Tuesday, June 3, 2008

People Who Make A Difference

Last week mom organized our DVD collection... AGAIN! It just gets out of control. We are all guilty of leaving the DVD boxes out of their organized Ikea zipper cases. In order to get the cases AND the toy bucket back in the closet she told me that I needed to go through some boxes to make room for the DVD's. It's amazing what I found in those two storage boxes. I found: *my graduation cap and tassel, *my high school diploma (High Honors none-the-less...sorry it's the one thing I cherish),* some papers from my senior Composition class, *my yearbooks (5th grade @ Tobler-2 from Cheyenne-2 from Centennial), *3 Varsity "Letter" Certificates in dance, *Christmas cards from Bunker Dance teachers, *the decoder card for the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland (what's that worth?), *2 'old skool' library cards, *my Troll Doll collection...the list goes on. The one thing that had both my mom and me laughing our faces off was a paper I wrote about the people in my life. It was typed on our lovely dot matrix paper from our lovely Tandy computer! Taylor drew the cover page for me in his cool graffiti-esque letters. On the back I drew a huge mushroom, clouds, a yawning sun in the upper-left corner---ALL ASLEEP with "Zzzz" ! Weird. Oh and some floating flowers and a butterfly. It is entitled "People Who Make a Difference." We had to write about our parents/guardians, siblings and then one other person of choice. I chose Lydia of course because we were and still are besties. Here it is with typos and all:

My Mom's Minute Life
(minute??? was I nuts?)

Shauna R* C* was born on August, 2 19** in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to kindergarten through half of the 6th grade and then moved here in Las Vegas in 196*. The schools she attended were Hyde Park, Gibson, and Western H.S. where she later graduated in 196*. She later attended college at Snow College, Dixie, Brigham Young University, University of Utah and UNLV. She taught Musical education, took Piano Pedagogy, and studied piano for 15 years.
On December 17, 1971, my mom got married to John Oblad who took pharmacy school until 1977 in Utah. After that my mom, my dad, and my two sisters moved to Irvine, California for 2 years and moved to Las Vegas where my brother and I were born. Now she has four kids, two grandchildren (going on three), (try 11), (one daughter in law), and two son in laws. Allison is 23 yrs old, Eliza is 22, Taylor is 17 and I am 13.
In 1984, my mom and a couple of her friends started a group called Signature Production(s) who produce plays and musicals. She has been a Musical Director, Assistant Director, Director and Producer but also acted in them. She also taught piano at Nevada School of Arts and her favorite thing to do is sing, teach and play the piano. Some other favorites are to snack on Skittles, drink Diet Coke, and to eat turkey dinner, just like at Thanksgiving. (what the random!? haha...teachers notes: "She sounds very interesting!")

One Special Person
On November 12, 19** in Wilmington Delaware, John Oblad was born. He then moved to Springfield, Pennsylvania for 6 years and moved to Short Hills, New Jersey which is 20 miles away from New York City. He went to Hartshorn Elem. from 4th-6th grade and went to Scenic Hills after that. Then he went to Millburn J.H.S. and Milburn H.S. where he later graduated in 196*.
In his spare time he played the drums in a rock and roll band and liked to go to NYC with his friends. My dad loved to go the the NJ Shore and surf and sail. He also loved dances because he liked to hang with his friends.
For college my dad went to BYU where he met my mom, Shauna C*. He played the snare, tenor, and bass drums in a marching band where he had a lot of fun. (a marching band? try THE Cougar Marching Band) The most fun he has ever had was when he went on a mission for our church to Adelaide and Perth, Australia for 2 years. When he got back, he married Shauna in Salt Lake City, Utah on December 17, 1971. He went to the University of Utah for pharmacy school and finished in 1977. While going to school full time, he had 3 jobs and helped raise my sisters Allison and Eliza. After graduating, the small family moved to Irvine, California where he worked for Sav-On Drugs for two years. In 1979, they moved to Las Vegas and had my brother Taylor, their 1st son. He then worked for Skagg's Drugs for 8 yrs. and in 1984 I was born. He then went to work for National Rx, and has worked there for 10 years and still does. (not no mo')
My dad has a lot of hobbies and some are: running, sailing, golfing and watching ESPN. (nice hobby, eh?) He has run three 26.2 mile marathons. I can tell he loves to run. It is probably the favorite thing he loves to do. He also loves spaghetti, York Peppermint Patties, Chunky Bars and Ginger Ale. He mostly loves his family. (he still loves all those things- teachers notes: "He sounds wonderful! Lucky you)

The Oldest of Four
My sister, Allison, is married with two children and is expecting her third child in April. She has two girls, and the new baby is going to be a boy. (Lil Jonah) Tiffany, 5, is the oldest and Mackenzie 2 1/2 is the other. Allison was married to Joe J* on December 31, 1993. (it's amazing how times change, eh?)
Allison, we call her Alli, was born in Bountiful, Utah on April 21, 1973. Salt Lake City is where she lived until she was 4 and then moved to Irvine, California. She moved to Las Vegas just in time to celebrate her 6th birthday in 1979 and she has lived in Las Vegas ever since.
Alli's favorite food is chicken and broccoli casserole, which is a yummy dish for dinner. She loves any kind of lemonade, especially pink raspberry lemonade. Her favorite candy is Starburst Jellybeans and the flavors she likes are grape and cherry and she really doesn't like the orange ones because they taste like Triaminic. (yeah I'm a fan of detail. have you noticed? haha) I love Jellybeans and I love Allison oto; not just as a sister but as a good friend. (yes "oto" and we are still good friends)
Allison is funny and kind to people around her. She really feels sorry for people who have less than her and would like to share all that she has with people less fortunate than herself. She is a great person. (all still true ) :D

The Recent College Graduate
My sister, Eliza (we call her Liza...lol) was born on August 31, 1974 in Bountiful Utah. She lived there until my dad graduated from Pharmacy School. He finished in 1977 and shortly thereafter moved to Irvine California. Two years later they moved to Las Vegas.
In 1992 she graduated from Western High school and went to Brigham Young University. She graduated in December with a degree in Youth Agency Administration/Recreational Management. She will get to march with her cap and gown in April of 1997. During her summers in college she came back to Las Vegas and worked as a Recreational Intern at Henderson Parks and Recreation.
Eliza also played the violin for 12 years, does country dancing, clogs and loves to sing. Country music and classical music are her favorites. She also studied ASL as a second language and can interpret for the deaf. She also loves french fries, Gatorade, M&M's, and any kind of Hershey's Chocolate. (the Gatorade has now been changed to Propel, which is made by Gatorade)
On December 31, 1995, we had a New Year's Eve party. My mom's cousin brought a friend to our home and he met Eliza. His name is Curtis Livingston and he is very cute. (hehe) They both started talking and were very shy at first. After that they started dating and he asked her to marry him after 4 months. Of course she said "yes" because she loves him. My mom was like a bumble bee around town buying magazines, books, and everything she could find for that wedding. Finally they were ready and got married on August 17, 1996.
They both live together in a cute little apartment and he goes to school to become an architect. Eliza helps out by being a teacher's aid in a 3rd grade class. I just want to say that I love Eliza very much.

The Joker of the Family
Taylor Oblad is my 17 year old brother who is very neat. (neat as in "cool" or "awesome" not clean...haha mom gave me a look like HUH? ) He was born in Las Vegas on June 4, 1979. He went to R.E. Tobler Elementary School, C.V.T. Gilbert for 6th grade. Brinley for 7th Grade, Swainston for the 8th and Cheyenne High School from 9-12 grades.
I think he is cool, funny and he loves his family. Taylor loves to tell jokes to everyone he knows. His favorite things to do are: sing, play volleyball, and play the drums. He loves french dip sandwiches for dinner, and to eat Milky Ways in his spare time. (? spare time ?... why did I say that?) Blue is his favorite color and "Blink" is his favorite singing group. He even has a beautiful girlfriend. Girls at school like him a lot. (But now he as a beeeeauuuutiful wife. Taylor thinks she is hot as well)
No matter what people say about him, I still love him the way he is (I made it seem like people say bad things about him haha) and I will miss him when he goes to college next year and then he will go away for 2 years on a mission for our Church. I will really miss him then.
(actually it was very hard for me to see him leave. I even wore his clothes when he was gone) But I will love him the way he is and the way he will always be...forever.

Young but Cool
Lydia Nelson is my 10 year old cousin. She was born in Las Vegas on April 29, 1987. I think she is so nice, funny and friendly to everyone. I am one of her oldest friends because she is the closest cousin to my age of all of my cousins in Las Vegas. (Lies! Ryan is closer to me in age than Lydia haha and that sentence doesn't make sense) Whenever the telephone rings and it is for me, it is almost always Lydia. She always asks me what I am doing (or "Do you know where my mom is?") and I always say nothing, because that is usually what I am doing right after school. I think she does that to look after me and I really appreciate it. (and to ask where her mom was)
Lydia has a lot of favorites. Some are: cats, dogs, birds, and bunnies. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves Sprite to wash it down. Most of all she craves milk. She has at least 3 glasses a day. I think she like Slurpees too because there is always one in the freezer. (When I read this I died with laughter! My eyes even got all watery!)
We have gone on family vacations with her family to Utah, California and back east. It was great to have a friend along to share the fun times with.
She is my favorite cousin and that is why I chose her. Just because she is only 10 years old, doesn't mean that I can't admire her a lot and I do. (teacher's notes: "Correct")

Is There Greatness in Me?
(Where did I get these titles?)
I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 15, 1984. Martin Luther King (Jr.) was born on the 15th too. I think that is neat. (there I go again with the "neat" stuff) When I was born, my name would have been Emelia, but when my mother saw me, she decided that Ashley Susannah was the right name for me. I still like my name just the way it is. (teacher's notes: "Interesting")
I have a lot of hobbies. Some of them are: dancing and acting. I may want to become a comedian, (really???!!) because I love to tell jokes to friends, teachers and my family. My favorite comedian is Sinbad. I take ballet 2 days a week and am an alternate in a Performance Company that dances in competitions (or so I was told....hmmm.) The Junior performance group is fun and it is really a good work-out for my body. Acting looks like fun and I may try to act when I am a little older. (haven't tried that yet...)
I never thought I had very many qualities that were unusual until I asked my dad what qualities he thought were good in me. He said, "You're kind, helpful, intelligent, faithful, have integrity, responsibility, patience and are very cute." I hope that he is correct, because those are very good and admirable qualities which I hope I will continue to develop. (I'm still working on those...teacher's notes: "Great")
I know my cat Digger thinks I have some good qualities because he trusts me, follows me around the house and sleeps next to me. That probably means that he thinks I am kind and I can be trusted. I love him a lot and I also love my dog Meisha who was killed a few years ago. (awwww...i loves dem a lotz)
My favorite things are frogs and all kinds of animals. I love cats and dogs a lot. I love Slurpees and french fries. (still VERY true...11 years later) The thing that I really love most is my family and going to Disneyland (still VERY VERY true...for eternity wooWOOT!)

So there you have it. I got a 200 out of a 200...A!!! That's right! So the grammar sucked a bit but I was 13. The personal interviews--from mom dad, Alli, and Taylor--were recorded on March 6, 1997 so I'm guessing the paper was probably due on the 7th. Just a crazy guess. :D I didn't interview Eliza or Lydface. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I had forgotten all about it!