Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who Needs Sleep???

I can't sleep! Obviously. Yes...it's 4:21 am. I'm sitting here in the middle of my leather loveseat watching Good Eats with my lovely roommate's computer in my lap wondering why I'm still awake...

I seriously just don't know what to do with myself. I started reading Eclipse and that didn't work. I talked on the phone and that didn't work. I got on boring facebook....NOTHING!!! I'm ridiculous. What's my deal? Don't look at me like that! It's not completely all my fault that I can't sleep anymore. Sometimes my brain just does not want to slow down so I find it going 908274298374 miles per minute once 11 pm comes along. Usually I can just lay my head down on my pillow and I'm out like a crappy amatuer boxer but not tonight. My mind is jam packed at the moment with a myriad of thoughts. Here are a few of them:

  • Nephi. I would like to meet him. I love my men large in stature...too bad they don't love me back.
  • Del Taco Macho Coke. It's in my parking lot...2 minutes away.
  • I shouldn't have eaten those 2 slices of Dominos pizza tonight.
  • Driving in heavy snowstorms is scary.
  • I miss my best friend.
  • Do I want to stay in Provo?
  • Do I want to move back home to Vegas?
  • Disneyland? Is that you calling my name?
  • What do I want for Christmas? I'm totally ok with nothing...
  • Guitar? Golf? or Tennis?
  • MAC or PC?
  • Will I ever resurrect my music collection from my 6.5 year old, dying computer?
  • I still want my Coke.
  • A Smart Water sounds good right now.
  • Thank goodness the director from Twilight was fired for the next film(s).
  • I still want to become a pastry chef.
  • Tiffany & Co..... I love you. I'm going to be an employee one day.
  • Why does cranberry sauce sound so good....? Ah yes. Alton Brown just made some.
  • My room needs some tidying up.
  • How come we didn't get a cleaning check form on our door this week? Lame.
  • Why am I up?
  • Why does Travis Anderson want me to blog about how I have a HUGE crush on him?
  • I miss Maya Rudolph....OH SHIAAAAA! You make me feel like a school girl again!
  • Rummikub anyone?
  • What do I get my family for Christmas? Gahhh!!!
  • Provo? Vegas? Provo?...........Vegas?
  • Am I really THAT intimidating?
  • Are the guys in my Single's Ward too afraid to date me because they know my mother and if they do something wrong then she'll hear about it and things will become awkward for us all? BAHAHAHA I crack myself up.
  • Ikea...is it I-kee-ya...or Ee-kay-ah?
  • Rummikub is DEFINITELY Rummy-cube.
  • What is the true definition of "dating?"
  • I should shower.
  • Why are showers such a hassle to me?
  • Do I want to go classic with my wedding colors? Red, Black, and Silver???
  • Vampires or werewolves?
  • Why are there 87 Fast and the Furious movies?
  • Stop yawning Ashley.
  • Get a life.
  • Go to bed.
  • Where's my lotion? My hands are dry.
  • I could seriously go for some cranberry granitas.
  • NO!!! I lied. I could go for a mojito....or passion herbal tea from Starbucks.
  • I love the mountains all dazzled in what society calls snow.
  • I'm going to miss Zupas....but I miss Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Vegas...hmmm Provo or Vegas.
  • Girls are CRAZY! I'm apologizing to all my male friends out there. I'm so sorry! So sorry.
  • 4444
  • I don't like people that aren't honest.
  • Awww...Elder Wirthlin. I miss you but I'm glad I got to meet you long ago.
  • Yum. Prosciutto and cantaloupe.
  • How to Boil Water is on. I HATE JACK! Time for bed

There you have it. That's my mind at the moment. Well, that's most of what I could get typed out. I mean I ONLY HAVE TWO ARMS, right Taylor? Right mom? Right dad? BAHAHAHAH!!!


Chris & Jessi said...

Ashley, your a crack up!

ashleyO said...

hahah thanks Jessi. I miss your face.

Amb & Dev said...

Ashley, you are hilarious! I haven't been able to sleep at night lately either, but I am thinking of baby stuff like... What if my water breaks when i'm laughing really hard and I just think I pee'd my pants! I know I'm a lame -o! I'm so glad you could come down for my shower, you are adorable!!Thanks for all the fun stuff! Talk to you later pal.

shauna said...

The guys in the single ward could care less about me. They just can't figure you out!!! Ha Ha

I only have 8 of like hundreds of guys in my class. Nice random stuff, though. Kinda dramatic, but that can be expected when we talk to ourselves, right?

-KJ said...

So I was talking to Lydi about Rumikub the other day and accidentally said Rumi-cub! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That is what I get for mocking people all the day! I say the wrong version on accident. Somebody beat me with a stick.

ashleyO said...

done. i'm on my way over.

Lyd said...

Oooo!!! I like the fancyness of your page.

ashleyO said...

thanks. me too!!! i spent mucho times on it.

*Amy Sue* said...

You and I are currently on the same insomniatic path.

We're also very much on the same path of things to figure out.

And by one of the bullet points I'm going to assume you're either reading or have finished the Twilight series. hahah

But good news is that I updated my blog. Finally :)
miss you lady!