Friday, October 31, 2008

...i ain't fraid of no ghost...


here is my gift to you :3)



Friday, October 10, 2008

Celebrate Good Times...COME ON!

Who is with me when I state that the weekend starts once Friday rolls around? Glad to see those that agree with me. It really is okay if you don't. I mean that's what opinions are for right? I don't have kids running around my ankles or drinking out of every 44 ounce Diet Coke in their sight to keep me from sinking in the idea that the weekend is finally here. But to me Friday is the start of my weekend. It's time to party. It's time to celebrate the coming of a new week.

I must add that I am very excited to graduate and with these past 6 weeks flying-by the way they did I'm getting more and more anxious to be done with school. 6 weeks gone. 10 to go. 25 years complete; however, me turning 25 soon is a whole other post. These numbers show me that 1) I am close to being done, 2) I won't be living in Provo anymore, and 3) reality is about to come over me. Is it totally normal to say that I am extremely terrified to grow up? At least I'm not engaging into the married life yet because that is also a whole other post :) Yikes! But yes I am terrified to death. I will be until I'm like 87 years old :)

As for now I am just taking one week at a time until I get to hold my postmarked diploma in my hands. This past week was an interesting one for me. I experienced a lot of great occurrences but also a lot of dismal ones. I'd rather not bring up the horrible events for that is not the reason behind this post. I mostly want to touch on the highlights I've experienced already this week and ones that are coming before my day of rest.

*Conference is a given. I just love hearing the words from the leadership of the Church. Even though I missed the majority of it, it still helped me throughout my week to remember what I'm supposed to be doing in my life's journey.
*Going to Lehi---Being with family is one thing I cherish. Even though my actual home is in Vegas where half of my family is, I can still feel at "home" in Utah because I have two siblings and their wonderful families to spend time with when I need a break from school.
*Home Cooked Meals---I had four meals this past weekend when I was in Lehi. Thanks to Eliza, Allison, and Curtis :)
*Two Words---Lawrence Welk

*Sleeping In---Yes I slept in this day. It was more than I wanted to but at least I felt good when I got up. In case you're wondering what time I got out of bed...........1 pm. Oops. That's what happens when you stay up til 5 am bonding with a roommate and a neighbor, even if they did talk about their own memories the majority of the time :)

*Teaching Cardio in Aerobics---can I just tell you that I was so scared to teach 64 counts in aerobics? That's hardly anything! It only took about 5 minutes but I was still wanting to pee my pants! After class the instructor said I did a fabulous job. She also said she could hear me way in the back, that I my teaching skills were great and that I am ready to go on and teach. Exciting for me! P.S. I've taught three (3) different types of dance at BYU already: Tap, World Dance, and Irish. Sinch.
*Senior Project Rehearsal---I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays for this very reason. My dance isn't moving as far as I want it too. Plus, I JUST started rehearsals this month which means I'm one month out of rehearsing. Sad!!! But my dancers are great. I love them all. This night was very successful. We got about 1.5 minutes set with music. By this night I had 2.5 minutes total. It's coming along. (EEP! I hope)

*Spanish Dance---Even though I don't go to this class all the time I still love it. I've only missed it like three times but that's okay because I'm just auditing the class. Absences don't mean a thing yay! The class moves slow enough to where I can miss one day and catch up entirely in the next class. I love being sassy which is like the best part of dancing the Sevillana.
*dancEnsemble Rehearsal---As much as I hate going to rehearsal on Wednesday, it was actually enjoyable. We danced around in SHORT aqua tutus. It's part of the costume no worries. Shhhh!!! Don't tell though. It's a secret!
*Superman Returns---I finally saw this movie and can I just say that Parker Posey is such a favorite! Love her!

High School Reunion---Ok so not really but I ran into Chris Harris on my way to a lecture. He told me that he is now officially a dad. CUTE! His wife had their little boy, Ryan, last Wednesday. So, congrats to the Harris's!
*Clayne Jensen Lecture---Clayne Jensen was the dean of the College of Health and Human Performance once upon a time. Let's just say that my present dean, Sara Lee Gibb, is the third to succeed him. He spoke mostly about the roots of the college and BYU as a whole. I wish I had paper with me so that I could have jotted down the stats he shared about the growth of BYU and the growth of athletics and our college. Oh and apparently the original name for my college (CHHP) use to be the longest college title in the country. I can't even remember what it was. That's how long it was!
*dancEnsemble---I HAVE A SOLO! Well I volunteered for it. No one was stepping up to the plate so I took it. I said my excuse was that it was my last semester in my seventh year of college. They totally agreed that I deserved it. Yay for confidence on my part.
*Senior Project Rehearsal---Tonight was another success for my project. I wrote down two scriptures and had my dancers choreograph and they did an excellent job. Really. All six of them. By Tuesdays rehearsal I'm hoping to have 4.5 minutes set. That's about half my dance. Yay! At that rate we shall be done by the first week in November, which was my personal due date. Success.
*Tanner J's Home!---My great friend Tanner is now home from his mission to India. He was so cute when I got to his house. He turned around and walked at me with his arms wide open. I sucked my arms in and was like "Ah! You can't!" Haha he hadn't been released yet. We laughed and shook hands. It was weird and hard to do. Anyway, I'm glad he's back. Now we can go to Cold Stone and Cafe Rio all the day with Lance!
*Puddin'---I am now a fan of Banana Puddin'. Anything with Nilla Wafers is a friend of mine....except maybe this cat:
*Yozone---I learned last night that a new frozen yogurt place opened up in the main building of my complex. The whole first floor is mainly occupied by retail shops. Not only is it now open but it's open until midnight Monday-Saturday! Joyous!!! And it's only 36 cents an ounce.

*Blogging---As much as I don't blog anymore, I do love it so! It's a highlight of my week.
*Laundry---As much as I hate doing laundry, I do love having clean clothes to wear. It's a highlight of my week.

*dancEnsemble Rehearsal---7-9 am? Really? YES! I do love getting up early on Saturdays so I don't feel like I waste them by sleeping in.
*Jackson's Baptism---This is the first baptism I've been to out of all the accountable nieces and nephews I have! I hate that I've missed the other 5. Let's not talk about it!!! :(
*Photo Shoot---We are having a dancEnsemble photo shoot tomorrow. I love this day. It's fun. too bad I don't own a pair of blue jeans that don't give me the whole LBJ look (long butt jeans). Oh well. I'll live.
*dancEnsemble Rehearsal---1:30-3:30 pm? Really? EW! I'm mad!
*Cougars vs. Lobos---We have our homecoming game against New Mexico tomorrow! I'm excited. Too bad I don't have a ticket. Too bad that it's supposed to be cold tomorrow muahahahah!!! Go Kewgs!!! ;)
*Bond, James Bond---I'm attending a James Bond themed birthday party and we get to dress up as characters from the 21 Bond films. How fun!!! I'm going as Xenia Onatopp, the femme fatale from Goldeneye. Look out! I love to kill. I'll post about it later!

So there you have it friends. My highlights from and to come of this week! My weeks don't change much when it comes to classes and rehearsals but it's the little things in between that I love the most. They are what keep me sane. They are what keep me on my toes as I wait for the weekend to come. I find it totally worth it! And the weekend is here! Time to play. Time to celebrate. Time to go get some frozen yogurt.