Friday, May 9, 2008

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String....

These are a few of my favorite things...

Aged Midwest Beef, Slow Braised in a Fresh Herb Burgundy Beef Sauce. Served over Country Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

Brazil's Very Own...TAMARINS
Such a cute lil monkey with Beethoven hair.

Columbia's Very Own...MARMOSETS
Awwww... (Check them BOTH out on Jay Leno. Act 3. May 6. Oh and look how cute their mouths are.)

JASON LEE'S Break Dance Moves on Conan
Nuff said. (May 6. Act 3 and enjoy the whole clip or just skip to the end of the act. Choose Ya'Vencha.)

( do know they are carbonated right?)

(Eyeshadow...the site is being lame or else I'd put up a link...gah)

Holy CORN DOGS Batman!!!

Want to look tan while protecting your skin? GLOW AND STEADY!!!
(Mine is SPF 30 but it now comes in 15)

(Dawn used this on my hair yesterday and I'm in love)

Mmmmm! None other than the my favorite vapor distilled + electrolytes WATER
(Now available at Disneyland!)

The Candy Bar of 12 A.M.

(I love how we steal 87,898,247 of them after we leave Happy Sumo. Lydia...P.S. they can be bought at Party City. Woooowoot!)


The CUTIE PATOOTIE that "crushed the competition" this week and EVERY WEEK!
(You guessed it....FRANK STALLONE...jk)

And you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all my brain can think of at this time....Lots of love!


Eliza said...

oh poor Lydia... she thought she was doing so good for all those years! LOL!!!

You know how I feel about dem corn dogs!!!

So you finally got to watch a LIVE AI? You should check him out today. He cried when he saw how many people showed up to get an autograph at the Gateway today. He only brought like 50pics of himself to autograph and there were thousands there. Love him even more!

e.l.d. said...

Also: Ghost Hunters, Bret Michaels, and freaking Samurai Pizza Cats.


ashleyO said...

yes of course..... i shall put the SPC one day.

That David. He's so cute right now!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta love that cute, lil, humble stinker, eh?

-KJ said...

Liza, you stole the words out of my mouth regarding Lydia! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Awesome.

Thanks for the post Ash. All goodies butcept the Midnight on the MilkyWay.

Mandy said...

i likey the listy, cept corn dogs, yuck and milky way, double yuck!

Lyd said...

Duh! I knew that they were carbonated!! Before I even started I stated that Slurpees and Root Beer Floats are exempt from this competition. So I know how to cover myself when it comes to this crap! I wasn't THAT dump of a seventh grader!!!

I I just had me about 4 of those delicious Happy Sumo mints tonight!! There are actually 3 more awaiting me in my wallet!!

And I am oh so glad that I watched both Leno and Conan that night! I love it! And I also Love Jason Lee.

Um, I think that I have something that will make you all jealous. I will have a new post telling why you will be jealous of me. :D

shauna said...

Did all of you bloggers read about David Archuleta's dad being banned because he made him change the words to one of his songs after AI had told him not to do it?

Watch out...that may be a deal breaker with America. They don't like the dad.


ashleyO said...

omg ppl. the chocolate on the Milky Way is so thin. and to tell u the truth i hate MW's. These taste different, hence why i like them. The nougat is white and has a different flavah. The funny thing is they have MW Midnight Dark.

That's ok though cuz i hate Cream of Wheat

ashleyO said...

and i do now recall Lydia saying that about Slurpees. That's like saying I don't do drugs but pot is exempt. hahahahaha jk

and poor David. And if America hates him for that then I'm DEFINITELY moving to Canada.

Lyd said...

No it's not! You would have to be on drugs first to say that! haha

And I have no clue what your post below your muzza's is about. Where did CoW come from?

Eliza said...

I think it will make people feel bad for him like I do and Vote for him MORE!! and by the time he actually cuts his album he will be 18 and he will be making his OWN money. Too bad Dad.

Lyd said...

So what was this story about David's dad? I missed it.

ashleyO said...

kj made cream of wheat once and she burnt it which lead to me hating it....i was like 10 and i still think i hate it. just randomness talking.

and ppl should be voting for him like fiends!!!!!!!!!!!

-KJ said...

WHAT! That must have been the only time in my life that I burned it. You must have been acting naughty! ;)

Try it again!!! Add brown sugar and fresh peaches. MMMMMMM.

Sorry for traumatizing you!

ashleyO said...

hahahha! Yeah actually I was JUST talking to my dad a week ago about trying it again....after being traumatized so much. jk but no seriously...

no worries. I'll do just that. B Sug and Peaches. Yum.