Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"AWKWARD!"....Um, I Mean...Gahhhh!

Sorry I haven't blogged in forever. I seriously have had nothing going on in my life besides for how I love my roommates and my new place! It's gorgeous and I have the best view ever invented!

Here goes! Something happened to me tonight that was definitely blog-worthy. Definitely.

Tuesdays are like one of my least favorite days of the week because they are a marathon for me. I have class from 12 to 4:30 (aerobics and modern), a meeting from 4:30 to 5 and then rehearsal from 6-8p. Ew, right??? Ok so maybe it's only bad for me. I don't even eat during that time. Now, that's bad and yet not the point of my story. Carry on, Ashley! So, TONIGHT after dance rehearsal I drove the whole mile home, randomly, yet successfully fixed my radio system, and found a GREAT parking spot in the underground parking lot. Highlight of my night...so far.

The moment I walked in my roommates excitingly yelled "ASHLEY 2!" as if I had just gotten back from the great war. Hysterical I know. What I also find hysterical is how, CoV, my "fabuloso" roommate, was sending me a text as I was walking in the door. It read, "We're going to Chef's Table for dessert. Want to come?" OF COURSE! I love this girl because she knows me so well. She knows that I love random dessert/appetizer/mojito nights (virgin of course. don't pass out mother). Oh, what a delight. Of course I could not decline that invitation even if I was sporting my leftover Sunday hot hair slash bedhead look and my lack of makeup that I happened to sweat off from kickboxing earlier that day. Don't even worry about it. All I had to do was add more M-A-C eyeshadow and some foundation and bronzer and a lil' golden highlight to accentuate my nonexistent cheekbones. That's a small trick my bestie Carmindy taught me. The point is that I looked just ok. Decent. Meh. Who was I trying to impress. Nobody! N-O-Body.

One of our reasons for going besides the fact that desserts are just the best part of any meal was that L's boyfriend works at Chef's Table. L lives next door. She's adorable. L got the cheesecake with caramel, E got a Summer Blueberry Shortcake, I-as in me-got the Warm Apple Beggar's Purse, CoV got some German Chocolate Moussecake, and K got the Creme Brulee. Excellent. All of it!!! My purse was too pretty to eat! It was delish and it made me want an apple tart from the Shakespearean Festival. The new highlight of my night...or so I thought.

The night went swell except for this awkward backup waiter. Every time he came to refill our waters it was kind of weird in the sense that he would check every 7 seconds if we had anything to drink. Sometimes he would come to check on us and notice that nothing needed tending and then he would just like almost tip toe away. Other times he just appeared out of thin air I swear! E was getting freaked out a bit. I found it hysterical. As we waited for our checks to come this certain backup waiter came over to our table and sparked a conversation with us minus K. She left to go play Rock Band. Rude. JK. To break the ice he asked who L was because he obviously knows her boyfriend. Well, his name is Darius, he is from Provo and he has been working at the Chef's Table for about a year and a half. Cool. Then he kindly asked us if we all liked our desserts and we instantly answered back with a "Yes!" He continued to tell us that his favorite dessert (coincidentally) happened to be the Beggar's Purse as well. Well, what-do-ya-know?! Cute right? Just you wait. Then right as things got kinda quiet and weird he noted that he wanted to ask us one more question. In my mind i was thinking Crap!!! I know what he is going to say. He thinks one of us is cute and wants our number! Ahhhhh I hope it's E!!! I was sort of right.....he looked at me and said "Is it alright if I take you out sometime?" .....WHAT!!!!? What brave soul does that these days!? I never get asked out number one and number two not by a waiter! My jaw dropped. I'm pretty sure I turned RED beyond measure. All I could do was say "Um" and look around at the girls STARING AT ME! How embarrassing. Then I did something utterly stupid. I said, "Um....um....um....AWKWARD!" Yes, all i had to do was say "yes" or "no" and I yell out "AWKWARD?" I'm so lame. Not only did I say it for my roommates to hear but I yelled it at poor little Darius. Then I had to clarify that I meant awkward as in the awkward silence i was getting from everyone. The whole restaurant went insanely quiet as well.........In case you are wondering what my response was to him you will need to check back here next week.

JK!!! How could I not say yes to that? So what if he is from Provo. So what if he has precious rosy cheeks. So what that he looks 15. No he's not 15......HE'S 19!!! AH!!! Yes, I'm robbing the cradle. Eep! 6 years my junior!....We swapped numbers as we left the restaurant and it was so cute because he said he didn't have a pen and I told him not to worry because I have many. Because I love pens. Because I should stop talking when my mouth opens up with words like that. Gah!!! Anyway, embarrassing right? Right. So there you have it. The adventure of September 30th for Ashley 2. I mean I always give a guy a first date. It's curtious in my mind just because they have to get the guts just to talk to the girl let alone ask her out. ESPECIALLY a stranger in which all you did was sporadically fill up her empty water glass. Props to him for having the guts to do what he did. CoV is never going to stop mentioning it ever! I should possibly drag her along with me and Darius and his "cool friends." Let's just hope they are out of high school ok! There you have it. The funny highlight of my night..... until tomorrow right???

PS "K" bet us all $10 that he is my future husband. She added that it would be a cute story to tell everyone! Hahaha. Pass on that deal!