Monday, February 23, 2009


Why is it that I can't see my posts when I view/log onto my blog? I'm so not a fan of this lame trick my roommates computer is playing on me.

The end.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh the Joys of the Richards Building

It was a typical Tuesday afternoon. Class. Devotional. Class. Nothing too fun. I was praying for just ONE thing to make my day. Who knew I would find that joy on campus from a man I don't see much anymore?

Starring: Greg R-my bff, Ed A-my advisor/folk dance artistic director, and me!
Location: Right outside Room 278 of the Richards Building

Ed: Hey Greg!
Me: Hey Ed!
(doesn't look at me)

Greg: Hello Ed!
Ed: Greg, do you think you can put up the bulletin board today?
Greg: Um maybe. I have class but yeah maybe.
Ed: If we both tackle it we can get it done.
Me: I can help too if you need me.

Greg: I would do it but I left something at home that I'm going to put up too. I can go home and get it after my class at 2:15. How long are you going to be here Ed?
Ed: Til about 3:30. Perfect. Where else can we put up posters for our show?
Greg: I think I can put some up in the JFSB. There are some artsy people up there.
Ed: What's the JFSB?
Greg and Me: It's that BIG new building like right there.
(points out the window to the top of the hill)

Ed: Ohhh yeah. It use to be the Smith Family Learning Center.
Me: Yes. When they renovated that building they changed the name. It didn't have a very appropriate nickname.
Ed: What do you mean?
Me: You know how the Harris Fine Arts Center is called the "H FAC"...and the Spencer W. Kimball Tower is "Swickitt?"
Ed: "nods"
Me" Welllllll.... the SFLC was called the.....(looks around) "syphilis"

Ed:........................BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Syphilis! BAHAHA! Yeah, That's so funny!...SPREAD THAT AROUND!!!

(Greg and I looked at each other and DIED with laughter)

I....guess you kinda had to be there.Now dear, ol' Ed did not realize what he had just said. Of course he meant to pass that nickname around but it didnt come out that way....AT ALL!!! This made my day and I'm still smiling over this experience. I'm glad that I got to experience it with a long lost friend. Greg, let's keep making memories like these.