Sunday, March 22, 2009

My New Finds

New Find #1---My roommate Ellyne and I LOOOOOVE to cook at least twice a week. We take turns and this weekend it was up to me to choose and make the main dish. I saw this recipe on Everyday Italian and the second I heard the name I knew it was the PERFECT dish for Saturday night.....Check out the sound of this...Prosciutto Ravioli. Oh my gar my peeps! It's so goooooooooooooooooood that I'm literally going to make it for the rest of my life. It was a hit! At first I was so scared to make it because I read some harsh reviews about the dish but that didn't stop me. I'm not gonna lie but I'm pretty talented in the kitchen. Just sayin'. I made some changes though. *Instead of pecorino, I used shredded parmesean cheese because 1- it's easier to find and 2- it's about $92834 dollars cheaper. *I grated some fresh nutmeg on the top of the finished ravioli. Yeah. I recommend that. *Next time I'd like to try roasting some hazelnuts, chop them up and sprinkle them on top too for added flavor AND texture. And I added 6oz of prosciutto instead of 4oz (meaning I didn't add as much salt). My husband, who ever he is, is going to love my mad cooking skilz. Well, he better.

New Find #2---When I was at Smith's picking up the prosciutto I saw this stranger...

They are sooooooooooooooooo delish. At first I didn't like them but the more I eat them the more I like them. I heart pepper jack. Heaven.

New Find #3--- I was trying to find a picture of my third new find of this week but it's so new you guys that it's not even posted on the official website yet. Insane!!! Ready for it? Dr. Pepper Cherry. It's kinda funny that I like this product because I'm not a HUGE Dr. Pepper fan. I mean I like DP, I just don't choose it first, especially if Coke is there. I mean I'll drink it when I go to Cafe Rio or what not but I get Diet DP. I'm telling you....I really like this!!! The end.

New Find #4--- Friday night was filled with an abundance of fun times. My Lance friend and I went to the mall to see if we could find him some skinny jeans. I took him to Express and we found NOTHING. I hate the guy section at the University Mall Express. It's the size of my pinky. Anyway, as we were about to leave the mall I asked Lance if he had ever been to Pac Sun. When he said "No" I grabbed his arm and dragged him in....he tried on about 8934329 pairs but he walked out with 4 hot pairs....for $80! I'm so good at spotting deals. This is like the 3rd time this semester where I have been a "personal fashion consultant" for my friends. I ABSOLUTELY love helping people shop for clothes. Long story shooooooort....we got matching sunglasses. They are pretty much RAWESOME!!!

We wore them out of the mall. We turned many heads. We know...lame!


(Oh and check out my video below in case you haven't checked it out. Yay for finished projects.



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ashleyO said...


Kathy said...

SMASHLEY!! I found your blog. I love your blog. I love your Falling Up. I love you! p.s. I am definitely calling you when I next need a fashion consultant, because, let's be honest, I am not so good at the fashion thing. :)

Lyd said...

Oooo!!! You need to help me with my cooking skills! I'm pretty good as well, but not NEARLY as good as you Obalds!! I can't think of things to add or not to and such. I need to take a class.

2nd: I want to try those! Have you had the Cheez-it "Chex" (Baked Snacks) Mix?! Goodness right there!

Lastly, I WANT THOSE GLASSES!!! They are SO hot!! Where did you guys get them?!

Bethany said...

dr pepper cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashleyO said...

KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey-oooooooh!!! And thanks! I love you too.

Lydia! I'd be happy to help you in whatever. The more you cook the more you know what flavors go grand together. C: The more I cook the more I like it. I use to only be about baking but cooking is fun times too. I need the preparation for when I get married...whenever that is going to happen. w00t.
Oh and those glasses are from Pac Sun!!! My face rejects a lot of sunglasses but it likes me in these. They aren't too big.


ashleyO said...

Oh and as far as the fashion thing...whatever! But if you need help you know how to reach me!

ashleyO said...

Another thing....Lyd. I think I HAVE had that Party Mix. I lourve it!!!

Tropicanna said...

OK. How did I just find your blog for the first time??? I love it! Your writing style is so fantastic! I love the pics. Your blog is pretty much as great as you are... except you're tangible...