Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Forgot I Even Had This...

Here is an email I received from D__ way back on November 27, 2005. He sent it to me while I was sitting next to him. It is OH, SO SPECIAL!!! Well, here it is...

"here is a picture of you and your boyfriend. please show him so he knows how special he is in your heart. hopefully this will help you two overcome the difficulty you are having right now in your relationship and you can realize that you are soul mates. good luck, go big or go home!! (wink wink)"

It is about me and S____ but this was drawn way before he was my "boyfriend." We weren't even together back then. We were just hanging out a lot at that time. Funny, huh?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eliza and Kissy, You Asked For It

Kissy, I went and took your advice from 2 blogs ago. But do you really want me to share publicly? "I don't think so, Tim!"

Anyway, I said that I would find a new story about my crazy A roommates...well, Jillian, I mean Jill, I mean Ian, likes to eat the leaves and stems off of strawberries. Kristen my other roomie was eating strawberries along with cream cheese and Ian came over, took a spoonful of cream cheese and threw in the s.b. tops that Kristen was discarding!!! WHAT THE FLIPPIN' NASTY???

Anaheim Estrogen

So, yes, this trip was fabulous as you all either know from experience or know from reading the 87 blogs from all the gallies who traveled down to Dinnysan! I loved that we rode Tah Teh 4 times in a day. I hated that our picture didn't come out because someone, as Susan put it, was being naughty!!! I loved our lunch the first day. I hated that after we ate we were stuck in Tomorrowland on the train for 13 years. I loved our hotel. I hate that I left my favorite pair of gauchos there. I loved the toiletries. I hated that the bottles weren't bigger! I loved watching The Office. I hated that we started Casino Royale too late because I feel asleep and I still haven't seen it. Maybe I should bring a date over to the Nelson's house and watch it in their basement...but of course it doesn't count unless I barge in right?

So there you have it people! A new blog! *bows*