Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who Needs Sleep???

I can't sleep! Obviously. Yes...it's 4:21 am. I'm sitting here in the middle of my leather loveseat watching Good Eats with my lovely roommate's computer in my lap wondering why I'm still awake...

I seriously just don't know what to do with myself. I started reading Eclipse and that didn't work. I talked on the phone and that didn't work. I got on boring facebook....NOTHING!!! I'm ridiculous. What's my deal? Don't look at me like that! It's not completely all my fault that I can't sleep anymore. Sometimes my brain just does not want to slow down so I find it going 908274298374 miles per minute once 11 pm comes along. Usually I can just lay my head down on my pillow and I'm out like a crappy amatuer boxer but not tonight. My mind is jam packed at the moment with a myriad of thoughts. Here are a few of them:

  • Nephi. I would like to meet him. I love my men large in stature...too bad they don't love me back.
  • Del Taco Macho Coke. It's in my parking lot...2 minutes away.
  • I shouldn't have eaten those 2 slices of Dominos pizza tonight.
  • Driving in heavy snowstorms is scary.
  • I miss my best friend.
  • Do I want to stay in Provo?
  • Do I want to move back home to Vegas?
  • Disneyland? Is that you calling my name?
  • What do I want for Christmas? I'm totally ok with nothing...
  • Guitar? Golf? or Tennis?
  • MAC or PC?
  • Will I ever resurrect my music collection from my 6.5 year old, dying computer?
  • I still want my Coke.
  • A Smart Water sounds good right now.
  • Thank goodness the director from Twilight was fired for the next film(s).
  • I still want to become a pastry chef.
  • Tiffany & Co..... I love you. I'm going to be an employee one day.
  • Why does cranberry sauce sound so good....? Ah yes. Alton Brown just made some.
  • My room needs some tidying up.
  • How come we didn't get a cleaning check form on our door this week? Lame.
  • Why am I up?
  • Why does Travis Anderson want me to blog about how I have a HUGE crush on him?
  • I miss Maya Rudolph....OH SHIAAAAA! You make me feel like a school girl again!
  • Rummikub anyone?
  • What do I get my family for Christmas? Gahhh!!!
  • Provo? Vegas? Provo?...........Vegas?
  • Am I really THAT intimidating?
  • Are the guys in my Single's Ward too afraid to date me because they know my mother and if they do something wrong then she'll hear about it and things will become awkward for us all? BAHAHAHA I crack myself up.
  • Ikea...is it I-kee-ya...or Ee-kay-ah?
  • Rummikub is DEFINITELY Rummy-cube.
  • What is the true definition of "dating?"
  • I should shower.
  • Why are showers such a hassle to me?
  • Do I want to go classic with my wedding colors? Red, Black, and Silver???
  • Vampires or werewolves?
  • Why are there 87 Fast and the Furious movies?
  • Stop yawning Ashley.
  • Get a life.
  • Go to bed.
  • Where's my lotion? My hands are dry.
  • I could seriously go for some cranberry granitas.
  • NO!!! I lied. I could go for a mojito....or passion herbal tea from Starbucks.
  • I love the mountains all dazzled in what society calls snow.
  • I'm going to miss Zupas....but I miss Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Vegas...hmmm Provo or Vegas.
  • Girls are CRAZY! I'm apologizing to all my male friends out there. I'm so sorry! So sorry.
  • 4444
  • I don't like people that aren't honest.
  • Awww...Elder Wirthlin. I miss you but I'm glad I got to meet you long ago.
  • Yum. Prosciutto and cantaloupe.
  • How to Boil Water is on. I HATE JACK! Time for bed

There you have it. That's my mind at the moment. Well, that's most of what I could get typed out. I mean I ONLY HAVE TWO ARMS, right Taylor? Right mom? Right dad? BAHAHAHAH!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

...i ain't fraid of no ghost...


here is my gift to you :3)



Friday, October 10, 2008

Celebrate Good Times...COME ON!

Who is with me when I state that the weekend starts once Friday rolls around? Glad to see those that agree with me. It really is okay if you don't. I mean that's what opinions are for right? I don't have kids running around my ankles or drinking out of every 44 ounce Diet Coke in their sight to keep me from sinking in the idea that the weekend is finally here. But to me Friday is the start of my weekend. It's time to party. It's time to celebrate the coming of a new week.

I must add that I am very excited to graduate and with these past 6 weeks flying-by the way they did I'm getting more and more anxious to be done with school. 6 weeks gone. 10 to go. 25 years complete; however, me turning 25 soon is a whole other post. These numbers show me that 1) I am close to being done, 2) I won't be living in Provo anymore, and 3) reality is about to come over me. Is it totally normal to say that I am extremely terrified to grow up? At least I'm not engaging into the married life yet because that is also a whole other post :) Yikes! But yes I am terrified to death. I will be until I'm like 87 years old :)

As for now I am just taking one week at a time until I get to hold my postmarked diploma in my hands. This past week was an interesting one for me. I experienced a lot of great occurrences but also a lot of dismal ones. I'd rather not bring up the horrible events for that is not the reason behind this post. I mostly want to touch on the highlights I've experienced already this week and ones that are coming before my day of rest.

*Conference is a given. I just love hearing the words from the leadership of the Church. Even though I missed the majority of it, it still helped me throughout my week to remember what I'm supposed to be doing in my life's journey.
*Going to Lehi---Being with family is one thing I cherish. Even though my actual home is in Vegas where half of my family is, I can still feel at "home" in Utah because I have two siblings and their wonderful families to spend time with when I need a break from school.
*Home Cooked Meals---I had four meals this past weekend when I was in Lehi. Thanks to Eliza, Allison, and Curtis :)
*Two Words---Lawrence Welk

*Sleeping In---Yes I slept in this day. It was more than I wanted to but at least I felt good when I got up. In case you're wondering what time I got out of bed...........1 pm. Oops. That's what happens when you stay up til 5 am bonding with a roommate and a neighbor, even if they did talk about their own memories the majority of the time :)

*Teaching Cardio in Aerobics---can I just tell you that I was so scared to teach 64 counts in aerobics? That's hardly anything! It only took about 5 minutes but I was still wanting to pee my pants! After class the instructor said I did a fabulous job. She also said she could hear me way in the back, that I my teaching skills were great and that I am ready to go on and teach. Exciting for me! P.S. I've taught three (3) different types of dance at BYU already: Tap, World Dance, and Irish. Sinch.
*Senior Project Rehearsal---I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays for this very reason. My dance isn't moving as far as I want it too. Plus, I JUST started rehearsals this month which means I'm one month out of rehearsing. Sad!!! But my dancers are great. I love them all. This night was very successful. We got about 1.5 minutes set with music. By this night I had 2.5 minutes total. It's coming along. (EEP! I hope)

*Spanish Dance---Even though I don't go to this class all the time I still love it. I've only missed it like three times but that's okay because I'm just auditing the class. Absences don't mean a thing yay! The class moves slow enough to where I can miss one day and catch up entirely in the next class. I love being sassy which is like the best part of dancing the Sevillana.
*dancEnsemble Rehearsal---As much as I hate going to rehearsal on Wednesday, it was actually enjoyable. We danced around in SHORT aqua tutus. It's part of the costume no worries. Shhhh!!! Don't tell though. It's a secret!
*Superman Returns---I finally saw this movie and can I just say that Parker Posey is such a favorite! Love her!

High School Reunion---Ok so not really but I ran into Chris Harris on my way to a lecture. He told me that he is now officially a dad. CUTE! His wife had their little boy, Ryan, last Wednesday. So, congrats to the Harris's!
*Clayne Jensen Lecture---Clayne Jensen was the dean of the College of Health and Human Performance once upon a time. Let's just say that my present dean, Sara Lee Gibb, is the third to succeed him. He spoke mostly about the roots of the college and BYU as a whole. I wish I had paper with me so that I could have jotted down the stats he shared about the growth of BYU and the growth of athletics and our college. Oh and apparently the original name for my college (CHHP) use to be the longest college title in the country. I can't even remember what it was. That's how long it was!
*dancEnsemble---I HAVE A SOLO! Well I volunteered for it. No one was stepping up to the plate so I took it. I said my excuse was that it was my last semester in my seventh year of college. They totally agreed that I deserved it. Yay for confidence on my part.
*Senior Project Rehearsal---Tonight was another success for my project. I wrote down two scriptures and had my dancers choreograph and they did an excellent job. Really. All six of them. By Tuesdays rehearsal I'm hoping to have 4.5 minutes set. That's about half my dance. Yay! At that rate we shall be done by the first week in November, which was my personal due date. Success.
*Tanner J's Home!---My great friend Tanner is now home from his mission to India. He was so cute when I got to his house. He turned around and walked at me with his arms wide open. I sucked my arms in and was like "Ah! You can't!" Haha he hadn't been released yet. We laughed and shook hands. It was weird and hard to do. Anyway, I'm glad he's back. Now we can go to Cold Stone and Cafe Rio all the day with Lance!
*Puddin'---I am now a fan of Banana Puddin'. Anything with Nilla Wafers is a friend of mine....except maybe this cat: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/dal/705407729.html
*Yozone---I learned last night that a new frozen yogurt place opened up in the main building of my complex. The whole first floor is mainly occupied by retail shops. Not only is it now open but it's open until midnight Monday-Saturday! Joyous!!! And it's only 36 cents an ounce.

*Blogging---As much as I don't blog anymore, I do love it so! It's a highlight of my week.
*Laundry---As much as I hate doing laundry, I do love having clean clothes to wear. It's a highlight of my week.

*dancEnsemble Rehearsal---7-9 am? Really? YES! I do love getting up early on Saturdays so I don't feel like I waste them by sleeping in.
*Jackson's Baptism---This is the first baptism I've been to out of all the accountable nieces and nephews I have! I hate that I've missed the other 5. Let's not talk about it!!! :(
*Photo Shoot---We are having a dancEnsemble photo shoot tomorrow. I love this day. It's fun. too bad I don't own a pair of blue jeans that don't give me the whole LBJ look (long butt jeans). Oh well. I'll live.
*dancEnsemble Rehearsal---1:30-3:30 pm? Really? EW! I'm mad!
*Cougars vs. Lobos---We have our homecoming game against New Mexico tomorrow! I'm excited. Too bad I don't have a ticket. Too bad that it's supposed to be cold tomorrow muahahahah!!! Go Kewgs!!! ;)
*Bond, James Bond---I'm attending a James Bond themed birthday party and we get to dress up as characters from the 21 Bond films. How fun!!! I'm going as Xenia Onatopp, the femme fatale from Goldeneye. Look out! I love to kill. I'll post about it later!

So there you have it friends. My highlights from and to come of this week! My weeks don't change much when it comes to classes and rehearsals but it's the little things in between that I love the most. They are what keep me sane. They are what keep me on my toes as I wait for the weekend to come. I find it totally worth it! And the weekend is here! Time to play. Time to celebrate. Time to go get some frozen yogurt.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"AWKWARD!"....Um, I Mean...Gahhhh!

Sorry I haven't blogged in forever. I seriously have had nothing going on in my life besides for how I love my roommates and my new place! It's gorgeous and I have the best view ever invented!

Here goes! Something happened to me tonight that was definitely blog-worthy. Definitely.

Tuesdays are like one of my least favorite days of the week because they are a marathon for me. I have class from 12 to 4:30 (aerobics and modern), a meeting from 4:30 to 5 and then rehearsal from 6-8p. Ew, right??? Ok so maybe it's only bad for me. I don't even eat during that time. Now, that's bad and yet not the point of my story. Carry on, Ashley! So, TONIGHT after dance rehearsal I drove the whole mile home, randomly, yet successfully fixed my radio system, and found a GREAT parking spot in the underground parking lot. Highlight of my night...so far.

The moment I walked in my roommates excitingly yelled "ASHLEY 2!" as if I had just gotten back from the great war. Hysterical I know. What I also find hysterical is how, CoV, my "fabuloso" roommate, was sending me a text as I was walking in the door. It read, "We're going to Chef's Table for dessert. Want to come?" OF COURSE! I love this girl because she knows me so well. She knows that I love random dessert/appetizer/mojito nights (virgin of course. don't pass out mother). Oh, what a delight. Of course I could not decline that invitation even if I was sporting my leftover Sunday hot hair slash bedhead look and my lack of makeup that I happened to sweat off from kickboxing earlier that day. Don't even worry about it. All I had to do was add more M-A-C eyeshadow and some foundation and bronzer and a lil' golden highlight to accentuate my nonexistent cheekbones. That's a small trick my bestie Carmindy taught me. The point is that I looked just ok. Decent. Meh. Who was I trying to impress. Nobody! N-O-Body.

One of our reasons for going besides the fact that desserts are just the best part of any meal was that L's boyfriend works at Chef's Table. L lives next door. She's adorable. L got the cheesecake with caramel, E got a Summer Blueberry Shortcake, I-as in me-got the Warm Apple Beggar's Purse, CoV got some German Chocolate Moussecake, and K got the Creme Brulee. Excellent. All of it!!! My purse was too pretty to eat! It was delish and it made me want an apple tart from the Shakespearean Festival. The new highlight of my night...or so I thought.

The night went swell except for this awkward backup waiter. Every time he came to refill our waters it was kind of weird in the sense that he would check every 7 seconds if we had anything to drink. Sometimes he would come to check on us and notice that nothing needed tending and then he would just like almost tip toe away. Other times he just appeared out of thin air I swear! E was getting freaked out a bit. I found it hysterical. As we waited for our checks to come this certain backup waiter came over to our table and sparked a conversation with us minus K. She left to go play Rock Band. Rude. JK. To break the ice he asked who L was because he obviously knows her boyfriend. Well, his name is Darius, he is from Provo and he has been working at the Chef's Table for about a year and a half. Cool. Then he kindly asked us if we all liked our desserts and we instantly answered back with a "Yes!" He continued to tell us that his favorite dessert (coincidentally) happened to be the Beggar's Purse as well. Well, what-do-ya-know?! Cute right? Just you wait. Then right as things got kinda quiet and weird he noted that he wanted to ask us one more question. In my mind i was thinking Crap!!! I know what he is going to say. He thinks one of us is cute and wants our number! Ahhhhh I hope it's E!!! I was sort of right.....he looked at me and said "Is it alright if I take you out sometime?" .....WHAT!!!!? What brave soul does that these days!? I never get asked out number one and number two not by a waiter! My jaw dropped. I'm pretty sure I turned RED beyond measure. All I could do was say "Um" and look around at the girls STARING AT ME! How embarrassing. Then I did something utterly stupid. I said, "Um....um....um....AWKWARD!" Yes, all i had to do was say "yes" or "no" and I yell out "AWKWARD?" I'm so lame. Not only did I say it for my roommates to hear but I yelled it at poor little Darius. Then I had to clarify that I meant awkward as in the awkward silence i was getting from everyone. The whole restaurant went insanely quiet as well.........In case you are wondering what my response was to him you will need to check back here next week.

JK!!! How could I not say yes to that? So what if he is from Provo. So what if he has precious rosy cheeks. So what that he looks 15. No he's not 15......HE'S 19!!! AH!!! Yes, I'm robbing the cradle. Eep! 6 years my junior!....We swapped numbers as we left the restaurant and it was so cute because he said he didn't have a pen and I told him not to worry because I have many. Because I love pens. Because I should stop talking when my mouth opens up with words like that. Gah!!! Anyway, embarrassing right? Right. So there you have it. The adventure of September 30th for Ashley 2. I mean I always give a guy a first date. It's curtious in my mind just because they have to get the guts just to talk to the girl let alone ask her out. ESPECIALLY a stranger in which all you did was sporadically fill up her empty water glass. Props to him for having the guts to do what he did. CoV is never going to stop mentioning it ever! I should possibly drag her along with me and Darius and his "cool friends." Let's just hope they are out of high school ok! There you have it. The funny highlight of my night..... until tomorrow right???

PS "K" bet us all $10 that he is my future husband. She added that it would be a cute story to tell everyone! Hahaha. Pass on that deal!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello, Again.

No, I'm not dead. That you are right Lydia. I know I need to blog....so sue me. Actually, hold that thought. Don't.

Oh and try this on for size... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25668181/

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

People Who Make A Difference

Last week mom organized our DVD collection... AGAIN! It just gets out of control. We are all guilty of leaving the DVD boxes out of their organized Ikea zipper cases. In order to get the cases AND the toy bucket back in the closet she told me that I needed to go through some boxes to make room for the DVD's. It's amazing what I found in those two storage boxes. I found: *my graduation cap and tassel, *my high school diploma (High Honors none-the-less...sorry it's the one thing I cherish),* some papers from my senior Composition class, *my yearbooks (5th grade @ Tobler-2 from Cheyenne-2 from Centennial), *3 Varsity "Letter" Certificates in dance, *Christmas cards from Bunker Dance teachers, *the decoder card for the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland (what's that worth?), *2 'old skool' library cards, *my Troll Doll collection...the list goes on. The one thing that had both my mom and me laughing our faces off was a paper I wrote about the people in my life. It was typed on our lovely dot matrix paper from our lovely Tandy computer! Taylor drew the cover page for me in his cool graffiti-esque letters. On the back I drew a huge mushroom, clouds, a yawning sun in the upper-left corner---ALL ASLEEP with "Zzzz" ! Weird. Oh and some floating flowers and a butterfly. It is entitled "People Who Make a Difference." We had to write about our parents/guardians, siblings and then one other person of choice. I chose Lydia of course because we were and still are besties. Here it is with typos and all:

My Mom's Minute Life
(minute??? was I nuts?)

Shauna R* C* was born on August, 2 19** in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to kindergarten through half of the 6th grade and then moved here in Las Vegas in 196*. The schools she attended were Hyde Park, Gibson, and Western H.S. where she later graduated in 196*. She later attended college at Snow College, Dixie, Brigham Young University, University of Utah and UNLV. She taught Musical education, took Piano Pedagogy, and studied piano for 15 years.
On December 17, 1971, my mom got married to John Oblad who took pharmacy school until 1977 in Utah. After that my mom, my dad, and my two sisters moved to Irvine, California for 2 years and moved to Las Vegas where my brother and I were born. Now she has four kids, two grandchildren (going on three), (try 11), (one daughter in law), and two son in laws. Allison is 23 yrs old, Eliza is 22, Taylor is 17 and I am 13.
In 1984, my mom and a couple of her friends started a group called Signature Production(s) who produce plays and musicals. She has been a Musical Director, Assistant Director, Director and Producer but also acted in them. She also taught piano at Nevada School of Arts and her favorite thing to do is sing, teach and play the piano. Some other favorites are to snack on Skittles, drink Diet Coke, and to eat turkey dinner, just like at Thanksgiving. (what the random!? haha...teachers notes: "She sounds very interesting!")

One Special Person
On November 12, 19** in Wilmington Delaware, John Oblad was born. He then moved to Springfield, Pennsylvania for 6 years and moved to Short Hills, New Jersey which is 20 miles away from New York City. He went to Hartshorn Elem. from 4th-6th grade and went to Scenic Hills after that. Then he went to Millburn J.H.S. and Milburn H.S. where he later graduated in 196*.
In his spare time he played the drums in a rock and roll band and liked to go to NYC with his friends. My dad loved to go the the NJ Shore and surf and sail. He also loved dances because he liked to hang with his friends.
For college my dad went to BYU where he met my mom, Shauna C*. He played the snare, tenor, and bass drums in a marching band where he had a lot of fun. (a marching band? try THE Cougar Marching Band) The most fun he has ever had was when he went on a mission for our church to Adelaide and Perth, Australia for 2 years. When he got back, he married Shauna in Salt Lake City, Utah on December 17, 1971. He went to the University of Utah for pharmacy school and finished in 1977. While going to school full time, he had 3 jobs and helped raise my sisters Allison and Eliza. After graduating, the small family moved to Irvine, California where he worked for Sav-On Drugs for two years. In 1979, they moved to Las Vegas and had my brother Taylor, their 1st son. He then worked for Skagg's Drugs for 8 yrs. and in 1984 I was born. He then went to work for National Rx, and has worked there for 10 years and still does. (not no mo')
My dad has a lot of hobbies and some are: running, sailing, golfing and watching ESPN. (nice hobby, eh?) He has run three 26.2 mile marathons. I can tell he loves to run. It is probably the favorite thing he loves to do. He also loves spaghetti, York Peppermint Patties, Chunky Bars and Ginger Ale. He mostly loves his family. (he still loves all those things- teachers notes: "He sounds wonderful! Lucky you)

The Oldest of Four
My sister, Allison, is married with two children and is expecting her third child in April. She has two girls, and the new baby is going to be a boy. (Lil Jonah) Tiffany, 5, is the oldest and Mackenzie 2 1/2 is the other. Allison was married to Joe J* on December 31, 1993. (it's amazing how times change, eh?)
Allison, we call her Alli, was born in Bountiful, Utah on April 21, 1973. Salt Lake City is where she lived until she was 4 and then moved to Irvine, California. She moved to Las Vegas just in time to celebrate her 6th birthday in 1979 and she has lived in Las Vegas ever since.
Alli's favorite food is chicken and broccoli casserole, which is a yummy dish for dinner. She loves any kind of lemonade, especially pink raspberry lemonade. Her favorite candy is Starburst Jellybeans and the flavors she likes are grape and cherry and she really doesn't like the orange ones because they taste like Triaminic. (yeah I'm a fan of detail. have you noticed? haha) I love Jellybeans and I love Allison oto; not just as a sister but as a good friend. (yes "oto" and we are still good friends)
Allison is funny and kind to people around her. She really feels sorry for people who have less than her and would like to share all that she has with people less fortunate than herself. She is a great person. (all still true ) :D

The Recent College Graduate
My sister, Eliza (we call her Liza...lol) was born on August 31, 1974 in Bountiful Utah. She lived there until my dad graduated from Pharmacy School. He finished in 1977 and shortly thereafter moved to Irvine California. Two years later they moved to Las Vegas.
In 1992 she graduated from Western High school and went to Brigham Young University. She graduated in December with a degree in Youth Agency Administration/Recreational Management. She will get to march with her cap and gown in April of 1997. During her summers in college she came back to Las Vegas and worked as a Recreational Intern at Henderson Parks and Recreation.
Eliza also played the violin for 12 years, does country dancing, clogs and loves to sing. Country music and classical music are her favorites. She also studied ASL as a second language and can interpret for the deaf. She also loves french fries, Gatorade, M&M's, and any kind of Hershey's Chocolate. (the Gatorade has now been changed to Propel, which is made by Gatorade)
On December 31, 1995, we had a New Year's Eve party. My mom's cousin brought a friend to our home and he met Eliza. His name is Curtis Livingston and he is very cute. (hehe) They both started talking and were very shy at first. After that they started dating and he asked her to marry him after 4 months. Of course she said "yes" because she loves him. My mom was like a bumble bee around town buying magazines, books, and everything she could find for that wedding. Finally they were ready and got married on August 17, 1996.
They both live together in a cute little apartment and he goes to school to become an architect. Eliza helps out by being a teacher's aid in a 3rd grade class. I just want to say that I love Eliza very much.

The Joker of the Family
Taylor Oblad is my 17 year old brother who is very neat. (neat as in "cool" or "awesome" not clean...haha mom gave me a look like HUH? ) He was born in Las Vegas on June 4, 1979. He went to R.E. Tobler Elementary School, C.V.T. Gilbert for 6th grade. Brinley for 7th Grade, Swainston for the 8th and Cheyenne High School from 9-12 grades.
I think he is cool, funny and he loves his family. Taylor loves to tell jokes to everyone he knows. His favorite things to do are: sing, play volleyball, and play the drums. He loves french dip sandwiches for dinner, and to eat Milky Ways in his spare time. (? spare time ?... why did I say that?) Blue is his favorite color and "Blink" is his favorite singing group. He even has a beautiful girlfriend. Girls at school like him a lot. (But now he as a beeeeauuuutiful wife. Taylor thinks she is hot as well)
No matter what people say about him, I still love him the way he is (I made it seem like people say bad things about him haha) and I will miss him when he goes to college next year and then he will go away for 2 years on a mission for our Church. I will really miss him then.
(actually it was very hard for me to see him leave. I even wore his clothes when he was gone) But I will love him the way he is and the way he will always be...forever.

Young but Cool
Lydia Nelson is my 10 year old cousin. She was born in Las Vegas on April 29, 1987. I think she is so nice, funny and friendly to everyone. I am one of her oldest friends because she is the closest cousin to my age of all of my cousins in Las Vegas. (Lies! Ryan is closer to me in age than Lydia haha and that sentence doesn't make sense) Whenever the telephone rings and it is for me, it is almost always Lydia. She always asks me what I am doing (or "Do you know where my mom is?") and I always say nothing, because that is usually what I am doing right after school. I think she does that to look after me and I really appreciate it. (and to ask where her mom was)
Lydia has a lot of favorites. Some are: cats, dogs, birds, and bunnies. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves Sprite to wash it down. Most of all she craves milk. She has at least 3 glasses a day. I think she like Slurpees too because there is always one in the freezer. (When I read this I died with laughter! My eyes even got all watery!)
We have gone on family vacations with her family to Utah, California and back east. It was great to have a friend along to share the fun times with.
She is my favorite cousin and that is why I chose her. Just because she is only 10 years old, doesn't mean that I can't admire her a lot and I do. (teacher's notes: "Correct")

Is There Greatness in Me?
(Where did I get these titles?)
I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 15, 1984. Martin Luther King (Jr.) was born on the 15th too. I think that is neat. (there I go again with the "neat" stuff) When I was born, my name would have been Emelia, but when my mother saw me, she decided that Ashley Susannah was the right name for me. I still like my name just the way it is. (teacher's notes: "Interesting")
I have a lot of hobbies. Some of them are: dancing and acting. I may want to become a comedian, (really???!!) because I love to tell jokes to friends, teachers and my family. My favorite comedian is Sinbad. I take ballet 2 days a week and am an alternate in a Performance Company that dances in competitions (or so I was told....hmmm.) The Junior performance group is fun and it is really a good work-out for my body. Acting looks like fun and I may try to act when I am a little older. (haven't tried that yet...)
I never thought I had very many qualities that were unusual until I asked my dad what qualities he thought were good in me. He said, "You're kind, helpful, intelligent, faithful, have integrity, responsibility, patience and are very cute." I hope that he is correct, because those are very good and admirable qualities which I hope I will continue to develop. (I'm still working on those...teacher's notes: "Great")
I know my cat Digger thinks I have some good qualities because he trusts me, follows me around the house and sleeps next to me. That probably means that he thinks I am kind and I can be trusted. I love him a lot and I also love my dog Meisha who was killed a few years ago. (awwww...i loves dem a lotz)
My favorite things are frogs and all kinds of animals. I love cats and dogs a lot. I love Slurpees and french fries. (still VERY true...11 years later) The thing that I really love most is my family and going to Disneyland (still VERY VERY true...for eternity wooWOOT!)

So there you have it. I got a 200 out of a 200...A!!! That's right! So the grammar sucked a bit but I was 13. The personal interviews--from mom dad, Alli, and Taylor--were recorded on March 6, 1997 so I'm guessing the paper was probably due on the 7th. Just a crazy guess. :D I didn't interview Eliza or Lydface. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I had forgotten all about it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can I Get a Napkin?

So, you know when you are in one of those situations either at Chili's or Macayo's and you just need a napkin but the waiter didn't leave your table with enough to go around? Or you didn't grab enough at the mall food court counter in case you spilled some mustard on your pants from your Auntie Anne's pretzel or some frosting from your ginormous Cinnabon? This video is just the key to getting yourself a napkin... At least I have always wanted to do something like this.

Here is another video. I have ALWAYS wanted to do a flash mob. I was supposed to participate in one of these on BYU's campus/quad in April at the end of the semester but I didn't have enough time. Enjoy. P.S the denim jacket guy is the kind fellow that gives the napkin at the end of the mall musical.

This group, Improv Everywhere, is amazing. Please also check out how 80 of them dress up in blue polos and khaki pants and then walk into Best Buy... Brilliant I say. Sheer genius. Anyone want to be a part of a local branch? :D

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mmmmm...Steak and Potatoes!!!

We just had Stake Conference this weekend and it was sooooooo awesome!!! Both sessions. How come President B____m is the BEST EVER!!!?? I cry every time he speaks. :D

He is just amazing...agreed?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String....

These are a few of my favorite things...

Aged Midwest Beef, Slow Braised in a Fresh Herb Burgundy Beef Sauce. Served over Country Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

Brazil's Very Own...TAMARINS
Such a cute lil monkey with Beethoven hair.

Columbia's Very Own...MARMOSETS
Awwww... (Check them BOTH out on Jay Leno. Act 3. May 6. Oh and look how cute their mouths are.)

JASON LEE'S Break Dance Moves on Conan
Nuff said. (May 6. Act 3 and enjoy the whole clip or just skip to the end of the act. Choose Ya'Vencha.)

(Lydia...you do know they are carbonated right?)

(Eyeshadow...the site is being lame or else I'd put up a link...gah)

Holy CORN DOGS Batman!!!

Want to look tan while protecting your skin? GLOW AND STEADY!!!
(Mine is SPF 30 but it now comes in 15)

(Dawn used this on my hair yesterday and I'm in love)

Mmmmm! None other than the my favorite vapor distilled + electrolytes WATER
(Now available at Disneyland!)

The Candy Bar of 12 A.M.

(I love how we steal 87,898,247 of them after we leave Happy Sumo. Lydia...P.S. they can be bought at Party City. Woooowoot!)


The CUTIE PATOOTIE that "crushed the competition" this week and EVERY WEEK!
(You guessed it....FRANK STALLONE...jk)

And you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all my brain can think of at this time....Lots of love!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vegas or Bust!

School's almost out.
The End.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Hop On Pop

Ok...So as I was watching one of the MANY marathons of America's Next Top Model today (cycle 7 to be exact) I saw a commercial for a new show entitled Rock the Cradle. The idea behind the show is to find the next rock superstar. Now, I know what you're thinking, "What!!!?? Another singing competition? Another reality show?" Yes! It IS yet another music based reality show BUUUUT these singers are none other than the children of classic rock stars that we have grown up with. Isn't that awesome??? Some of these "children's" superstar parents are: Al. B Sure, MC Hammer, Kenny Loggins, Dee Snider, and Olivia Newton-John. Please go check out the Rock the Cradle website and look at the Cast Bios....

P.S. I'm totally in love with the name Crosby. I call it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, don't even think about taking it. The End.

Loves ya, Smash!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Fierce Lil' Vacay

It's my turn to put up my toes from the mini-Girl's Night Out that Eliza, Kjersten, Susan and I had last Thursday. Here they are! My "Apple" Glitter Toes.

I just couldn't be happier. I know my picture is sucky but I'm just hiding my leprosy feet. :) Oh and I'm totally obsessed with pedicures except when I get ticklish oops lol. But it was tooootally worth it. Of course getting green toes was perfectly fitting for my weekend. VEGAS BABY!!! Yes! I went home to Vegas last Friday. It was pretty much my "mini-Spring Break." That trip home was not only short but very much needed. I usually have rehearsals on Saturday mornings but this weekend I had NONE! So, I made a few phone calls of approval and made my way down there after my classes. 5 hours later I made it home safely. It's totally tradition to go out to eat once getting into Vegas. Can you guess where mom, dad, and I ate? If you guessed Macayos then you are totally wrong. Metro? WRONG!!! Chello! Red Robin, of course!!! I usually get me my all time favorite A-1 Peppercorn Burger but I ordered a NEW favorite: the BLTA Croissant. There is nothing like devouring crispy bacon, shredded iceburg lettuce, fresh ripe tomatoes, and perfectly firm avocado layered between a ginormous buttery qwasaun'. No mayo or cheese for me. Who needs all that mess? I'm pretty sure the best part of the order is that it STILL comes with Bottomless Steak Fries. I don't care what they say but those steak fries do NOOOT leave me bottomless no matter how many I eat. Now that's what I call false advertisement! (jk)

After dinner, mom and dad went to the theater (of course) while I went out in the middle of no where to watch The Guardian with my boy Kody and Kody's friends Derek and Kristen. That was quite adventurous but fun. I've never watched a movie in the desert overlooking the sparkling lights of the city. I'd do it again. :) Now I can say I've done it AND seen The Guardian. Both firsts for me. I'm sad that I got to Vegas later than I wanted because I didn't get to do much that night but at least I got to spend my weekend in Vegas.

Saturday already? Yup. The sunny morning started off with mom and me endulging in nothing more than March Madness while dad was off getting his hair did. COLLEGE BALL IS SO FUN TO ME!!! Anyway, I showered up while dad stopped by Target on his own to go and buy Easter candy. As many of us know he loves to wander :) He came home with a plethora of candy...and The Karate Kid, which came with a free headband just like Daniel's!!! I'm totally gonna sport it. Lunch time. Macayos--no. Metro--no. Mimi's Cafe--yes. I can't believe I still eat there even though I found a fatty rubberband in my tuna melt. EW I KNOW! After we ate mom asked if there was anything I needed since we were out. I mentioned how I'd like a new pair of jeans since the only pair I wear broke. I came out with not only new jeans but new shoes. Check out these cuties.
Aren't they fierce!!!?? Too bad that they make me 87 feet tall. But they were too cute to look over. Once I got home I got ready to go out that night with Kody. I went to his house and hung out with his fun family for a little bit then we took off to Planet Hollywood. Why you ask? Well, Kody got us tickets to go see Stomp Out Loud. Yes, it was my 3rd time seeing it ever but it is seriously one of my most favorite shows ever. We were sat in row Q in the second section of Orchestra but there was NO one in front of us. No bobbing heads. Nothing. Just the light and sound booth. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! It never leaves me bored...ever! After the percussive fun times, Kody and I met up with Derek and Kristen to eat at the Cheesecake Factory at Caesar's. Yum! I love me some of their shoestring fries. :)

HAPPY EASTER! On Sunday I went to mom and dad's ward for sacrament. It was a very nice meeting. That ward is full of great people. I love it. Once the meeting was over I went home and packed up. Kody's mom invited me over to color eggs so I headed over there. Since his house is next to the 215 I thought I could just leave from there once I was done eastering it up. First thing we did was create my rocker girl on Rock Band. She's hot, not gonna lie. Then it was announced that the Easter Bunny came. Apparently, he knew I was there because he left me a bag full of candy (counting black jellybeans, my fave) and an extra lil surprise in a tree in their backyard. :) Cuteness. I seriously haven't done anything like that in years! Kody and I got back to finishing my rocker, Tink, and then it was time to dye eggs which I also haven't done in years. I made me some hot tie dyed ones with blue and pink while Kody made his traditional blended dye eggs. He mixes the dyes and the egg comes out all splotchy. Pretty cool if you ask me. In the middle of all this dad called me and told me that I forgot my Easter basket. I didn't know it was mine. I just kinda opened up some of the bags and took handfuls of candy. Oops. Once the eggs were done I had an hour left to jam with the boys on Rock Band. It's amazing how time flies when playing video games lol. 2:00 pm came too fast!!! I drove home to get my basket, fill up my gas tank, and drive all the way back to the 215 entrance. I HATE THE DRIVE BACK TO PROVO!!! I'm just gonna leave it at that!

Coming back to school is the worst! But I only have 3 more weeks. Then finals week. Then California!!! Woowoot! I'm counting down the days y'all. My paper chain is getting smaller and smaller making my smile bigger and bigger.

:D See!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hi My Name Isn't Slim Shady...

1. My rock star name (first pet and current car): Digger Accord
2. My gangsta name (favorite candy bar and favorite cookie): Twix Snickerdoodle
3.My "brotha" name (first initial of first name and first three letters of last name: A'Obl (???)
4.My detective name (favorite color and favorite animal): Red Lemur
5. My soap opera name (first name and city where you were born): Ashley Vegas
6. My Star Wars name (first three letters of your last name and first two letters of your first name then the word "of" then a medication you are on): Oblas of Pamprin
7. My superhero name (2nd favorite color and favorite drink with "The" in front): The Blue Coke
8. My Nascar name (first names of your grandfathers): Alex Raymond
9. My stripper name (name of your favorite perfume/cologne and your favorite candy): Wild Honeysuckle Skittles
10. My witness-protection name (mother's and father's middle names): Rae Riley Baker

That was fun!

Here is another one I found on a friend's blog...

1.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie): Mocha Fudge Snickerdoodle (K so how much does THAT one rock!!!??)
2. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born): Susannah Vegas
3. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter): Badger Berlin
4. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower): Autumn Daisy
5. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”): Strawberry Fleece Pantsy
6. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree): Zippo Cedar
7. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”): The Dancing Thunderstorm Tour

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10+ Things I Like About You

Usually when girls get together they like to discuss men and/or their love lives, right? Yes this is true especially up here at BYU. The other day I talked on the phone with one of my best friends Breann Hewitt. We got to talking about her new boy that she really likes and I got to talking about someone that I was starting to like. Anyway, this got us talking about the things we like/look for when searching for a significant other. It was interesting to see what we both liked. Yes, I have had crappy relationships in the past...well just 2ish...but I have learned a lot from them. Here's my list.

*Look for red flags RIGHT AWAY! Don't ignore them.
*Don't think I can change the person myself.
*Don't be tooooo nice. I need to put him in his place if he disrespects me or if he manipulates me or makes me feel guilty. I shouldn't take crap from anyone!
*He should bring out the best in me...everyday.
*He should make me happy through words, thoughts, and actions.
*Get out if he is too physical and/or manipulative.
*Make sure he is not in a spiritual rut. Does he have a testimony? Does he love the Savior? Does he honor his priesthood responsibilities? Can he take me to the temple?
*Watch how he treats others.
*The only addiction he is allowed to have is laughter :D

Now those are just a few of the things that I LOOK OUT FOR. But I would also like to make a list of things that I LOOK FOR. I have neglected to do this before to determine getting into a relationship but I have now realized that was stupid. :) Here is what I long to have...

I want a guy that:

*#1 can make me laugh.
*Cares for me.
*Can bring a smile to my face.
*ABSOLUTELY can make me happy...EVERYDAY!!!
*Brings out the best in me.
*Is quirky like me...and my family!!! Sometimes this is a hard thing to find. I don't want someone that just laughs at us but joins us in our quirkiness.
*Has the same common quirks...such as eating the crust off of a sandwich first, then smashing it and eating the now thinned down meal. What are the odds of that happening? How cute would that be if it were so?
*Has common values.
*Can handle my sassiness.
*Is frugal.
*Can stand my OCD-ness.
*Likes a lil bit of the romantic schtuff in a relationship.
*Loves and wants children.
*A mission is a great bonus.
*Is responsible
*Is spiritual.
*Has a growing testimony and is not ashamed to share it with others.
*Loves to work and works hard. He must have a passion in what he does.
*Can support a family.
*Is NOT intimidated by me...especially right off the bat.
*Can start a conversation out of no where.
*Is smart. I love to sit and have intelligent conversations. So, if he can do this with me he gets the major pointage right there.
*Makes me feel special without even trying.
*Uses the words cute, beautiful, and lovely instead of hott and sexy. This tells me how he sees me not only as a woman but as a daughter of God.
*Leaves me speechless with his kind words and deeds.
*Is NOT high-maintenance or materialistic.
*Is NOT shallow
*Is NOT vain. This means that I don't need a Brad Pitt or a Justin Timberlake. He doesn't have to be tall, dark, and handsome. It would be nice but the insides are much more important to me than the outside. If I find him cute and attractive then I'm content.
*Is beautiful on the inside more than on the outside. But it is also a bonus if he looks dang good in a suit (I'm silly I know lol).
*Loves to hold me and kiss me sweetly on the tip of my nose and forehead (Yet again I say I'm silly. I just like those sweet lil things).
*Is a great listener!!!
*Can't stand to be away from me for too long.
*Strives for eternal life.
*Is loyal, respectful, honest, trustworthy, comforting, kind, obedient.
*Has a prodigious personality, dry wit, contagious smile, great communication skills.
*Wants the best for me.
*Is my best friend!!!!!!!!!!! I want him to be my best friend...forever.

S0, I hope this doesn't sound too picky but these are just some things that I love and that I have seen in dad, Curtis, Mike, and Taylor. I too want my husband to possess these traits. I want someone to make me happy and make me laugh every single day. I want happiness to not only come from his words and actions but also just from his smile alone. Yes, I know that my day will come. I'm not impatient. I'm not worrying but I am just longing to find that one person that makes me feel special everyday outside of my family members that I have known my whole life. And I too want to reciprocate the happiness and love. I too want to make him feel special. I too want someone to love me just as much as I love him. Yay. I can't wait.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Love You Dracula....

Finally a clean AND funny Digital Short. Oh I laughed my face off all by myself. So for those of you who missed it here you go!!!!! Enjoi!

Oh, and P.S. today just now Miles said "Ash".....and Liza is "Nom?"....how does that work?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mi Hermano Loco...but....ILOVEHIM!

This is so Taylor. I swear whenever we are taking pictures he is sporadically normal and this is my exact comment to my friends (well, I usually just promise that he isn't special). And let's all remember Liza's story.....hahaha if you would please share it in a comment Liza that would be greatly appreciated!!!

This is after Taylor graduated from UNLV. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh because I peeked at his face before my dad took the picture. I failed.

Um, I guess he thinks that he appears cool looking off into the distance. I wonder what the guy with my camera thought.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love At First Sight, Eh?


This one is easy and fast.

Pick up a book you've been reading (What? Reading? Who reads anymore?) or a random book, turn to page 123, go 5 lines down, and type out the next 3 full sentences.

"It's a little bit more powerful than that. More absolute."
"Sorry," I muttered. "You're serious, aren't you?"
"Yeah, I am."
"Love at first sight? But more powerful?"

I know that is WAY more than 3 but I just couldn't just stop at "'Sorry,' I muttered." Too cute to stop there.

I tag:
Mama Shauna...Just post it as your comment K?

Thanks lovies.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm A Good Lil' Beggar I Is.

I wasn't tagged to do one of these so I pretty much begged Liza to tag me. Haha so here are two tags rolled into one! How exciting!


10 years ago I was : 14!!! a Brinley Bruin, a fresh new Mia Maid, an aunt of 3, spending my last few weeks with Digger before he passed, a new member of Bunker Dance's competition team

5 things on my to do list for today: 1. Pick up my room 2. Fold laundry from last Friday 3. Go to 5 hours of dance rehearsal 4. Take Andrew out to Tepanyaki for changing my flat tire in the bloody Provo blizzard 5. Watch "Mean Girls" with Lance and possibly have Cold Stone

4 things I would do if I became a billionaire: 1. Disney Timeshare 2. Travel with my siblings and family and parents!!! 3. Become a member of Club 33 4. Take the women in my life on a huge shopping spree!

3 bad habits: 1. Not washing off my makeup and applying more on top the next day! Oops! 2. Eating too many carb and salt packed foods and not enough protein and iron 3. Facebookin' it!

5 places I have lived: 1. Las Vegas 2. Provo 3. Does Europe count? 4. The Richards Building 5. Las Vegas

5 jobs I have had: 1. BYU Dance Instructor 2. Cougar Classic Clog Camp Counselor 3. Could have been Pluto at Disney World! (JUST THOSE FOR ME!)

6 Things most people don't know about me:
  1. I have a paper chain hung up in my room.
  2. I don't like to stand on chairs or ladders but I can hang over the edge of the Empire State Building.
  3. I think I might have Pectoralis Minor Syndrome.
  4. I got my first kiss when I was 22...and my second 2 days later. And they were kinda best friends...oops!
  5. I want to go into cosmetology.
  6. I've tasted alcoholic beverages. IN EUROPE! In Europe.


1. Where is your cell pone? ear
2. Your hair? 2 braids
3. Work? hate
4. Your Father? quirky
5. Your favorite thing? family
6. Your dream last night? none?
7. Your favorite drink? Coke
8. Your dream car? truck
9. The room you are in? bedroom
10. Your fears? falling
11. What do you want to be in ten years? mom
12. Who did you hang out with last night? dancers
13. What you are not good at? bowling
14. Muffin? NEWSPAPAH! jk Costco Maple
15. One of your wish list items? Rock Band
16. Where you grew up? Vegas
17. Last thing you did? ate
18. What are you wearing? jammies
19. What aren't you wearing? socks
20. Your pet? Digger
21. Your computer? Toshiba
22. Your life? Hectic
23. Your mood? Happy
24. Missing? family
25. What are you thinking about right now? Vegas!
26. Your car/truck? Accord
27. Your summer? busy
28. Your relationship status? taken
29. Your favorite color? Red
30. When was the last time you laughed with meaning? Today
31. Last time you cried? Monday
32. School? GAHHHHH!
33. Least favorite weather? freezing
34. Soup? Zupas
35. Movie? Cherry-Coke

(LYDIA IT'S YOUR TURN....soooo go! Sew very old one! Sew like the wind!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Time Needs to Fly by Faster

So, I have a dance show in 25 days! I just wish that time flew by faster. Why you ask? Because by the time this show is over I will then only have 39 more days until I get to go back to Vegas and sleep in my very own bed and have a pool where there aren't 87 other people trying to swim in it or lay out by it. Oh, and of course no cold weather or snow outside and no more of The Hills or My Super Sweet 16 inside. Five hours closer to Disneyland anyone?

Isn't this just grand?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Congrats to NY!!!

Reporter: "Eli Manning...now that you've won the Super Bowl what are you going to do next?...."


Don't we all wish that were so? (And you all thought I was gonna have him say "I'M GOIN' TAH DISNEYLAND,"didn't you?) We love you NY!!! What a great game!

(sorry Dani)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why God Sends Children...

So, I found these long ago but never even thought of putting them up until tonight when I showed Liza. I want funny, cute childrens too.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh How I Wish....My Boyfriend List

Well this is unfinished of course AND not in any specific order... Here you go ladies and gents!

*UPDATE (already? I know!):
Roger Federer!!!
George Eads
Brad Paisley
Andy Roddick
Matthew Perry
Zac Braff... how did I forget?!

Heath Ledger (awwwww.....)
Chester Bennington
Christian Bale
Johnny Depp
Penn Badgley
Tom Brady (as a face…not a person)
Richard Gere
Peyton Manning
Channing Tatum
Nick Zano
Steve Zahn
Jay Manuel
Christopher Meloni
Patrick Dempsey
Matthew Fox
Elijah Wood
Justin Timberlake
Joaquin Phoenix
Cory Feldman (circa 1987)
Corey Haim (circa 1988)
Mel Gibson (circa 1992)
Jared Leto (thanks Emily)
Edward Norton
Mark Wahlberg
Jimmy Fallon
James Marsden
Robert Irvine
David Bromstad
Robert Schwartzman
Josh Holloway
Tobey McGuire
Topher Grace
James Roday
Gene Kelly
John Krasinski
Sufjan Stevens
Ryan Tedder
Jesse Spencer
Justin Bartha
Michael Buble
Chace Crawford
Adam Levine
Jake Gyllenhaal
Bobby Flay
Michael Vartan
Matt Damon
Chris Brown (omg)
Will Smith
Sean Patrick Thomas
Ryan Gosling
Cary Grant
Jason Bateman
Jonathan Taylor Thomas (circa Home Improvement years)
Michael Murray
Adam Brody
Joshua Radin
Jason Mraz
Kirby Heyborne
Harrison Ford (in American Graffiti and first 3 Indiana Jones )

Like I said, this is unfinished but here you go for a lil taste of my boyfriends. Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh you know...

So, it's the third day of school and I already have a teeny crush on my TA. :D

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


So you all want a new blog, eh? Well, nothing much has been happening here except for the fact that I was and still am sick YET AGAIN for the new year. But let's all have a round of applause for 2008 rolling in. Woot! I am hoping to accomplish many things this year. Many, many things. I hope everyone has these same hopes for themselves.

Let me thinksss.... :

  • I would like to quit carbonation yet again...yes again. It comes and goes. I feel better when I drink water and such but I must add that I am allowing Coke when I'm sick. So, no judging when you see a can/bottle/44 oz of the lovely beverage in my hand. Got it?
  • I want to graduate. Nuff said.
  • I want to go to Disneyland...perhaps work for them?
  • Aida this summer? If it's possible then yes please.
  • Eat better. Nuff said.
  • Meet lots of new peeps like I love to do.
  • Wear my 'skinny' jeans...oh wait I already do and I don't look so good in them quit yet. Oops. lol
  • Go to Disneyland
  • Use my backbone...especially when it comes to guys treating me like boiling snot. I'm just too nice.
  • Take more pictures of my life.
  • Rearrange my room?
  • Go on a date.....and not just anyone. But maybe it can be someone I actually like back.
  • Read the whole Book of Mormon.
  • Find someone who owns Rock Band.
  • Is it possible to get use to the Utah cold??? Yeah, I didn't think so. Pass on that deal.
  • Do something on my birthday this year...perhaps. I mean I don't even remember what I did for my 21st birthday. Interesting, eh?
  • Travel to Disneyland.
  • Register to vote...lol no poking fun ok?
  • Write a novel.
Me? Write a novel? *!!!JUST KIDDING!!!*

Oh and I want as many of you as possible to be a part of this list. Lots of love!