Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Me is Dumb!!!

What is a girl to do!? I know that reading my scriptures and praying are key, but I still feel as if I'm failing in life.

I miss home; I miss my whole family; I miss Digger for some odd reason (chello! can you say 9 years ago?); I miss being an A student; I miss folk dance just a bit (and oddly enough I'm still in folk dance); I miss dancing with my whole body; I miss Coke; I miss Sonic runs; I miss good mail; I miss being healthy; I miss sunshine (especially today); I miss hugs; I miss hearing "I love you!" from my mom and dad everyday; I miss Harry Potter; I miss waking up actually wanting to go to school; I miss mince and tatties; I miss cheesy potatoes; I miss Christmas; I miss my Patriarchal Blessing (still trying to find that); I miss my room and my bed and my bathroom; I miss my old roomies; I miss Sunday dinners at the Gowan house; I miss not having a washer and dryer in my living unit; I miss "The Office" ( is April 5th here yet!?); I miss late night Slurpee runs with girls that actually buy a Slurpee when we go to 7-11; I miss being a good student; I miss Weight Watcher fudge pops (can't they go back on sale anytime soon?)

I know I need to think about the happy things in life but these are my happy things in life. I still smile and laugh about everything so no worries there...I just wish I was back to the way I was in high school!!! But that was the past...I know that I can't redo anything but I do know that I can make things better by trying now!!!...bleh...

(The nice thing is that I just RANDOMLY saw a girl carrying around posters about the Disney recruiters coming to BYU on April 9th...just a thought!)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Land of the Free and Home of the Disney Lovers!!!...

I want to work at Disneyland!!! My friend just told me that he is auditioning for Disney at a dance studio in Orem! Not only is it for Disney World but for Disneyland too! They NOW have a college program! I want to play that game!!! The last time I auditioned it was just for WDW. I'll get to see my long lost siblings and their famerly and of course I'll get to be a part of the magic. Who me, a "Cast Member?" Yes please! I mean I do have some classes I need to get out of the way... so maybe I'll just work there after school! Even if I worked at a computer I'd love it! But being an entertainer is calling my name.

Just think of all the discounts I could get for you people: theme park admissions and discounts, hotel accommodations, merchandise, and more!!! And look at this crazy Disney fun (sounds like a family reunion):

  • Cast-exclusive film screenings of new Disney films
  • Canoe races inside the Disneyland Park
  • Flashback talent show for charity (Wait until you see our top leaders perform karaoke!)
  • Private tours of The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank
  • Disney Choir
  • Sports team events
It's just a dream but I think it sounds quite awesomely awesome!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Give it on up to Ashleyville!!!

Okay. So, I've just been sitting here in front of a Dell flatscreen computer along with 16 other people sitting in front of a Dell flatscreen computer. I don't know what they are doing but I've been sitting here wondering where to start this blog. How weird is it that I have nothing to say or to share? Crazy I know!!! Well, here is what my brain has been thinking as I have been swivelling left and right in this padded office chair:

I could sure go for a Coke Slurpee and some Cheez-Its right now!;
I hate freeway drivers! Don't they know that a carpool lane is not a fast lane and the white double lines are NOT to be crossed over at ANY given time!!! (I'm not even from California! Plus, how long have I been driving and I knew that? NO EXCUSES PEOPLE!!!);
I want a nap! NO!!! I NEED a nap!;
Am I on the folk dance team or not?;
Should I just go work at Disneyland?;
I really need to take Geography 120 over again;
I'm actually really excited to take Geography 120 over again!;
Should I put burgandy in my hair again?;
What would I look like as a red head?;
Tucanos Brazilian Churrasco sounds soooo good right now, especially their Garlic Sirloin!--all burnt on the outside *drools*;
I'm hungry! Fruit Leather is not enough;
Who put the bop in the bop-dabop-dabop? Who put the ram in the rama-lama-ding-dong?;
It is sooo beautiful outside! What am I doing inside? Oh, yeah! I'm trying to write a new blog!!!

So, my friends, there you have it. Nothing has really happened to me this past weekend! I've been bored as ever. Well, I did have fun at Liza's last night for dinner! Yummy "spah-geetee" and gahlic bret! Oh and some good ol' frozen pinapple slices like dad makes all the day! I hope this weeks brings me some fun adventures. It's not like I get to see strange men in demin dresses everyday or have the opportunity to videotape my child's dramatic tantrum attacks!!! I'm trying my best to make life exciting! Until next time.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back in the days of 1998.....

So, I do believe that it has been since 1998 that the Oblad family has taken a family picture...Riley was itty bitty, I had nasty 8th grade Brinley hair, Casey was the size of a peanut, mom had long hair, Kenzie was wearing clogs and socks...can I just say denim and Old Navy button ups???!!! Soooo many changes y'all!!! You try and count them!

Actually, we did take a picture in the Nelson's front yard at Tay and Mandy's wedding, which was still almost 5 years ago but still!!! There have been 6 children born since... I do like myself in that picture I might add...that never happens!!!! I hope you guys aren't waiting for me to get married to take a new one because that could be YEARS from now...Let's do it A-Sap!!!

We just all need to get together at the same time...all of us...Impossible..."for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage...Impossible"...doesn't that just put visions of Leslie Ann Warren in your head? It does for me. Then I start thinking of Clue..."Who are you? Perry Mason?!"

El Fin

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cleaning Checks are Not the Only Time to Clean, People...

WEEEEEEEELLLLL!!!! Hello there my lovelies! I'd just like to get this out there and share that I have now become a stress cleaner! What the H?!!! One week I cleaned my apartment's kitchen THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!! I now have an inkling of what it must be like to be a wife/mother. And since I can't stand to see a messy kitchen I clean it right away. The coolest part is that none of the dirty dishes or messy countertops are a result of my doing....why you ask? Because I put my dishes into the dishwasher right after using them and I wipe up the counters AND stove. but a full sink three days in a row? Three women? What the H?!!!

I think that my favorite experience of cleaning up the kithchen was one Saturday morning when I woke up to vibrant "lellow geen" stains on the countertops AND floor!!! It had to be a from a roommate. Either that or it was from a run-away raccoon that broke into our apartment late in the night and decided to mark his territory all over our kitchen. Ummmm...definitely not! Roommate it was. I could not get those dang stains out of our *beautifully* white countertops (::note the sarcasm::). I scrubbed so hard I could have sworn that I had no fingertips left and to my dismay the stains were still there. But then I remembered that I had Magic Erasers under the sink, thanks to my mother! Can I just say-----WONDERFUL PRODUCT THERE MR. CLEAN!!! The stains finally came out and I still had no idea where they came from. Then she came out! My roommate Jillian. I mean Jill. I mean Ian....whatever!...

...Oh no worries she said. It was just juice from her pepperocinis (or salad peppers as she calls them). The bottle broke...Yes...all over...She told me that she cleaned it up or at least tried to clean it up...too bad that we all know wiping up something does not mean "CLEAN!" But she is funny! So it's okay....wait no its not! i'm done cleaning up after people! I must get use to it though...too bad that my room looks like my closet threw up!

tee hee

Friday, March 9, 2007

All of you are of the Froo-its of the Dev-ill!!!

So, I'm sitting here in the computer lab inside the Smith Fieldhouse, checking my emails like a normal bored college student does on any Friday afternoon, noticing that I have about 87 emails telling me that my whole fam damnly has their own blog. People!!! I don't even have time for school let alone to study (parents: pretend you didn't read that)! JK Any-jah-wayz...So here it is! Ashley's very own blog! I would say, "Aren't you jealous?" but all ya'll already have one. I finally have my own. I'm going to try and keep it updated AND interesting as Alli's! I too like to write crazy talk. In all of the english classes I have taken, I have simply most enjoyed writing narritive and descriptive papers. I'm sure that I have probably broken about 63 rules in the english grammatical world but I don't care at the moment! That is just who I am.

I must tell you that I have been laughing out loud quietly, yet histerically, at the many comments and blogs you have posted in the past. Some people in the computer lab have been giving me funny looks. Even my friend at another computer was smiling big at me. I'm sure he was confused...Anyway,I became very jelous of you all and I knew I was missing out in the fun...hence why I am here! Andre the Giant...the Nelson children enjoying the PF salad bar...Da muthas denim dresses...Eric saying talking about the "damn van"..."Oh, I could go on forever, baby!!!" (NAME THAT MOVIE.............................................If you said Home Alone 2, you are in the right family!!!!!!!)

I love you all and I miss you! Even though a few of you live about 2 seconds away from me! Bleh...I can't wait until my next blog!

PostScript: I FINALLY watched "School of Rock" for the first time. I laughed more at Mr. Black's mannerisms than the actual script itself...He is definitely awesome!