Monday, December 17, 2007

ATM Security Tip:

Sooooooo it's time for a new subject here! Yesterday (12/16) marked the 41st year since Walt Disney died. Dang lung cancer...I still love him anyway! AND today (12/17) marks the 36th year since my lovely parents were married!!!! Yay to them and 36 happy years of marriage together. That's barely a dent on eternity. I love you both!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

This Is Why People Are Single....!!!

In the Daily Universe readers, students, faculty and BYU staff, are invited to write letters to the editor when they feel the need to get something off of their chest. The letters can express how someone gets lost on campus or how the Cougarettes shouldn't dance to hymns or that others shouldn't dis on Utah/Utahns. This section is best known as [Readers' Forum].

In Wednesday, December 12's edition, a young fellow from Springfield, Oregon wrote a very specific letter to the editor about his feelings towards the women of the church. His letter is entitled "Message for Sisters." I'm not going to share my feelings at this moment but I AM including his words below for you to read first.

If I were a Relief Society president I would teach the sisters that:
  1. BYU guys don't have to be dancers to be marriageable. Do I really have to watch "Step Up" with you?
  2. RMs are not creepy. They're just awkward. Wouldn't you be if you hadn't dated in two years?
  3. Bug-eyed sunglasses and furry boots are not attractive.
  4. Taping "Will Open for Dates Only" signs on your door will not get you more dates.
  5. Don't ask guys to watch musicals with you. We watch "Terminator" and "Die Hard," not "Newsies" and "Wicked."
  6. Guys go to football games to watch football, not to chat. If you don't understand the rules, don't ask.
  7. Synthetic diamonds are just as good as, and a lot cheaper, than "real" diamonds. Do you want to live in a cardboard box for five years after your wedding?
  8. Marriage is not a major.
  9. You can ask guys on dates. They won't be offended.
  10. Sisters, you're special.
OK. Now it's time for my verbal retaliation. But before I do, I must admit that I agree on some of his arguments. Bug-eye sunglasses and furry mammoth boots are heinous (especially when the pants are tucked into the boots *gags*). And Synthetic diamonds are AWESOME!!! Don't you think being picky and demanding about having a REAL DIAMOND is worldly? If he can't afford it he can't afford it. It's not the ring that's important; it's the temple that counts. I'd rather him take me to the temple then take me to Tiffany & Co. ANYDAY! (both would be nice but I could care less).

First***It's only fair if we have to sit and watch Action movies that the guy sits and watches a simple movie like "You've Got Mail" or "Step Up." IT'S CALLED COMPROMISE! If you don't want to watch it then find another girl (and good luck)! Luckily, I love every type of movie out there except for the gory thanks.
Second***I've seen guys post silly things on their doors too. It's not just the 'sisters' that do this. Ask my brother and cousins!!! LOL...If you have a problem with it stop going over there.
Third***I've gone to a couple football games where the guy talked the whole time too. And just because a girl doesn't understand the rules doesn't make her stupid. Have you ever thought that maybe she asked you about the rules because she wants to be interested in something you like or because she thinks it's cute when a guy makes her feel included/informed about something you're interested in? Maybe she likes your voice and knowledge of sports. Pathetic and rude if you ask me.
Fourth***Who ever said marriage was a major? Are you saying that we come here for the sole purpose of finding a spouse? What's wrong with that (as long as it is done subtly)? I know plenty of guys who join folk dance JUST so they can find a wife. Just because you don't have any luck with the ladies doesn't mean you must take it out on us!
Fifth***I know lots of guys who are traditionalists and they freak out, even lose interest, if a girl asks them out on a date. Most guys like to do the asking because they feel as if they are using their power of being the man. See, what makes the dating game hard is that everyone has their own preference of who they like, what they like to do/watch/eat, and even how they liked to get asked out. OH!!! Some guys make it seem as if they don't want to get asked out so we don't. I know it goes the same for 'sisters' too but make yourself seem approachable...after this spiel I don't know what the ladies are going to think. TALK ABOUT WORD VOMIT!
Lastly***"Sisters, you're special." WHAT THE HECK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? Are you just making fun of us now or are you honestly trying to be sincere about that? Yes, we are special but I sense a STROOOONG sting of sarcasm behind those words. I would know. Ask my family and friends!

There you have it folks. That is just a snippet of what I have to say. I have a myriad of thoughts swimming in my brain right now! *takes a breath* PLEASE let me know what you think of this poor, unfortunate soul's thoughts. I might be wrong but I swear he HAS to be single.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

....and World Peace!

So, tis the Season for everything wonderful! I'm just sitting here wondering how happy I am for it to be December. This just made me want to share memories and people and happenin's I am all giddy over with all of you peoples out there. Heeeeeeeere Goeeeeees!

  • Mint m&ms!
  • Cinnamon-Apple-Clove-Wassail scents...especially candles
  • Mom's tree AND Dad's tree...Their greatest compromise ever!
  • Finding the spider, the Nativity, and the gold Scuttle on Dad's tree first thing when getting home.
  • New Tradition of finding the "fat-fat" cardinal on mom's tree.
  • Aunt "Bocky's" home-made candy.
  • Leslie Hadley's Chex Mix???
  • Utilizing Mistletoe! JK...never have actually!
  • FAMILY!!!
  • Having two weeks-ish off.
  • Not having to drive in slushy muddy snow.
  • After holiday sales.
  • Going to the Premium Outlet Mall for the sales.
  • Hating Mandy for finding cute Puma's for cheap and me finding nothing! Gotta love that tradition!!!--Oh and I don't hate you... I actually love you for bringing cute boys into this family....WHICH IS A GREAT tradition in its own! When is it my turn!!!!?
  • MR. AND MRS. CLAUS by the fire place...
  • Liza's dog/horse salt ornament!
  • Pinocchio, Tiny Tim and Cool Hat Lady in the Car ornaments
  • All the different Santa ornaments...from different time periods....DO WE EVEN REMEMBER WHO'S IS WHO'S?
  • Talk-Girl memories with Lydia and Chelsea!
  • Christmas in New York (twice!) Let's do that again sometime! ;)
  • Home Alone 1 and 2
  • Scrooged
  • While You Were Sleeping....I LOVE how this is not only loved by women but men too.
  • Dad falling asleep to ALLLL of these movies within the first 27 minutes.
  • Mom yelling at dad for wanting to watch some of the 24 Hours of "The Christmas Story" on TBS. haha AND Dad doing it simply for the pleasure of mom's reaction!...Every Year! I swear it never gets old! :)
  • Having the kids/grand-kids file out one by one by age into the family room to see what Santa brought....automatically having their arms crossed! lol...
  • Waiting to see what Grandma Christensen has in store for us all!
  • This is going to be the first Christmas without Grandpa Christensen so let's remember him in our hearts!
  • Am I ever going to be old enough to get one of those folders!!!?! I swear every year Grandma says I am never old enough to get one of those burghandy three ring binders.
  • Taylor and dad praising that they don't have to set up/take down those wooden characters in the front yard anymore! Woot!
  • Being in the outdoor presentation of the nativity. Dad was the innkeeper. Taylor was a...a...young shephard boy? (so much for my poor memory) and me almost being trampled by the three kings horses every night (on purpose) and going up to see the baby Jesus with Chalice Beagley (sp?).
  • MOM!!! No more fattening Bishop Oblad treats anymore! No more temptation for us all...
  • Waking up to Taylor (28) either jumping on my bed/air mattress, him going all crazy on my hair AND face with his hands, him singing some fancy Christmas song that the Oblad's ban every day of the year ALL IN ORDER to wake me up on Christmas Morn.
  • Playing Game Cube...any new games/systems this year?
  • Me winning the new games within 1-3 days.
  • My new tradition of making the home-made onion dip!
  • Reading The Polar Express by myself on Christmas Eve...yes I'm a nerd...shhhhh!!!
  • Remember the dollar bills grandma taped together, or the 10 lbs. Chocolate bars for the boys, or her hand-made scarfs/hats/golf club socks, or her hand painted/penned golf balls, or the container of $20 worth of quarters!!! SHE ROCKS THE CASBAH!!!
  • Dad/"Jooooooohnny!"/"Riley Baker"/"Grampa John" reading Luke 2
  • The Texas Station Buffet on Christmas Eve! Woot!!!
...And the list goes on. I want to see what you think. Please add more to this and if you aren't a part of this family please share your wonderful/spiritual/crazy traditions you have in your family for the holiday season! Loves to you all at the end of another great year...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Elf Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Why Doncha!!!

So, thanks to Emily and her boredom she introduced me to this fun little piece o' work!!! This is what I made! And I want to do everyone! (You almost have to watch the clip 4 times so you can watch each individually.) Miles loves to dance...check out his face!!! And Jackson's bum during the robot...AWESOME! OK now go check it out! Hurry....HURRY!!!

Livingston Boys Jam Session

Oh, and here are some folk dance friends...

Alan, Dave, Thomas, and Adam...