Thursday, April 12, 2007

BYU is Full of Them!!!

There are some really nice people at BYU...For example, today I was in the women's locker room touching up on my make-up and a girl walked past me and said, "You have really pretty hair!" I thought "did she see my hair today?" because it was of the nappy. I scrunched it last night, woke up today and didn't do a thing to it...which means I had day-old hair---dry and nappy. That comment pretty much made my day because I felt yucky looking! Soooooooo nice huh? Has this ever happened to you (and no, family does not count)?
-------> hahaha!!!

Can YOU tell the difference?

What is it with people and not being able to tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi? That's like not knowing the difference between sugar and salt...they look the same but they sure as heckfire don't taste the same! In my marketing class a couple weeks ago my teacher brought up a study where a HUGE majority of the sample couldn't tell the difference between the two. And I screamed outloud the following: "What!??? Oh I definitely can!!!" The people around me started laughing...*bows*...I mean I can even smell them apart. That's what we have to do when we eat at Training Table--"Okay, who had the Dr. Pepper? This one's definitely yours!" The cups aren't labeled...thanks to my nose we all get to eat happily without having to slurp down someone elses drink.

Maybe I just have some killer tastebuds or some awesome olfactory sensory neurons or something but I'm sure I'm not alone on this one...I'm not saying that I hate Pepsi, don't get me wrong, but I am just trying to make a point that they are easily distiguishable!!!

Please tell me that you agree with this one!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Am I done yet???

So next Fall is going to be awesome!!! I won't have dance at all on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays!!! That means I can actually go home for a weekend if I fancied that idea (which of course I do...or how about a trip to DL)!!! I will have 3 Geography classes on MWF; Church History and Aerobic Teaching on TTh; and maybe Dance Ensemble on TTh (3-4:30p) as well! Here is what my schedule will look like...Ignore the conflict...the computer's gay!

This equals 13 credits with 5 classes. I'm totally cool with that...but the only sucky thing is that I might need to take a class on MW @ 8am!!! Poo Stain that hurts!!! I do not enjoy that hour of the day! Plus, then that means I will have class from 8 to 11! Ewwww! OH HERE IS SOME OTHER NEW NEWS FOR ME!!!.... I am thinking about auditioning for
Clog America. It just looks like fun and I love to move my feet so......why not? I have many friends that are doing it/planning on doing it!

It's going to be hard next year because all of my friends are folk dancers...I don't remember how to make real friends anymore (jk)! This is why I wouldn't mind making Dance Ensemble.
By the way, Dance Ensemble is a modern dance team. It looks like sooo much fun! I do miss moving my body like that!

I hope I can handle going to school knowing that I'm not a folk dancer anymore...HOW SAD? But as I told my mom and others, it is cool to know that the Lord doesn't want me doing PAC or Dancers Company (both touring teams). Those two options are out of the picture. I need to concentrate on finishing up at BYU and making other goals for myself! I SHOULD BE GRADUATING THIS APRIL BUT BECAUSE OF MISCOMMUNICATION (rather lack of communication) FROM CERTAIN PEOPLE I'M STUCK HERE FOR ANOTHER YEAR! However, I did pick up a cool minor in Travel and Tourism. Yipee!!!

FYI: I just got a text from my good ol' buddy Breann Hewitt informing me that the Cougarettes tied for first as National Champions...they are 7 time National Champs! Three-peat in a row!!! Yay for them!