Friday, September 28, 2007

Fragrance Free...

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word "lollipop?"

Friday, September 21, 2007

Heartburn, Nausea, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea

Um, so no I don't have any of these symptoms thank heavens. I just love to hate that song and those commercials. Who thought that people grabbing their butts whilst singing "Diarrhea" was a great idea for a commercial? This must be another reason why the French hate us Americans. Yet I must stand tall and say along with Lee Greenwood that I'm still definitely 'proud to be an American.' And I digress.

I am now the one getting sick. What the...? I hate getting like this especially since I have a dance show next week. Soooo not cool. I'm so angry. Boo.Hiss!!! I started getting headaches today...then came the yucky swallowing but just on the left side of my throat. But then my nose got all stingy when I sniffled and I can now feel yuckiness from my nose all the way down my throat. It feels like post nasal drip!!! BLECH. Oh and I can't forget to share that my ears are starting to clog up. All was well as I sucked down about 4 large mugs of Diet Coke at Chili's tonight with Emily! We just said KEEP EM COMING!!!...Now, all I can do to make my throat feel wonderful is eat some of Vermont' s Finest All Natural Ben & Jerry's Berried Treasure Sorbet. Can I just tell you that I am obsessed with this junk? It is a chunky blueberry and blackberry sorbet swirled with zesty lemon sorbet. Yum-o (said ala Rachael Ray) may proceed to sit on your couch and make fun of her now. Let me guess..."Yum-o" is the next word to be added to the dictionary. What the...?

So, I hope I get better fast because who likes to be sick? Not I said the Fat Hen.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Thoughts by Yours Truly

You people are da rude-est! But anyway, I don't care what you people say. Your words don't hurt me. I think you all must have scared Ryan away!!! P.S. is he even alive? I got asked how he was doing and all I could say was that he is done with BYU and not married. I can't even tell people about my own cousin. The mystery continues.

Well, so here is the scoop with me. I want to chop my hair off. I LOOOVE IT BEING LONG but i want to "choose [my] ventcha" and see what it's like to have short hair again. Here the picture below is one way how I'd like to do it but not tooooo whispy. I kind of want it to be more to my face and longer. But what I'd like to do is have it short in the back and come longer-ish in the front. I'd like to put some dark red in it too. Now that I'm done with my Folk Dance Career I can do whatever I please because in the Modern World they dont care of the length and there are no fake braids or curly wigs involved. OH and did i mention cute bangs?

I have to wait until after World of Dance is over which is the last weekend in September. Colleen wants our hair to be down and curly for the tap number....YES THIS MEANS I'M MISSING THE OPENER OF THE OFFICE....but my cute roomie Ashley has TiVo...woot woot!!! I love this invention known as TiVo. I think mom and dad should get one, dont you all think? *hint hint*

So, have any of you tried the new Raspberry M&M's? Oh, I soooo love them and they are the size of peanut butter M&M's. At first I was all, "Um, these are interesting" but I had also just brushed my teeth. Then I realized that the whole bag was gone. I ate the whole bag on my drive to school! Oops!!! I recommend it to those that are daring enough to try them and for those that like not only raspberry but raspberry with chocolate. Super Yum!!! When I devoured them like a monkey on a cupcake they were a bit melty. I totally recommend that. P.S. LIZA THERE ARE MELT AWAY MINTS IN THE BOOKSTORE NOW!!! They are SUPER JUMBO ONES! Thought you outta know.

One last thing. I am totally going through this hip-hop/rap/r&b phase right now. Here are some of my favourite songs:
Hip-Hop Police by Chamillionaire,
The Way I Are by Timbaland
Get It Shawty by Lloyd,
Pop Lock n Drop It (Remix) by Huey, etc.,
Make Me Better by Fabolous and Ne-Yo
and some songs by annoying T-Pain

Interesting I know. Peace.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

School is a Bore When Your Stuck Indoors......

....Make it fun put it out in the sun!!!

Anyway, hey my lovelies! So today is my second day of school and I am totally loving my classes. I'm taking:
  • Church History: 1900-Present,
  • Tourism: A Conceptual Framework,
  • Methodology of Aerobic Dance,
  • Geography and World Affairs,
  • a class all about Europe,
  • AND Dance Ensemble. Yes!!!
Auditions were yesterday and today the list as posted at 10:30am. I was sooo nervous to check it out....but there it was "Oblad, Ashley." So of course I call mom right away. I was very nervous yesterday at the audition because 72 people were there and rumor was that only 25 were being picked but I think I noticed 30ish names. YIKES!!! My body hasn't experienced Modern since like Winter 2005. Yup. Crazy I know. So, I'm totally excited to get to move my body AND be on another dance team. I know most of the girls already which is nice. 2 were on SPAC and PAC with me so folk dance reunion. And then Rustin from PAC is supposedly choreographing a modern hip-hop piece so.....yay for folkers!!!

2 days down....TOO many left!!! Maybe I should take example from Taylor and make a paper chain...oh wait! I gave all my construction paper to them for artsy and crafties! Tee hee. K I love you all!

P.S. This morning on the radio they said Transformers comes out on DVD mid-October. I still have to see it....Anyway... Thought you outta know...(said ala Hermione Granger)