Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Days Til Christmas

I really need to publish a new post here soon. How about one discussing my Disney auditions?...ugh.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Riddle Me This...

Q: How do you turn a beauty into a beast in less than one minute???
A: Marry her one good friend.

Friday, July 3, 2009

*Insert Cricket Chirps*

Where is everyone? I remember the days when my siblings and cousins hounded me to get a blog. Now, I have one but I don't update it as much anymore....AND NEITHER DO THEY UPDATE THEIR OWN!!! (Minus Lydia) What the heck is the deal? I mean sure. They have children and husbands to clean up after and cook for all week. Some moved to Arizona but don't you smell blog post with that? (Well, minus Bree) Oh well... I miss keeping up with them now that I'm in Vegas. Come on guys. I miss you.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Day I'll Get Life Right

I am the queen of breaking my own heart.

I am the queen of meeting the wrong guys.

I am the queen of not finishing books.

I am the queen of having to start many books over.

I am the queen of eating a Cheez-It box in one day.

I am the queen of weeping.

I am the queen of weeping over jerks...bahaha!!! And now I just laugh at the thought.

I am the queen of blogging sporadically.

I am the queen of flirting.

I am the queen of liking guys but never telling them.

I am the queen of staying up late.

I am the queen of facebook stalking.

I am the queen of blog stalking.

I am the queen of being impatient at the same time I'm actually patient.

I am the queen of falling asleep on the couch.

I am the queen of watching re-runs of re-runs.

I am the queen of talking too much.

I am the queen of talking too less.

I am the queen of repeating stories.

I am the queen of breaking hearts.

I am the queen of breaking my own heart....GAH! See! Repeated story!

I am the queen of not getting over guys easily but then eventually getting over them :)

I am the queen of eating late.

I am the queen of being too nice.

I am the queen of doing things for friends and feeling like I'm being used.

I am the queen of quitting too early.

I am the queen of quitting too late.

I am the queen of chatting.

I am the queen of forgetting to floss every night.

I am the queen of being single.

I am the queen of loving clothes at Express :) POISON!!!

I am the queen of wearing too much makeup (well for me).

I am the queen of wanting to do too many things with my life.

I am the queen of liking boys that people say don't deserve me.

I am the queen of texting all night long.

I am the queen of texting all morning long.

I am the queen of buying stuff to scrapbook but never getting around to it.

I am the queen of not being photogenic. Woot.

I am the queen of falling asleep at work. haha!

Ok so now I just realized how negative this blog has become. Gah. I am queen of negative blogs.....! Anyway. I'm working on a lot of aspects in my life at the moment. I'm taking baby steps. All I know is that this journey has started with many tears tonight and they will only keep on comin' the farther I travel down this road we call life. Should I just go on a freakin' mission?

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ok....so I'm going to Southern California this week. I should be sleeping because I am driving tomorrow. This is going to be the first time I've ever driven to and in California. Exciting!!! This was supposed to be a trip for 4 but Jordan had some emergency for work and now it's just 3 of us....GIRL'S TRIP!!! Newport! The beach! Disneyland! Sea World! San Diego Zoo. Wahoo....I'll share some fun times and pictures this weekend when I get back. Patience.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Now That's Cold

I could really use a Slurpee right now. Who loves me?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Me? More school???

So, as you all know I have been in a Dance and Technology class at BYU. We just had this HUGE video project due and it feels great to have it finished and turned in to the teacher. I have been stressing to hear back from him for his comments are usually scary to some. As I checked my email I found a message from him.....here are some excerpts from his response.


This is a wonderful project. The color correction and editing was at a very high level...You don’t have to do any more work on it...Your audio was well done. Good use of the loops, effects and key framing the tracks volume...I recommend you apply to a graduate program with some kind of dance and technology program (at least for undergraduates). I would suggest the University of Utah, Arizona State University, Univ. of California, Irvine, Ohio State University or the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You should get together with Rustin. He also has an interest in dance and technology.

Ric Chitwood"

GAH!!! How exciting is that? I do have a love for technology. Seriously. I'm not quoting from Napoleon Dynamite either (k that was lame). Anyway, I have loved combining two areas that I have a passion for and I wouldn't mind extending my exploration of them. Woot! UCI looks wonderful as it is not far from Disneyland at all....bahahahah....me? Grad school? BAHAHAH!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


I took my last college exam today at 3 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm done!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Check out this magic!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My New Finds

New Find #1---My roommate Ellyne and I LOOOOOVE to cook at least twice a week. We take turns and this weekend it was up to me to choose and make the main dish. I saw this recipe on Everyday Italian and the second I heard the name I knew it was the PERFECT dish for Saturday night.....Check out the sound of this...Prosciutto Ravioli. Oh my gar my peeps! It's so goooooooooooooooooood that I'm literally going to make it for the rest of my life. It was a hit! At first I was so scared to make it because I read some harsh reviews about the dish but that didn't stop me. I'm not gonna lie but I'm pretty talented in the kitchen. Just sayin'. I made some changes though. *Instead of pecorino, I used shredded parmesean cheese because 1- it's easier to find and 2- it's about $92834 dollars cheaper. *I grated some fresh nutmeg on the top of the finished ravioli. Yeah. I recommend that. *Next time I'd like to try roasting some hazelnuts, chop them up and sprinkle them on top too for added flavor AND texture. And I added 6oz of prosciutto instead of 4oz (meaning I didn't add as much salt). My husband, who ever he is, is going to love my mad cooking skilz. Well, he better.

New Find #2---When I was at Smith's picking up the prosciutto I saw this stranger...

They are sooooooooooooooooo delish. At first I didn't like them but the more I eat them the more I like them. I heart pepper jack. Heaven.

New Find #3--- I was trying to find a picture of my third new find of this week but it's so new you guys that it's not even posted on the official website yet. Insane!!! Ready for it? Dr. Pepper Cherry. It's kinda funny that I like this product because I'm not a HUGE Dr. Pepper fan. I mean I like DP, I just don't choose it first, especially if Coke is there. I mean I'll drink it when I go to Cafe Rio or what not but I get Diet DP. I'm telling you....I really like this!!! The end.

New Find #4--- Friday night was filled with an abundance of fun times. My Lance friend and I went to the mall to see if we could find him some skinny jeans. I took him to Express and we found NOTHING. I hate the guy section at the University Mall Express. It's the size of my pinky. Anyway, as we were about to leave the mall I asked Lance if he had ever been to Pac Sun. When he said "No" I grabbed his arm and dragged him in....he tried on about 8934329 pairs but he walked out with 4 hot pairs....for $80! I'm so good at spotting deals. This is like the 3rd time this semester where I have been a "personal fashion consultant" for my friends. I ABSOLUTELY love helping people shop for clothes. Long story shooooooort....we got matching sunglasses. They are pretty much RAWESOME!!!

We wore them out of the mall. We turned many heads. We know...lame!


(Oh and check out my video below in case you haven't checked it out. Yay for finished projects.


Friday, March 20, 2009

'Dance and Technology' is My Lover

Here is the first video project for my Dance 359R class.....*clap clap* DONE! I had to dance it, edit it and create the music. If you have any questions ask away....and yes, it was snowing during filming--- 30 degrees F. --- 1.5 hours --- barefoot --- short-sleeve dress and leggings --- cold, wet cement...NUFF SAID!!!


Monday, February 23, 2009


Why is it that I can't see my posts when I view/log onto my blog? I'm so not a fan of this lame trick my roommates computer is playing on me.

The end.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh the Joys of the Richards Building

It was a typical Tuesday afternoon. Class. Devotional. Class. Nothing too fun. I was praying for just ONE thing to make my day. Who knew I would find that joy on campus from a man I don't see much anymore?

Starring: Greg R-my bff, Ed A-my advisor/folk dance artistic director, and me!
Location: Right outside Room 278 of the Richards Building

Ed: Hey Greg!
Me: Hey Ed!
(doesn't look at me)

Greg: Hello Ed!
Ed: Greg, do you think you can put up the bulletin board today?
Greg: Um maybe. I have class but yeah maybe.
Ed: If we both tackle it we can get it done.
Me: I can help too if you need me.

Greg: I would do it but I left something at home that I'm going to put up too. I can go home and get it after my class at 2:15. How long are you going to be here Ed?
Ed: Til about 3:30. Perfect. Where else can we put up posters for our show?
Greg: I think I can put some up in the JFSB. There are some artsy people up there.
Ed: What's the JFSB?
Greg and Me: It's that BIG new building like right there.
(points out the window to the top of the hill)

Ed: Ohhh yeah. It use to be the Smith Family Learning Center.
Me: Yes. When they renovated that building they changed the name. It didn't have a very appropriate nickname.
Ed: What do you mean?
Me: You know how the Harris Fine Arts Center is called the "H FAC"...and the Spencer W. Kimball Tower is "Swickitt?"
Ed: "nods"
Me" Welllllll.... the SFLC was called the.....(looks around) "syphilis"

Ed:........................BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Syphilis! BAHAHA! Yeah, That's so funny!...SPREAD THAT AROUND!!!

(Greg and I looked at each other and DIED with laughter)

I....guess you kinda had to be there.Now dear, ol' Ed did not realize what he had just said. Of course he meant to pass that nickname around but it didnt come out that way....AT ALL!!! This made my day and I'm still smiling over this experience. I'm glad that I got to experience it with a long lost friend. Greg, let's keep making memories like these.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flat Hair is So Last Year!!!

So, when people see big hair they automatically think UTAH!!! Fret no more because this new fad comes to us from Fresno, CA. Just when I thought Billy Mays was out of his mind. I smell Mother's Day presents, ladies! What do you think? ;)

Watch at your own discretion!!!

I love you all!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dis is Fo' Rillz

I have nothing to say. Just that I ask of you to view this masterpiece. It's amazing....Promises!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This


So, recently I haven't been able to remember my dreams when I wake up, which is a little bit normal for me. But when I do remember them they are horrible dreams (if they are even worthy of being called "dreams"). I guess I just go through phases. Wonderful dreams. Terrible dreams. Never want to wake up from this dream dreams. Hmmm...no recollection of anything. Dreamy dreams. Frightening dreams. What the...? dreams. Did I even dream dreams. I think you get the idea.

I am now into a new show, Superstars of Dance. This show is a world competition where eight countries show off a solo, duet, and group dance and are judged. I LOVE IT! At first, I was not going to watch it because of how much I miss folk dance but I knew that was ridiculous. This show is captivating. I have witnessed dancers with incredible technique and virtuosity of this fine art and now I'm hooked. There have been choreographic pieces that include a woman doing pointe on a man's shoulders, Bhangra, a woman standing on a man's chest as HE TOO is standing, the strength of the Cossack men, pop 'n lock, and contemporary. I could go on. But one country that stuck out to me was Ireland. If they win this competition I could care less. I have a love for Ireland not only because it is a beautiful country or that I have studied the dance of this country but because I have Irish heritage. It's in my blood :D

This is where my dream comes into place. It started off with Ed Austin, artistic director for the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble (for those of you that didn't know), begging me to come back and be on his team. I said yes, of course. The first rehearsal was for an Irish suite. Surprised? haha. The dancers I remember being there were Emily D, Erica B, Lyndsey W. W, and Rustin VK. There we were 10 lovely ladies in our OWN curly hair, ghillies, black nylons, and "blacks" which consists of a black shirt and short black folk skirt. Well, all of us except for Lyndsey. I guess she had special priveleges. :) Anyway, there I was coming late into the semester's rehearsals and picking up the dance as if I had known the choreography since I was born. The other's were jealous...except for my 3 friends. They love me.

I felt like an Irish Queen. Corny I know. hahaha hey now!!! It was my dream. Ed apologized for not inviting me back on the team 2 years ago but I forgave him easily. It's what I do. After our soft shoe rehearsal we all gathered around the piano to learn one of our tour songs which oddly enough was Auld Lang Syne...in French. Is Ed out of his mind??? I refused to have us learn it in French because it made no sense to represent the United States and sing in another language. Oh and what happened to singing about Christ? This song should definitely be 86'd. Rustin was livid with me for not wanting to sing this song and also for being anti-singing-in-another-language. Well, excuse me but we were running out of time before tour. It took us 20983483 years to learn the words in the women's section of our Slovakian suite. We don't want another one of those. plzkthx.

And that's when I woke up. GAHHH!!!!! I was really liking the fact that I was excelling at Irish dance in my dream. So I forced myself to fall back to sleep but it didn't work, of course. I just dreamed about something which I can not recall. Typical. Grrr... Sad day for me. Even if this dream doesn't come true We all know this dream will never come true because well, just trust me it won't. I have learned one thing though-------I miss Irish dance. I'm thinking I want to take it up again just 'cuz I miss it so and I need to do something with my shoes. I can't just let them get dusty. That's against the rules!

I wonder what my dream will be tonight... maybe I'll be Beyoncé or something.