidate? Ha. Interesante.
*Locke is so stubborn. He's "puffed up" my mother says.
*Jack and Sayid. Hydra island. Trying to remember. What's going on.
*Back in the cage Sawyer. Hahaha. You know you want more fish biscuits.
*Bernard? yes. Bernard. Of course he is Locke's dentist.
*He calls that flirting? Bahah.
*Anthony Cooper.
*Where is this show going?
*He will kill you Jack.

*And now my dad needs the computer..... Thank gravy for DVR.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LOST Sea...son.....What the what?

This is not a new LOST.

I'm kinda upset even though this is an AMAZING episode. I shall blog next week unless my life decides to be cool and let me experience fun times for once.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode....Something

Shush up family. You're being loud.

*It bothers me that I don't know who the heck you are John.
*So John WAS crazy. He DID think he was there for a reason.
*YES WHO ELSE DID YOU LOOK LIKE???! Probably Christian....mhmmm...Same thoughts Jack.
*I SO called the black smokey ghost demon monster being Christian. Long ago. Boom.
*Why does it have to be ALL of them to get together to go back? That's annoying.
*Awwww...John was a sucker? Sadness, you guys. And now he's barely alive thanks to Desmond.
*So, Sun has it too. I love this parallel world.
*Claire may be pretty and sweet but she sure is a nut case.
*To Claire: "You look...great." Yeah that was, um, convincing Hurley. Such a sweetheart for trying.
*Detective Ford wants to get with Kate. Just look at those eyes...
*Kate is a geniass.
*Crap. Now they are after Sayid.
*Widmore's number 2 is the creepiest skank. When she talks all I hear is "Blah, blah, blah. I'm a creepy skank."
*Desmond. You just hit Locke with a car and now you're being all cutesy with Claire? Eep. And now you're being all weird.
*Is the lawyer...is it...NOOOOOOOOOO! Alana.
*Why does Freck...uh, Kate "know" everything? Her character bugs.
*How are they going to end this show in 4 episodes? Is that even possible?
*DON'T kill Desmond! I want to have his curly haired babies.
*They made that well seem so much deeper. And that water is UHS-GUSTING!
*Sayid just saved your life. What does it matter that he hurt someone?
*HAHAH!!! Sawyer. Garden hose trick. That was good.
*Could you imagine the spiders in that jungle? (shivers) Almost as bad as Claire's hair.
*Claire is following the rebels. Do we want her to go or not?
*How does one kill the BMGDM aka Locke?
*Nice boat. I MISS SAILING!!!
*Claire is a nut case. Remember how I said it above? She's. Still. A. Nut. Case.
*Promise her Aaron, Kate. Thank you. Finally. Now put the gun down nut case and go home.
*Cute. David wants to spend more time with Jack. Very cute.
*Crazy how everyone is finding everyone in the parallel world.
*Jack. Claire. Claire. Jack. You're half siblings.
*I like Jack's "crazy talk." It makes some sense.
*Crap. There goes Jack.
*My mom's connection: Sawyer said something to Kate and then jumped off the helicopter. Jack wanted to know what he said. This time Jack says something to Sawyer and jumps off the boat. Kate flips out wondering what Jack said to Sawyer. Tada.
*I hope Sun's baby is ok. Jin, I swear, if you're lying to her I'll hurt you.
*Christian is secretive. Not a new fact.
*He's going to work on Locke anyway!!! Desmond is brilliant(?)
*Haha. Sawyer took your boat.
*Of course. Crazy skank and Widmore's people.
*SUN AND JIN ARE BACK TOGETHER! And her English is back.
*Why are they all turning on Sawyer? Did Widmore use him to get all the people back?
*You should have stayed Jack. You should have stayed. But the Locke-ness monster will take care of you. And now you're his???!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 8


DVR....engage? Yes. Sure. And go.

*RichardRichardRichardRichardRichard!!! It's about time we learn about the-man-that-doesn't-age.
*Ana looks like she is in pain.
*Why doesn't anyone know what to do?
*Ricardo? Duh. That's Richard.
*Heh. He giggled
*Um did the "you're dead/this is hell" thing just come out? I was hoping that wouldn't happen. Please don't say that's true.
*Uhhhh Hurley. Is speaking Spanish. To...?...TELL US ALREADY!
*I don't want to age either. Richard. Please tell me your secret(s).
*1867? Hah! Awesome! That's hot.
*I have a feeling I'm going to cry in this episode. I'm not ok with that.
*This is making me so sad. I hate that doctor. Ooops. Now he is...no longer. And there was a witness. Crap.
*Please don't be dead!!! Why must this show do this to me?
*He didn't mean to kill the doctor.
*Awww Richard's wearing her necklace.
*And the priest sucks too. Wow I love(?) this show.
*Where's Jacob?
*New World? More like psycho island.
*On the Black Rock. Heh. I have been waiting for this episode for a long time.
*And there's the statue! And there's the boat in the middle of the island. And there's Richard on the island.
*What the crazy killer? I don't get this guy. Killing everyone.
*The TICKA TICKA!!! He just killed your 5 officers dude. Now what?! NOW what?! Oh...blood dripping on your head.
*Bye-bye psycho.
*I'm pretty sure I would freak out if I saw that thing in my face. Flashing. Ticka Ticka-ing and all.
*A flutterby.
*Water....just out of reach. This is so sad. Come on. Where's Jacob?
*This is so Count of Monte Cristo.
*Mmmm tasty slaves says the Pumbaa.
*Hell? Diablo? Please. Um. No.
*It's about freakin' time!... oh. But it's Jacob's friend guy man. I call him the Ticka Ticka man. Please don't tell me he says he is Jacob. This will surely confuse the heck out of me.
*Ouchie wrists.
*Mmmm Pumbaa tastes good. I heard.
*Where's Daniel?
*And there's Jacob. Beating up Ricardo.
*Stop!!!!! I don't like this Jacob. Or his object lessons. At. All.
*We JUST had a commercial.
*No one is allowed in to Jacob's home because he weaves and apparently that's not manly?
*Another object lesson from Jacob. Bottle. Cork. Wine. Hmmm... I like it.
*You won't get your wife back. See. Jacob is like the Genie on Aladdin.
*Live forever. AH! This makes so much sense. He's kinda like Edward Cullen.
*HAHAHAH The white rock. Inside joke you guys.
*I like how there is a random bench made of stone on the island.
*Dig it up. Dig up her necklace. Tada.
*Hurley. He was speaking Spanish to Isabella!
*Awwww... Believe him Richard.
*Ugh....I'm crying. Ugh.
*There's always something more to be done...DUH! Stop the man in black.
*Cork fail.

LOST Season 6: Episode 7

ONLY 9 MORE????! I. Am. Sad.

*Claire's habitat is quite interesting.
*Kate and Sawyer. Meet again.
*Sawyer episode. He's a man slut.
*He needs to learn how to keep a briefcase clos...oh yeah. He set that up.
*I would love if Sawyer was working for the cops. That would be AWZUM!
*YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LaFleur. Hot cop much?
*And Miles. I'm liking this show but I hate that it's ending. Sadness.
*Claire's hair needs some serious help, you guys.
*I laugh each time I look at Claire's baby. That looks nothing like Aaron by the way, honey.
*You ARE the black smoke John. AND you're lying! You are NOT going to take care of ANYONE!
*Detective, eh? Mmmmm
*Is this friend Juliet? or Kate? or...Claire's baby?
*He IS the black thing!...Thank you John for admitting that. Finally.
*Kill? or be killed? That's some bargain there. Selfish much?
*Sawyer is the best liar I have ever met too.
*John is lying. I hate this.
*Red head? Is it CHARLOTTE? What the crap?
*She's pretty when she doesn't have bloody noses all the time.
*Sawyer is such a ladies man.
*Aww that's Daniel's girl. She's so white. And I thought I was pale.
*What is she looking for? Rather, what is she digging for?
*Angry Sawyer scares me. Yeah but that's what you get for being a snoop. JS.
*Holy crazy Claire.
*SHE DIDN'T TAKE AARON YOU NASTY!!! You left your baby.....you nasty.
*Ok. There's no way they are getting that plane off the island. Sorry.
*Yummy. Decomp.
*Who is that chick? Oh great. Another character. That's all we need right now.
*Chahlee's brother!
*Why did Miles check Sawyer's credit card? That's...like...not cool. Rudist.
*Ok who is this lady?
*It's like John is leading them over there one by one. In such a creepy way. *shivers*
*Holy questions!!! I don't like her.
*Yeah. Ok. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!? boo hiss.
*Oooo. Black Smokey Ghost Demon Monster is telling us about his past. Pretty sure it was that man on the island with Jacob last season.
*Aaron DEFINITELY has a crazy mother.
*AHHHHHH. Widmore's people. boo hiss.
*Little House. HAHA! Sawyer is watching Little House.
*Beer and a flower. How romantic....And puppy dog eyes. Smart woman for turning that down.
*Punch Charles in the face. plzkthx.
*How can anyone trust anybody on this show? I don't understand it.
*Claire wants to say she's sorry and then she wants to attack you and pull your hair out..... or not. I dunno. She's crazy. What a sad case.
*Pylons = no b.s.g.d.m.
*Now there's the Sawyer we know. "I'm gonna kill 'em.
*What the car accident Is Kate running from someone? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS So called that Christian says but I recognized her run so I win. JS.
*And scene.

Lost Season 6: Episode 6

Mmmmm Raising Canes and Lost... Life is grand.


*Ben? Running away from someone or something? That's like...a first.
*Good people! Finally.
*Loss of his power? Hahah Napoleon and Ben had/have something in common.
*Detention. Suck. I went there once. I actually enjoyed it.
*Ewww. Arnst. I can't stand his character.
*He SHOULD be the principle. Way to go Locke.
*Crap. I don't want Ben to get in trouble for killing Jacob. Is that so wrong of me?
*Bloody dagger. Bloody Miles. Ugh!
*"Uh oh," he says. BAHAHAH I LOVE MILES.
*Silent treatments suck.
*Is that a Hungry Man? Or Banquet? Hmmm...organic.
*Roger Workman...I mean Roger Linus. I forgot that he wouldn't be dead in the parallel universe.
*uhhhhhhh Alex? She's pretty.
*Yes candidates Sun.
*Cheese curds!.... I love Hurley.
*I would listen to Hurley if I were you Jack.
*Mmmmm Richard.
*Ok she's creepy. I don't like that curly haired chick anymore.
*Alex is pretty AND smart. And freaks out easily.
*I knew that principle gave me the heebie jeebies.
*Get the principle fired. Plzkthxbai.
*I'll take the 3.2 million dollars.
*Yeah. I hate that woman.
*Yes. That's it Hurley. Richard is a vampire.
*UGH WHO ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TRUST!!!? Don't listen to Jacob? What????!
*Oooo Ben is sneaky.
*Oooo Arnst is sneaky too. But all he wants is that parking spot and aprons. Help the man out Ben.
*Which Ben do I feel bad for? I'm going to go with island Ben with the nasty sweaty bloody mess of a shirt.
*Was Richard on that boat in the past? Hm. Curious.
*ACK! Dynamite. Ok so you can't kill yourself but you can risk killing Hurley and Jack.
*I wouldn't want Jacob to touch me either.
*Ok Dr. Kevorkian.
*But what if you ARE wrong Jack!!! Ha, Because you aren't.
*Um what? "Want to try another stick?" Crazy. How about we not talk IN the Black Rock.
*THE TICKA TICKA NOISE! John is coming. Annnd there he is.
*I don't want Ben to die either.
*Thanks "John" for freeing Ben.
*She is disgusting for a woman.
*BAM! Blackmail. Ben is back.
*CRAP!!! That dang recommendation for Alex.
*I wish Ben was recording that conversation. I hate that principle. He's an evil man.
*Awww. Emotional Ben..... He is so sad. And now I like her again. Redemption as my mother put it.
*Creepy Reynolds. Ew.
*Ok Cool. I like this new island Ben.
*I want a Hurley Hug too!
*Awww Ben all by himself.
*Who is coming to the island? WHAT THE SUBMARINE?! Is it Widmore?..... DANGIT!

Monday, April 12, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 5

Holy. It has been a while...ANYWAY!!! Let's not discuss that.


*Uncle Rico shot Sayid. That jerk.
*Sayid episode???
*Yes. Sayid episode.
*Awwww. Flowers? For me? Oh. For the love of his life. That is married to? His brother?!!
*His brother opened up a store? a Quickie Mart maybe?
*Did you find your acting skills along with your mommy's picture in your uncle's bag little girl?
*Don't kill him Atilla!!! Sheesh Samurai Sam!!!
*Intense much?
*Apparently the baseball is a peacemaker.
*Crap. Claire. "John."
*Doesn't the temple look like the Jungle Cruise? Or is that just me? Anyone? No? ok.
*"I'm not that man anymore." GOOD!!!
*So, Sayid is evil. Banished. But...what about...isn't he...a...a candidate?
*hehehe. I know where Reyes and Shepherd are. ish.
*Is Togan going to send Sayid to kill the black smokey ghost demon monster? Clever.
*Hey, Sayid! Prove you are good by killing. Oh. Ok.
*Your mommy likes it when Uncle Sayid is around because your mommy likes Uncle Sayid. Boom.
*Ha! Jack.
*I love how Sayid and Kate find each other. Isn't the island like huge or something? Good timing I guess. Oh, wait. It is a television show.
*Miles. I love you. Claire is hot. A hot mess that's for sure.
*Um...all the trees are moving. Ok this is freaky!
*Oh crap. That whole killing-the-black-smoky-ghost-demon-monster-thing didn't work Sayid. This is going to be fun.
*Togan wants Sayid dead. Duh.
*He's LYING Sayid. Don't listen!!!
*At least that urn didn't have ashes in it.
*"...because I don't deserve you." That was wow. Cute. Deep. Precious. Sad.
*I want to be in that rain.
*Does leaving the temple make them more vulnerable? Well, apparently staying kills them so I guess not.
*hahah Claire is creepy when she sings in a hole in the ground.
*Kate. She will kill you if you continue your spiel.
*What's with all the panicky people?
*He'll return that knife alright. Into Togan's gut.
*This is your brain on drugs. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S THAT PSYCHO FREIGHTER GUY! And he makes good eggs according to himself.
*I really hate that man, you guys. No. Like really. He reminds me of Vance from Hitch. DB!!!
*Sayid is a freakishly crazy badarse.
*SHOOT THE MA....Yeah. Do that Sayid.
*Oh my gosh I knew it. I knew it. I knew it would be Jin.
*I'm good at this guessing game.
*Well, dropping the fatty dagger was anti-climatic.
*Togan likes Happy Hour. Every Friday. Woot!!!
*Did Jacob come to you Togan? Was it Jacob? Tell us please.
*Ah ha! I guessed right again.
*Aw That was his boys baseball.
*Wait, is fighting allowed in the beer font?
*That hippie guy is weird you guys. And Sayid just took care of him.
*This is why I don't like night time. Scary noises? No thanks.
*Is it just me or does Kate have a really awkward run? Like a t-rex to be exact.
*If Miles dies I'm going to kill someone.
*JIN! I found Sun!
*Yeah. I'm pretty sure I don't like that black smokey ghost demon monster. Preeeetty sure.
*Frank is favorite.
*That was a close one. Kinda reminds me of the whole Passover story.
*So does this mean Sayid is bad? or a candidate? I don't get this. "John" is taking EVERYONE.

i'm done.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 4

How I avoided hearing anything about LOST on Twitter since Tuesday night just blows my mind. I'm here. I'm ready to watch and I highly doubt if ANY of my questions get answered in this episode. However, we shall see.


*Please show Claire.
*Wow. Someone is putting their hands under water and there is no blood to be found. That's a first.
*Jack has a mother? Never hear much of her.
*Is that scar from the island? or his appendix?
*Jack. Has a child that old. No biggie. What the what?
*That water looks like the water at the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.
*bahahah Tic Tac Toe.
*Is that Jacob? SURE IS!!!
*Hurley = Haley Joel Osment.
*What are "they that are coming to the island" looking for?
*I so don't want to raise teenagers.
*But I do want those Milano cookies David is eating.
* There is Claire. She's b'dass.
*UGH BLOOD!!! and a bear trap.
*Hurley wrote on his arm. He found a pen but no paper? That's odd.
*Creepy dead Jacob.
*BAHAHAH!!! "I just lied to a samurai." Hurley = cool.
*According to Hurley, Obi Wan Kenobi = Jacob. Ok. My 3 year old nephew calls him Old Man Kenobi. Equally hilarious.
*Oh, Jin. Oh, Jin. Oh, Jin. Your leg.
*Claire is just like Danielle, in a way.
*Oh Claire's baby is so...um...cute?
*Your son, Aaron, is in "normal land" honey.
*Oh lookie. It's Kate. DON'T SHOOT! ... Phew.
*She's not invited! Her name wasn't on the cave walls. Wait, Jack doesn't know that even exists.
*No drinking. Good for you, Jack.
*Veronica Hamel ... your hair sucks. That's Jack's mother you guys. She use to be gorgeous!
*Claire is in Christian's will. Awesome.
*My legs just fell off.
*They didn't take Aaron. Kate did.
*Asthma inhaler? SHANNON! Yes Hurley. You're correct.
*I remember him chasing after Christian.
*Where is David???!!
*Jack...don't break in.
*Where is his kid? I'd be freaking out.
*Awww...pictures of them together. Wow. This kid is awesome. He's into music.
*Where did a lighthouse come from? Ah Hurley. This makes sense--they never found it because they weren't looking for it.
*SAY SOMETHING JIN! Gah thank you. Kate. Took. Aaron. Sheesh. Took you long enough.
*OHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY CLAIRE!? She's crazy you guys.
*Annnnd back to the lighthouse. That is pretty neat.
*Maybe the key is hidden. Orrrr just kick the door open. That was smart Jack.
*Wow. David is amaing. That song is not easy to play at all.
*Awwww Jack is crying.
*THAT'S ATTILA'S KID!!! Called it. So called that you guys. Oh I mean Dogen. Sorry. Dogen.
*Weird. Weird. Weird. WEIRD!!! This lighthouse thing is crazy. What the crap.
*OH MY! IT'S HIS HOUSE! Sorry for the shouting.
*Jacob has been watching them. That's not creepy at all.
* I hate angry Jack. DON'T BREAK THOSE MIRRORS!
*Ugh. Idiot. He is so stupid. He is *still * broken like those dang mirrors he just shattered.
*Jack has such a great smile. And he has smiley eyes. Marry me already. Oh wait. You being broken is a turn off.
*Wow. Jack is making me cry now. Father-son bonding is my favorite. :D
*Ink? Looks more like a unibrow.
*I'm so calling everything in this episode. Jacob WANTED him to see what was in that mirror. Booyah!
*Is Claire the dangerous one going to the temple?
*Why is Jin lying? Trust no one.
*"That is not John. This is my friend?" WUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!?

Dang. I love this show. Speechless. Speechless you guys.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

this kinda sorta maybe has nothing to do with the Bachelorette

I have lived in Vegas my entire life.

I was born in Vegas. I took my first steps in Vegas. I had my first date in Vegas. I graduated high school in Vegas. I even danced in Vegas... not what it sounds like but who am I to stop your imagination from rolling with that one?

Of my 26 years of existence, seven of those years were spent in college. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I have heard all the jokes. Get in line with the "Tommy Boy" quotes you guys for I have heard them a myriad of times. YES those that go to college that long are called doctors and NO I am not one of them. There. I cleared that up for you. Tada. And I digress.

Not many of you know but I went to BYU where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Dance. Mhmm. In Utah. Now, I know what you're thinking. Dance sounds like an easy major, but I could grand jeté your face off if you dare call it such. This argument could be another post entirely so I'll save it for another time. Cool? Cool.

Anyway, I'm sure you could put the two together. Seven years + BYU = life in Utah for SEVEN years. Most of you might think that I'm crazy for surviving Utah that long but I'll tell you what, I absolutely loved living there. I want to move back. HEY! Don't judge me. I know Vegas is great but there are just things in Utah that aren't in Vegas and vice versa.

You don't believe me? Fine. Here.

*My BESTESTEST friend lives in Provo as well as many of my other close friends I adore *and* love.
*My two sisters, their husbands, and 10 children all live up there.
*BYU campus. Nuff sed.
*I would have a place to live, maybe two.
*Paradise Bakery, Chick-fil-A, and Zupas.
*The gorgeous mountains.
*They have Sonics up there so I can still be addicted to my Happy Hour 44 oz Coke with lime slices.
*I could teach dance at BYU again. *Could*
*LDS Temple Square. So beautiful.
*It's only five hours from Vegas.
*If I wanted a Neapolitan shake from In-n-Out I don't have to drive to St. George or Vegas for one.
*My hair curls better up there.
*I have a good feeling about moving up there.

*I have great friends and leadership at church.
*Metro Pizza, Macayos, Raising Canes, Panera Bread Co...Can't live without them for too long.
*The best dang Slurpees are found a mile from my house as well as Retro Bakery. I just adore the Maple Bacon AND Red Carpet cupcakes. To. Die. For. You guys.
*My parents, my only brother, his wife, and 2 boys live here.
*I know every gas station that sells Hot Fries.
*It doesn't snow here like it does in Utah.
*I have a job.
*Express is far enough away that I don't get *as* tempted to go shopping there.
*Amazing buffets.
*Disneyland is only 4 - 4.5 hours away.
*I have a semi-good feeling about staying here.

*The drivers suck.........hard.

I'm torn on where to live. I have great opportunities in Vegas *AND* in Utah. I want to move back but I want to stay put yet I really want to move back. This is what the Bachelorette must feel like as she chooses between two men - two options - that could both benefit her. However, the couple never stays together so I'm basically screwed right now aren't I? Maybe I'm not supposed to live in Vegas or Utah.

California, anyone?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 3

Blah. Blah. Blah. Let's just get to the show.

*Stop showing Sawyer crying. Sheesh.
*John = creepy. Not a surprise.
*BOONE!!! I want to have your babies.
*Bless John's heart. How do you handle that chair lift? Ahem. Broken chair lift.
*Ok that was dumb. Now how are you going to get up? OMG Sprinklers? Really?
*Awww Peg Bundy came to the rescue.
*"Sweet man?" Not on the island he's not.
*Call Jack, John! What ARE the odds?! Peg Bundy is right.
*Ok seeing through the eyes of the black smoky ghost demon monster is making me motion sick.
*It's checking everybody out. Aannnnnnd there's Locke. Ok that was REALLY creepy!
*Yes Richard. It IS time to talk. How about you ask WTH is this show? plzkthxbai
*"Where I was was personal?" Um where were you John?
*lol I'm sorry I hit you in the throat...that's my new phrase. Thanks John.
*Mom: "John's Satan... He's all 'come with me. I promise to tell you everything.' Oooo. That's so scripted. Like Satan."
*Um I have never seen that kid before. That was weird.
*Ben. Is lying. That's a 2309th.
*She's collecting his ashes? With her bare hands???!! Hmmmm... No thanks.
*Ok. What time period is this?! I'm really confused.
*How did Sawyer know John was dead?! Ugh. I'm so con-fuse-ed.
*Ghost of Christmas Past? He's got the ghost part right.
*OOOOO Sawyer just called John out for not being himself.
*Why are you on this island? Umm....That's the dumbest question ever.
*Pants aren't a necessity Sawyer. heh.
*That Hummer totally deserves to get hit.
*Awwww it's Hurley. I love how cute he is to John.
*BAHAHAH huge douche. Yes. That Randy is a huge douche and he was too tan.
*Dang. New Job.
*I thought that crab on Dead John was a spider. Pretty close though.
*YES! Go to the temple. Go. They are there.
*So John can go back and forth in time. With Richard?
*I CAN SEE THE KID TOO! Does that make me special?
*Is that a kiddy Jacob?
*Oh great. John's gone.
*Bloody Richard is right! Just go with him. Go! John will kill you.
*"Who are you talking to?" haha I called that line.
*That woman talking to John has a long face. I'm not judging. I'm just saying.
*Rose. Of course.
*John, you aren't an animal. You are a black smoke ghost demon monster.
*Dang, Rose. You are awesome. Work it!
*Of Mice and Men. SAD book. Ugh. Let's not talk about it.
*You can't kill, "John," Sawyer
*Where are the numbers I heard so much about last night on Twitter? Thank you much @MikeDiGrande.
*Holy that's a lot of graves.
*....Ben....What are you going to say about John? Believer. Man of faith. Wow. And you murdered him. I'm glad you told everyone. What a weird funeral, eh Frank?
*Call him.....Why did you hang up?
*My mom just coughed Diet Coke up her nose. ha.
*Seriously. What were you doing in Sydney???
*Knives? For a walk about? Sure. Ok. You never cease to surprise us John.
*They look funny kissing. Cute. But funny and awkward.
*Down? To a hole in the rock?
*Oh. Of course there is a ladder already there. This IS "the island" after all.
*And the suspense kicks in. OMGar!!! Don't die Sawyer.
*How do they get back up? Unless this cave leads somewhere.
*Rocks sitting on a scale. Fancy. I want those in my house. Ok. I lied just now.
*He threw away the white and left the black. Bahaha... That's not symbolic at all. Oh. Just an inside joke. I wish I was in on that one.
*WHAT THE WALL CARVINGS???!!! I just got the chills. That was spooky to me.
*Ew. I hate running lines. Those poor girls.
*School teacher? Nope. Sub. He doesn't know where the Teacher's Lounge is located.
*I know that voice. BEN LINUS!!!!? European History. Smexi.
*What the heck? You guys....you. guys.
*The numbers. The names. Crossed out.
*Jacob has a thing for numbers. Me too. Who knew we would have something in common.
*Yes. You did meet Jacob, Sawyer. I saw it. It happened.
*Pushing you to the island? Um, how?
*I knew it. Candidates. haha. I love this show.
*So, why are they there? Answer me this please already. ALREADY!
*He can't get off the island by himself. He wants Sawyer to get him off. Right?
*CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS!!! oh my gar. what the backslash?

I think the best part of this show was the very end with the numbers. Yes. Love it. The end. Oh and I'm still confused but I'm not alone on this one I know for sure. What did you guys think of that episode?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Could Write About....No. Or Perhaps About....No. Or...

I blogged once this week. Once. I'm not too happy about that at all but only 11 people read my blog anyway so I don't even know why I'm complaining. Sometimes I wonder why I even update my blog but I do it because it's nice to let my fingers empty my brain every once in a while.

This is usually how my blogging experience goes. I'll sit and stare at this for 2378342 minutes, well, not always with a Wyclef Jean tab at the top. Joyous. And then I just flip through my brain's files looking for something to write about. I wish I could spit out everything stuck in this huge noggin of mine. Trust me, there is a lot going on in there. Then, I find something to write about but strangely it never ends up on my blog. Story of my life.

(omg I can't even get this post out because my nephews keep complaining about their video games and I have to get up every 5 minutes to fix something or to change games or to dry some tears or to change the game to a movie.) *sigh* Ok, so...

I could write about how I hate my job. It's boring. It's uncomfortable at times. I feel I am over qualified to sit in front of a computer and hit the arrow keys and 10 key all day but it's something for the moment so I roll out of bed every morning because I "have" to.

I could write about how my duties at church are stressing me out because I want the activities we plan to work and I rush around making sure everyone is happy. Or how planning and preparing for the weekly activities wears me out. Nah. That's just too boring.

I could write about a discussion we had at church last week.

I could write about how I have 20 books in my room that I need to read but instead I spend my free time either sleeping or sitting on Twitter and facebook all the live long day. I should probably get around to doing that, which reminds me that I should also get around to cleaning my room and doing laundry. I guess that shall be my Valentine's Day activity.

OH! Speaking of Valentine's Day! I could write about how my dating life has been as dry as the Sahara desert. And *just* when I think I like a guy something happens and then he's gone. A mirage. It's not that I am freaking out because I don't have a boyfriend, it's that I wouldn't mind getting out every once in a while for fun. I need to start getting out more. I know that. But I'm 26 and....I should stop here. I think I just found a possibility for my next post.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 2

Who's ready for Episode 2? I am. Let's hope they answer at least ONE of the 98234 questions I have about this show. And 2874 of them are from last week's episode alone. Yikes you guys.

*Put some shoes on hippie! What if you step on a cockroach?
*Atilla knows something we don't. Did you see that look he just gave?
*Did Sayid just call Jack.... Janet? Or was that just me? Or was it just his accent? I'm going to go with his accent.
*What's this? Sawyer's in a bad mood? That like never always happens
*Kate's excellent at running. Annnnd this is where she pulls the gun next to Claire ah yes. I almost forgot. Not like this happened a week ago.
*Arnst is just as much of a jerk in LA as he was on the island. Sheesh.
*Holy pyschotic Kate.
*Who are these people? The others part XIV?
*Miles is the funniest thing to ever happen to me.
*Sayid don't go with the hippie and Atilla. Curious. Very curious.
*Oh, so now Atilla speaks English? Then what is the hippie for?
*And where exactly does Sawyer think he is going to run off to?
*How can they calm down with guns in their faces? Yeah, no.
*"I'm wanted for murder." Kate cracks me up.
*Polaroids? I thought those things were socially banned.
*Hey Kate and Jack, just make out again already. Oh, no wait. He's my husband. But if I try to fight Kate she might murder me. Proceed.
*That is just pixie dust Sayid. No biggie. It's going to make your ouchie better.
*That machine reminds me of the "pit of despair" in The Princess Bride. Yep. "I just sucked one year of your life away."
*What the hot poker? HOLY GRAIL ATILLA!
*That's one test I would fail for sure.
*Ok, so if Sayid failed I would definitely fail. Royally.
*So, she found Claire? In all of LA. Sitting on a curb.
*Adoption. No. Aaron is gorgeous. Don't do it!
*Ticka Ticka sound? That is just what that black smoky ghost demon monster sounds like.
*Kate has lots of "experience" with Sawyer. Trust her. ;)
*Ummmm. The "others" know something we don't. That's so unlike this show....
*Torture. Taste of your own medicine, eh Sayid?
*I want a pestle and mortar for my kitchen.
*Is he rolling his own doobies? (Yes. I just said doobie.)
*My dad: "This show is all about trust." That's true, dad. Shout out to YOU!
*Ok. Is the Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp, Elijah Wood, or Madonna? I still don't even know.
*Grey's Anatomy is so 2005.
*Oooo look. The beer font.
*Claire is so pretty.
*Wait a second. Who's house is that?
*Seeee she is supposed to keep Aaron. Destined. Just keep him.
*Oh so you can't do it alone but you expect Claire to?
*She. Is. Having. The. Baby. Right. Now.
*The creepy music helps with the creepiness. Good job.
*Sawyer hid stuff in the floor boards. Way to go. Awww is it some of Juliet's things?
*And a Walmart Commercial.
*My mom: "Next year they will have a show that will be called 'Found!' " She's a hoot.
*They would have spotted that cab. I'm sorry. Especially at a hospital. Annnnd cue cop.
*He's going to take your baby just like on the island! Watch.
*Cue frantic music.
*Must she remind him of Juliet? Rude.
*Some of us are meant to be alone? That was so sad, Sawyer.
*Don't throw the ring. I'll take it.
*Random baseball. I love this island.
*Who is he? He's Atilla...errr Dogen, I mean.
*The pill is harmless. It's just a Happy Meal blended together and put in a capsule. Mmmmm yummy.
*Fighting solves nothing. Men are dorks.
*Oh, poison. Of course there would be poison in it. Just what we need. Another twist.
*Claire is so pretty.
*Dang straight she should keep him.
*Tea....Don't you mean POISON!?
*Sayid is....Claimed? Possessed? By JACOB perhaps?
*WHAAAAAAAAAT? That explains something. Claire was possessed then, too.
*Don't kill Jin. I like him. He's cool and he's Korean.
*Bear trap. That must not tickle at all.
*And cue gunshots...Yep. I think I have this show down.
*OMGar it's CLAIREEEEEEEEE!!!!! She looks as if Danielle got to her.

I just got major chills you guys. That was insane. I have been WAITING 87 episodes for Claire to come back. Fine. Ah. Lee. What is next? Gah! I hate watching the show week to week. I wish it came straight to DVD. But that wouldn't happen. Hokay, so what did we learn? Atilla speaks English and is known as Dogen. Sayid failed some kind of weird hoodoo test and is possessed. Sawyer is still angry. And sad. Jack is still my husband. Claire is still pretty and is alive on the island with a gun. That is all. The end.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Human Dictionary

I just made up a brand new word, you guys.


It's almost like a hug but better. I kind of imagine it as one of those hugs where you and the other person twist side to side. I know you know what I am talking about. Also, it could be a hug from a teeny tiny kitten. AWWWWW *HUGGLES*

Huggles is so going to catch on. Be prepared just as Scar taught his hyena minion. It is SO 2010.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey, dad...

Apparently, there is such a thing as college paintball. Yeah. You heard me. This is news to me. I haven't felt like this since I heard about college wakeboarding. What the backslash, you guys.

After watching the BYU/UNLV basketball game with my brother we accidentally came across an Ohio U vs. Purdue paintball game. We laughed. Who wouldn't? This is why I love HD sports channels...full of surprises. What's next? College Connect Four? College Phase 10? College Noodling? I could go all day with these things.

Anyway, here is a conversation I had with my dad after we came across said paintball game.

Me: Hey dad! Did you know that Purdue has a paintball team?

Dad: No.

Me: Well, they do.

Dad: Yeah. That's because they are an engineering school.

Me: But dad, that makes no sense at all.

Dad: *nods and grins*

Yep. Welcome to my family.


Then, my nephew wanted more Gatorade. I *think* he was thirsty because he was asking for more Gatorade every 2 minutes for a full hour. Just a guess. Anyway, here is a short exchange between my brother and his 3.5 year old.


Taylor: Is that how you ask nicely or how you ask to get punched in the face?

It's official. I love my family.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Guide To Eliminate Yourself From Dating Ashley...That's Me.

First, I feel like this needs no introduction. Second, the title explains itself. Third, these are in no specific order but all are just as important if you want to gain a rejection from yours truly. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

1. Muscle profile pictures on the internet. OK, seriously. What is the deal with this? You leave no option for me to go and stalk your profiles to even see if you have any shirtless pictures to check out. No mystery at all. And usually the picture contains you, a nice looking guy, surrounded by chicks in bikinis (tool alert!) or you with your friends in speedos for kicks and giggles. Real cute you guys but I'm sure lots of ladies don't care to see a bunch of dudes hugging each other whilst wearing patriotic banana hammocks. At least I don't. Yeah, no thanks. It may be funny for a day but it only takes me .983 seconds to ignore your friend request. OH! And if I don't know you in real life that makes me want to get to know you even less.

2. Just wanting to hangout then hookup. As fun as these can be they sure do get old after a while. I want someone to like me for more than just good company and a good kiss or thirty-seven. This is one reason why I hesitate to move back to Utah. Sad but true. Do this to me and you're history. I'm 26. Not 16. Time to grow up all you Peter Pans out there.

3. Asking me out on a date via text message. I really don't need to explain the crap involved behind this. I had a guy tell me text me, "C'mon. This is 2009. No one talks on the phone anymore so what does it matter if I ask you through text? The question is the same." Guess what you guys? Date didn't happen. We never went out EVEN after he called me for a date. He is also a "hangout/hookup" kind of guy. If any guy can't pick up his cell to call me because he is too shy then how is he going to hold a conversation with me on a date? Just a thought.

4. Making fun of me for ordering a salad at lunch/dinner. If I *only* order a side salad with no cheese and a side of fat-free ranch on the side to lightly dip my fork in as I ate my salad piece by piece then YES you have permission to make fun of me. If I order (and eat) an entire Crispy Chicken Salad from Mimi's, save a few dressing-less pieces of lettuce, which comes with diced chicken tenders, romaine, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, egg, green onions, and corn with ranch and buffalo sauce, you have NO right to make fun of me. There is nothing wrong with getting a salad like that from any restaurant. And since when is it cute to make fun of someone for what they eat? OK so I guess it is acceptable on the 12th of NEVER!!! Sometimes just teasing me about what I eat makes me want to punch someone in the throat. In other words just eat your food and I'll eat my food and you pay. The end.

5. Possessing a lack of compromise. I can only watch so many action movies, you guys. Wait. Don't get me wrong. I love a good action movie but I swear every time I pick a movie the guy is always like "meh. Really? Are you sure you don't want to watch Die Hard 87 as you give me a back massage?" I mean what is so wrong with a little You've Got Mail, French Kiss, or While You Were Sleeping every once in a while? NOTHING! Sorry to admit but a 20:1 ratio of action movies to chick flick is not a compromise. That once a year chick-flick viewing opportunity reads as "Fine. If it will make you happy and stop complaining then you, I mean, we can watch it." What the backslash? Not fair. Oh, and this compromise is not just for choosing movies. It goes for everything.

6. Spamming anywhere on my facebook profile. Doing this will surely get you a good kick in the shin from my 11.5 nieces and nephews. Do not feel the need to comment on *all* of my status updates or *all* of my photos. There is nothing wrong with a few "likes" here and there and even a few comments are OK if you have something intelligent or witty to say. "You look smooooookin' hot in this picture." and "Your lips make your eyes look especially green when you make that face." are semi flattering comments yet they aren't. If you never want me to say 'yes' to a future date with you make comments like that. You technically won't even need to ask me out. Hey! They even save you a phone call. It's a win-win situation for us both.

7. Never washing your hands after using the washroom. There really is no need to explain this one. I dated a guy that never washed his hands. I told him it bothered me and all he had to say back was *eyeroll.* 'Scuse me? Yes. He rolled his eyes at me. After the first intervention I just noticed him getting his hands wet with water or just turning the water on long enough to make me think he was washing his hands. Sorry but that is nothing close to an actual hand wash, buddy. Intervention #2: Place hands under warm water. Add soap. Lather. Rinse. Dry. Done. It takes like 15 seconds to do that. I'm sorry if you don't have enough time in your day to set aside for the sole purpose of washing your hands. We all know where they have been and it's gross to think about you touching anything, including myself, with those hands.

8. Never letting me play video games with you. I am one of those few girls out there that loves video games. It's true. They are not just for men. Do not pull the oh-I-did-not-offer-because-I-don't-want-you-to-break-a-nail bit. Well, good thing I don't have nails in the first place. So, game on! Letting me play video games with you is a way to my heart. I am not even kidding, you guys. For example, I am actually really good at playing any Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. On Expert. It only took me 3 days to get there. Not bad, I know. So, scootch on over and I'll show you what it's like to get your butt kicked by a girl at Mario Kart. And if you "let" me win I'll sick my nephew, Harper, on you. He may be 3.5 years old but he has hardcore ninja butt-kicking skills.

9. Telling me what NOT to eat. Do not tell me what I should and should not eat. The only time this is OK is if I *specifically* tell you to make me drop a Family Size bag of Cheetos or a 3lbs Cheez-It box from Costco. If I do not give you persmission do not feel the need to suggest I drop the bag/box. You are only hinting at me that I am making myself fatter. If I want the dang chips I want the dang chips. Remember, if I give you permission, you can tell me. Easy as coloring in the lines.

10. Telling me you'll leave your fiancee if I decide to date you. There is no way I would get in the middle of a serious relationship just to date you. No matter how much I like you I wouldn't tell you to drop everything and start a relationship with me. The one thing I would tell you is that your marriage has a 95% chance of failing because you aren't putting your whole heart into it or your fiancee, unless you work your butt off and make it work. But why force yourself to make it work if you knew you were settling in the first place? *Ahem*... Anyway, moral of the tip is, do not attempt to date me when you are with someone else. Insta-turnoff.

11. If you are Gargamel (<---click). Nuff said. What is so attractive about a Smurf-napping warlock that talks to Azreal, his loyal yet evil-doing cat, all day? Nothing. Nothing at all. And are those socks you're wearing or just insanely red leather shoes?

12. Taking the Lord's name in vain. Sorry. Self-explanatory. Not a fan for many reasons. The end.

13. Suffocating me with text messages. This one is pretty self-explanatory too but I'll let this video speak for itself. If I don't text you back within 5 minutes do not send another text asking me where I am at the moment. Ever think that maybe, just maybe I am at the hospital having an emergency surgery for my Count Choculitis? Ever think of that? Word to the wise: Save both of our souls and stop at one text.

14. Do not tell me my favorite anything is stupid. I love Disneyland. I love the movie Clue. I love Cafe Rio. I love classic Disney movies. I love eating salads at restaurants. I love coffee ice cream. I love Lady GaGa. I love musicals. I love. I love. I love. Do you see a pattern here? These are just a few of the 82837230 things I love in this world. Do not diss on even *one* of my favorite anythings. Making fun of me for things I love is not cute. The same goes for teasing me. I mean there are times teasing is cute and I will approve but after a while it can get old. I am the youngest in my family. Trust me. I have been teased ever since I was 0 years old. I still to this day don't know how to pronounce chocolate or Gatorade. I was lied to about both pronunciations so I refuse to say either in public. Whatever you do, do not tell me Disneyland sucks. That is like a first class ticket on the get-out-of-Ashley's-life train. It's not a fun one.

15. Convincing me to date you because you saw my face in a dream. This actually creeps me out. I'm pretty sure if a guy saw my face in a dream it wasn't me. It was probably either Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel (or Kevin Costner, according to myheritage.com). Pretty sure. The only way I would believe this crap is if I, too, saw the guy's face in a dream after dating him for months and praying to see if he was A-OK to marry. I would never pursue a guy just because I saw him in a dream. If I did such a thing I would have been married to Elijah Wood at the age of 8 and then later would have divorced him after realizing he was not so much a fan of the ladies. See how crazy this sounds? Anyway, keep those sort of dreams either to yourself or save them for a later time after our marriage. I promise I will appreciate it more at that time...it's less creepy.

I really need to stop here before I never get a date ever again in my lifetime. And I was serious about the Gargamel business. Stay. Away. From. Me. You Smurf eating creepazoid.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Confucius Says I Will Be Famous and You Will Love Me

If you are reading this then great! Tell your friends about me. I am going to be famous one day and when I am you can have the pride of telling your friends "Hey guess what? I am cooler than you. I have been reading Ashley's stuff back before she was 'anyone' so SUCK ON THAT!" Soon enough I'm going to be a huge deal, an even greater deal than I am now. True story you guys. True. Story. No I promise I'm going to be famous. Keep reading and you'll find out how I know such an amazing fact.

I know what you're thinking. You are probably even calling BS right now and I don't blame you. I may sound crazy but I'm not. No really I'm not. And before you "psh" me *one* more time I'm going to read something I found in my breakfast. No, I did not read this on the back of my cereal box or under the food on an embossed plate at an overpriced pancake house. Any guesses where? .....anyone? .....anyone. no? OK fine. I'll just tell you. Man, you guys are horrible guessers by the way. Well, I am going to share with you my fortune I pulled from a fortune cookie this morning. Hey, don't you dare judge my poor choice in breakfast. I usually don't eat anything so this was not only an improvement but my best attempt at making you health nuts at least content. Sheesh. Can't please everyone, you know.

Before I start I just have to say that it is really hard to find tasty fortune cookies. They all taste like old cardboard rejects (because I know what that tastes like?) I guess I must be use to eating crap food containing 87,234 grams of sugar. God bless the USA and it's sugary goodness. Wait, I lied just now. I have met a fortune cookie I liked. The best ones I ever ate were from a teeny fortune cookie "factory" in the middle of San Francisco. Holy delicioso.

Fortune cookies are just as Chinese as PF Chang's chicken lettuce wraps. Yes, you guys. The foodgasmic lettuce wraps aren't even Chinese, like most of the menu. Please don't tell me you believed they were. Please don't. I'm going to judge you now...

...OK. Back on track now Ashley. Yes. My fortune. Ahem.

The first one was just stupid. I'm not even going to type it to you...ok so maybe I will. Maybe it could be of some use for one of my 11 readers out there. Quote: "Seek out the significance of your problem at this time. Try to understand." Unquote. What the falafel, you guys? I can't think of any specific problems I have right now that are even fortune cookie worthy. And try to understand what? Try to understand why the problem is happening? Try to understand the significance? Try to understand what the heck this fortune even means is more like it. So, let's just pretend that fortune never happened. I mean these cookies are from a Japanese joint anyway. Does that mean they are invalid? At least this one is.

Anyway, #2 said: "The star of riches will shine on you beginning next month." Read that again. Mhmm. It says riches. I, for some reason, believe this fortune to be true with all my heart. I love money and money loves me, even more than men do. So look out world, world that I WILL own no matter what this man says. Do not believe him whatever you do, do not believe him or his silly mouth words. He thinks he is going to take over the world but we all know that will be me and yes I said mouth words...intentionally.

I AM going to be rich come this March and that's how I'm going to get my fame to really "shine" (I'm not *that* corny to say "shine." It was part of my fortune). Ok so maybe I won't be rich by then but at least it will get started, key word being "started." I have a month to prepare for my being famous. I am actually really excited. I hope you are too. This is why you should consider being my friend and sharing me with everyone. Remember how I said not to "psh" me? Yeah. You can still refrain from doing that. I'm watching you...

Ashley for Queen of the World: 2012! I am the queen of everything...even the world. Man, I have lots to do.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shatterbox Media Wants to be My NEW Best Friend

Is it just me or is "owning" a blogspot.com blog just so 2003? I know it's not me because I didn't even know what a blog was back then and I did not even get this one until my siblings and cousins forced me to until 2007. Yes they forced me. You guys, they held a rusty machete to my jugular until I started to type my name into a blogspot. So original. I know. Where was I going with this?

Oh yes! I am getting a little sick of the cookie cutter blog. Mine looks like every other cutesie Mormon girl and stay at home mom's blog. Yeah. Since I am neither one of them I would like a change (I am a Mormon girl. I'm just really hot! There is a difference...trust me. Just go along with it ok?). I am pretty tech savvy but I am also pretty lazy to park my arse down in a chair or couch and make my own fancy site to smack my blog onto. I'm sure if it was pretty I would definitely be on it everyday. More motivation, more inspiration. Basically, I could own the world too I just haven't gotten around to it just yet. Yes, I said yet.

There is a contest going on right now and I'm pretty sure that if I can own the world then I could win this contest. Easy. Except for one teeny thing. I'm not operating on WordPress and I'm not self-hosted...JUST YET! I totally could do that though, right? Yes. I'm sure...I think. crap. But on the bright side I would get to start over. I don't just think I KNOW that will be a great idea. You should too because I say so and you may have to bow down to me one day when I own the world and all.

Anyway, if you too would like to participate in said contest then go HERE and follow the directions at the bottom. These ladies are geniuses. Yes, Jamie and Nicole. I have wished Nicole a sexy week and she replied with, "I'm not entirely sure that anyone has ever wished me a sexy week before, but it's pretty much my new favorite thing." See...I don't know what this is proving but I added it for flavor. I'm not a brown noser, just a really hot, BADA$$ Mormon chick that wants a new blog to show off to the world...yes the world I'm going to own. Is this branded in your brain yet? It should be because I have mentioned it like 89724 times.

Go on now and enter you foolish mortals!!! In case you missed the link because you are an idiot I'm posting it again...IDIOTS CLICK HERE! Have a great day. And if I win this contest (because I am in a desperate need of a new blogging life) I will buy you all Slurpees. Las Vegas has the best Slurpees when it comes to quality. I don't lie. I will be the best queen of this world, you guys. I can't wait to make you all my pretty little pets. G'day!

***UPDATE*** I'll be operating on WordPress very soon my monsters. How cool am I? And yes I just pulled a Lady GaGa on you all and called you my monsters. At least pretend that you liked it.

Blog War: The Battle to the Death

eff you michael. there. does this count as another post?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST Season 6: Episode 1


LOST SEASON SIX! The Final Chapter. So excited yet so sad. This show has gone from a plane crash to people dying to island polar bears to black smoky ghost demon monsters to a hot Australian chick having a baby to more people dying to time travel to sporadic, scientific nose bleeds to...You get the idea. A lot happened. Yadda yadda yadda 5 seasons later we are here. I have stayed off of Twitter and facebook in fear of having tonight's show ruined for me. So, instead of being there tweeting every 5 seconds I decided to write my thoughts/tweets here as a post. If you don't want to know anything about the premiere then I recommend you stop here and go search for it on hulu or abc.com. It was wow. That is all. Enjoy my random blurbs. And don't judge my craziness either. I will hunt you down and make you beg for mercy....OK LOVES!

*Um, really? Turbulence. Crap!!!
*Awwww. I just love that Rose.
*lol @ laundry in the dryer.
*OMG ROSE AND BERNARD ARE SO CUTE!!! She missed him as he was away in the lavatory.
*What the bleeding neck?
*WHAT THE DESMOND? Oh, right. There is no need for him to push the button. Thank you Juliet.
*So the island is Atlantis....? Cool.
*Sawyer crying = Ashley crying.
*Kate. In a tree. Deaf? Oh, phew. Her ears are ringing...but she is still on the island. I'm confused which is not uncommon coming from this show.
*SAWYER NOOOOOOOO! And Jack???? Phew. Alive on the island. Island? Wait what? They were just on the plane.
*Ok James. You have serious anger urrshews. Chill out Captain Con Man.
*This is not the first time this show has confused the hell out of me.
*Man I want Evangeline Lilly's hair, eyes and body.
*Hurley needs his beard back...Oh there it is :D
*I hear Juliet!!! Kate I heard it too! Dig you bloody savages.
*John Locke? Is that him in the bushes? It always is. Ok Hurley. you with a gun is weird
*JACOB!!! Seriously. This show is insane. Wait. He's dead. I get it. Hurley = Haley Joel Osment.
*Boone, I want your to have your babies.
*You sir are not John Locke.
*Yeah that's right Ben. I thought he was dead too. Shocked me for sure.
*Sayid is so bada$$.
*Dominic...I mean Chah-lee! He better come to because he is favorite even though he is a heroine addict. Hate the sin not the sinner, right? Ok so now I'm gagging because Jack is sticking his fingers down Charlie's throat. GAH! Annnd scene. What the? More drugs. Of course.
*That must be SOME moonlight for them to see enough to dig for Juliet. I know it's tv and all but really?
*Ben. It's not nice to stare. Even if the person is dead.
*You can NOT kill Locke on the island. What part of that don't people get? I'm not lying. SEE! Check out your bullet. Exactly. Get ready to die.
*Crap. I hear it coming It's the black smoky ghost demon monster. It's coming to get you! What the freak??? Yeah. That thing is pissed...And then there's Locke! WHAAAAAAAAAAT? Ok now I'm freaking out. "I hate that you had to see me like that."
*My dad said Juliet and Sawyer kissing was sick. I'm guessing he was talking about the fact that they have crusty dry blood on their faces. Just a guess. My mom said it was only ketchup.
*Sawyer, you really need to stop crying in front of me!
*Uh oh he's going to kill you Jack.
*Oh look LA. I guess that means the show is over? Forever? Lies. This show is lying to me.
*Boone, I want to have your babies.
*Kate...sucks to be you. Chah-lee ALSO sucks to be you. Dang if looks could kill Jack would drop dead.
*Boone, I want to have your babies.
*HOUR ONE OVER! I learned nothing. *sigh*
*Seriously though Hurley, what is in that guitar case? I have been wanting to know a long while now. It's not nice to keep secrets. Especially from me. Just sayin'.
*Mrs Ashley Shepard. Has a nice ring to it.
*I screamed "OH MY GOSH!" because this show is insane. I know I said that already but it just is ok so go with it. Christian's body is lost now. Are they going to explain how and why he was on the island? And where the hell is Claire?
*"Ah crap!" Kate is missing. Now Hurley is....somewhere? *gasp* and then there's the whispering and THEN there had to be running shadows in the background.
*More "others." This needs to stop. My mom just said "Now we are at Stargate."
*Kate is so bada$$. OUCH!!! Face to the counter top. Much hurt. And how are there no women in the "ladies room?" Ok nevermind.
*Ohhhh yes. Miles talks to dead people. So, Miles = Haley J too.
*IT WORKED!!! See. No need to kill Jack now, Sawyer.
*THE HOT FLIGHT ATTENDANT. I knew I recognized that voice. She is one of the "others" now.
*Good move Hurley. Yell out Jacob's name. Right on.
*Ohhhh The Artist Formally Known as Prince owns the island I see. His staff was found in the guitar case.
*That was cool. Attila the Hun knows what's up.
*Jin. Seriously. Idiot. And your wife speaks English. She just lied.
*That water looks gross. Perhaps it is beer? It's a beer font.
*Was it necessary to cut the palm of your hand? I don't think it was needed, Attila.
*lol @ Hurley. "Can unconscious people hold their breath?"
*Sayid. Wake up. It's ok. You can stop fooling us now.
*This makes me think of playing Zelda. You know, where there are ginormous fairies in the waterfalls that fill up your empty hearts? Or where you can catch teeny fairies with your net to put in your flasks? Yeah. That.
*Sayid.Notdead.Notdead.Notdead.Notdead....Dang it. I lose.
*HOLY COMMERCIALS!!! DVR helps but still. I had to hit fast forward. play. fast forward. play. Like 4 times. It kept teasing me.
*Kate...you can't run. Why do you even try? You're making me hella nervous. Oh great. There's your FBI friend. Annnnd you run away......GUN! WITH CLAIRE IN THE CAB!
*This is too weird, you guys. Too weird. Just as much as the word weird. I swear I want to spell it w-I-e-r-d but it just looks even weirder. So weird it is.
*Atilla is pissed about something. or scared? It's really hard to tell. He's yelling jibberish.
*Ew. Back to Locke...But not really Locke. Remember how he is the black smoky ghost demon monster? Odd. What DOES he want?.......Oh to go home. Home. No biggie.
*Miles, are you going to tell us what Sayid is saying? You better. Or I keel you.
*What if it's Christian? The smoky thing? Nah. That's ridiculous.
*The real Locke can be a sweetheart sometimes. He made Jack smile when he was upset.
*Can't Jack help Locke? He is a spinal surgeon after all...CALLED IT!!! The business card just happened. :D
*OMG! Richard's face.
* *gasp* I SEE CURLY HAIR!!! Sayid! Is Jacob back in Sayid?
*Of course that's how tonight ends. Of course.

You guys. I yelled so much tonight. Ugh. Cah-rayzee! SUCH A TEASE!!! Such a tease you are. BooHiss. The end.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Neurotic Much?

Dry hands = the worst feeling ever.

No lie. I know you know what I'm talking about.

I simply can't live without lotion or mascara OR Burt's Bees lip balm but that, my friends, is another story.

You know that feeling of touching dry sidewalk or of erasing a chalkboard only to find your hands covered in chalk residue? Yeah. Gross. shivers. Just the thought of chalky hands makes my skeleton fall apart! But that's how my hands feel when I don't slather legit lotion or body butter on them after washing my hands. This should be enough evidence of why you should never be jealous of me. Ever. But you can still covet my green eyes and dark hair or my bewbs if you want. That I'm ok with.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cheesecake Factory FTW

My obsession for Barnes and Noble has been re-lit this past week. I still to this day enter those oddly heavy doors just to spend countless hours walking around the store looking at the myriad of books and yes, even smelling them. I like the smell of books. So sue me. Ok so don't. I neither have the time nor the money to be sued right now. How about I just take you out for sushi or something? And I digress.

Personally, Barnes and Noble means a lot more than classic literature and sex books. True story. Starbucks, anyone? Yum. You guys. My Barnes and Noble's Starbucks sells The Cheesecake Factory cupcakes. YOU GUYS! Cheesecake. Factory. Cupcakes. Do you even understand my happiness? Nothing bad comes out of that place. I have a feeling God owns it. But I think Satan owns the dessert section because IT IS POISON! but very delicious poison.

The Double Chocolate Cupcake first caught my eye but it didn't even look remotely appetizing to me. Honestly, I really don't like chocolate cake. Blech. Wait. Don't roll your eyes at me like that. Just because I'm a hormonal female does not mean I HAVE to, under some kind of contract, enjoy chocolate. There are other things I would rather whore about. Chocolate just does not happen to be one of them. Now salty foods on the other hand...mmmm calamari from PF Chang's. Yes please. And I digress. Again.

I'm sorry. Sometimes I take forever to get to the point of my posts, so if you made it this far into it then CONGRATULATIONS!!! By the way, the caps locked congratulations, was more for my sake, not so much yours. Ever since my posts have become more sporadic I have lost readers....OH MY GAR ASHLEY! SHUT UP AND TALK ABOUT THE DAMN RED VELVET CUPCAKES ALREADY!

ahem. Yes. Red Velvet Cupcakes. You guys, can I please just tell you that these red velvet cupcakes are on my Top Best Thing I Ever Ate list? Well, (pause) this little piece of poisonous pastry is on my Top Best Thing I Ever Ate list (alliteration not intended). Who knew? I surely didn't. It literally gave me a foodgasm. Yes, I said foodgasm. There really is such a thing. Trust me on this one. I've been around when it comes to red velvet and never in my whole life have I tasted something so delicious. Hands down the best thing I ever ate. After my first bite I swear my eyes rolled back into my head. I sah-ware. I looked down at the little beauty and literally said out loud, "Um, are you kidding me?" Nope. It was neither kidding around with me nor my taste buds.

I'd like to sit here and tell you how moist (shivers) the cake was and how silky the cream cheese frosting was but I'm not going to bore you with that. You'll just have to have a foodgasm of your own. As much as I would love to give you a foodgasm via my tasty words I honestly think you should give yourself one. I mean do you sit around and talk about your actual O's with your friends? You do? Hmmmm...Oh, well, that is nice. I haven't. OK you can go away now.

PS If you can't find these cupcakes please go and at least try The Cheesecake Factory's Red Velvet Cheesecake. OMGar. Multiple foodgasms.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ash's Deleted Scenes

I found this as I was looking at my post list this morning. This draft was born on March 3, 2009. I realized that I never finished it so today I decided to just post what my little fingers put down. It is really dusty too so do not judge.

"Stake" and Eggs

This past Saturday was probably one of the most productive days I have had in a long time. I got up at 7:30 a.m., worked out with my roommate Ellyne, came back at 9 and cleaned until noon. We were both so beat that we just relaxed for a while and watched 90210 and Being Erica on the Soap Net. At 3:30 Alyssa/Aurora/Polly Pocket/Odette/Giselle came over to play or in other words her mom dropped her off because she had to work a shift at Brick Oven that night. Alyssa is a cute lil 5 year old that is in my roommate's kindergarten class...we babysit her every Friday. It can be tons of fun but at times I want to pull my hair out and I'm not even the one that is fully responsible for her. We just have to remember that she is just a 5 year old and a very cute one at that.

Later that night was the evening session of Stake Conference. Jordan, Ellyne, the 5 year old and I all went together. Alyssa, I mean Giselle, even wore her witch costume from Halloween to our Stake Conference Saturday night session, cape and all. Did we care? No. We aren't her parents. She can do what she wants.

K now to the POINT of my post!!! I am not one to take notes in sacrament meeting at church but when I go to devotionals, firesides, or stake conferences (especially here at BYU) I take notes in a lil $1 notebook from Target. I'm just going to say that I heard some of the most inspired words I could have at this point in my life. The first speaker was this tall, handsome black guy in my ward. OH MY GOODNESS! He is so cute. His name is Emmanuel, he is from Boston, and he served his mission in Zimbabwe. So cool, right? His main message was on obedience. He mentioned how obedience is a sign of our faith and how it shows our trust in the Lord. He then read Mosiah 3:19. Within this scripture one can see that King Benjamin mentions how we should be as a child, and be WILLING to submit to all things that the Lord puts in our path. We should have faith in what the Lord wants us to do and obey him in every aspect. E. then mentioned how we should be like the 'wiseman' in the primary song and build upon the rock of obedience. The greatest example we have of this is the Savior. He was obedient to the will of the Father. Everyday. Without fail. And what is obedience again? A sign of our faith.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More...Something Else

I should be starting this blog out with an "I'm so sorry my lovies for not blogging in a while," but then I'd be lying. I'm actually not sorry at all. In fact, I could care less. It's not like you guys are begging me to write a new post or anything. However, I do get jealous when I see that my cousin, Lydia, posts something new. It makes me wish my life was more interesting, more exciting, more (*pauses*) something else. I do realize that she is in college still and running marathons and being all cute with her short haircuts but I miss that [college] life! Don't worry though. I'm not that entirely crapped out about my life. Really, I'm not. I'm just not in tune with my writing as much as I use to be, as much as I should be, as much as I want to be.

So, bear with me as I get back into the writing mode I once was in during my some-what of a prime. As for now, I'm just not going to think about what to write but instead let it come to me. I'm sick and tired of thinking "Oh, I should blog about this," or "Now that would be a great topic to write about," because let's face it, that has yet to work out for me, especially as of recent.